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90 91% The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - Rated 26 Jan 2013
"I don't know if Hollywood invented it, but when a boy looks way to long at a beautiful girl and that girl glimpses back and it's not awkward or slimy as it would be in real life (by this duration) - that is probably the center of filmaking for me. Showing admiration. Looking at something, someone - and to be present in that moment. And those three actors, the music and the script give me a lot to admire."
97 98% Irreversible Irreversible (2002) - Rated 05 Oct 2011
"If you are looking for a kind of movie that will challenge you, the way you think and feel, it's this one."
98 99% Hunger Hunger (2008) - Rated 11 Jan 2013
"The way McQueen changes the perspective over and over again. The way this movie becomes an angry denouncement, becomes an intelligent intellectual argument (in one perverse-good shot), becomes a poetic, melancholic piece of memory and pain, while it still has the time and the stylistic ideas, that fit every aspect of these story(s) is nothing less but brilliant. Oh, and, Michael Fassbender is clearly the best actor of his generation. Wow."
93 95% Zero Dark Thirty Zero Dark Thirty (2012) - Rated 01 Feb 2013
"First: This is a great movie! A well written, well played and really well directed film. Then: There is torture and politics. But I think most of the discussions miss Bigelows point. The question is not, if torture is wrong or necessary. The question is: What kind of a nation are you, when you torture. What does hunting Bin Laden do to you. Therefore ZDT is a begining, a purification. History is written. Bin Laden is (really) dead. I saw it on the screen. Now we can start something new. Maybe."