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86 67% The Lighthouse (2019) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"Beautifully shot film. Pattinson gained some respect from me as an actor. Willem Dafoe has always had it. Y'know, I'm somewhat of a critic myself. It gets weird (to say the least) and there is a lot that is not fully explained (and doesn't need to be). Someone said it was The Shining but in a lighthouse (and with 90% more drinking & jerking off). This warrants a 2nd viewing for sure, but not sure it will be one that gets played over & over. Artsy. Intense. Teeters the "pretentious" line for sure"
77 42% Shaolin and Wu Tang (1981) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"UP FROM THE 36 CHAMBERS! Okay, so that's a different movie but it's from the same album! And if you get the reference, you know why this film holds a special place. So it's cool (essential?) to watch for that reason, depending on how big of a 90s rap fan you are. Other than that, entertaining film with decent fighting that gets better as the film goes on, okay-ish plot(?), and overall entertaining. Nothing that will blow your socks off and kinda drags in the middle (surprising for a 90m film)"
82 53% Sherlock Jr. (1924) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"How to rate this? It's classic Keaton. The first half is your normal, cutesy silent film. And then he falls asleep and walks into his own movie(!) Visually (and plot wise) for a film from the 20s? That must have blown people's minds! Keaton deserves all the praise he gets, not only for his behind the camera innovations (like the train almost missing him) but for being in front of the camera and putting his life on the line, literally breaking his neck with that water tower trick. Tuff 2 rate tho"
81 51% RoboCop (1987) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"Gritty crime film meets sci-fi/cyberpunk. With just the right hit of violence. I like how they set it in "near-future" Detroit, somehow keeps it grounded just a bit considering the 'stretch' they do with bionic man angle. Has it aged a tad? Sure. There are some corny, almost B movie parts. But that just adds to the charm IMO. It won't be dissected in any "film theory" class, and yet its so much more entertaining than many that are."
63 21% New Jack City (1991) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"As a hip-hop fan, this movie is kinda woven into the DNA of the 90s/early 200s era. So there's a warm spot there.The acting isn't great. The directing is OK. Chris Rock is funny. I want to like this more, it's a 90s NYC crime film."
74 37% Serpico (1973) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"Any film set in 70s NYC is worth watching, for me. Al Pacino is great, as usual. And Sidney Lumet directs this with class. But the story/plot is weak and doesn't carry 2+ hours. Only Pacino's growing frustration as the movie mounts does. Coincidentally, I also had a growing sense of frustration watching this."
83 56% Under the Skin (2014) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"I'm a huge ScarJo (and SciFi) fan, so right off that bat I'm gonna let you know the rating is a bit biased. The film doesn't explain much but it pulls that off. Also, the mood is bleak/ominous(?) the whole way through, which again, works for the story. I liked how some scenes were filmed without the men's knowledge. And while most of the movie is this big, weird metaphor the end was a bit on-those-nose-literal compared to what occurred before. Great visuals and I'm not just talking about ScarJo."
79 46% Honey Boy (2019) - Rated 09 Jul 2023
"So this is a Shia LaBeef autobiography? He was good in this, albeit an asshole. Also, starting to really like Lucas Hedges as an actor, wish I saw him more than Timmy Chalomet. Anyway, about this movie: I liked the acting and had some cool direction moments but where is plot, really? It's one big character study (albeit a good one?). Intense, and not one you rewatch for fun. It's an on the nose father son flick with a less than fulfilling ending. Will keep an eye on this director."
90 92% Taskmaster (2015) - Rated 04 Jul 2023
72 32% The Rider (2018) - Rated 02 Jul 2023
"Okay, Chloe Zhao. I see you and your cinematography. Terrence Malick vibes for sure. However, all the actors are amateur and it shows and it hurts the film. And if this is a character study, its one of the worse ones I've seen. In the sense that this could have been a really cool 30 minute short film or maybe a documentary. Instead, at times, this feels like a drawn out Levi's commercial."