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55 15% Clara Hakedosha (1996) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
"Clara was interesting, couldn't have given less of a damn about anyone else. Wink-nudge proxies for concepts from an alien culture, maybe, the allusory freight giving me the go-by? [Shrug] A "Say Anything" ending closes a bleary "Repo Man" jangle -- but everything's strained through a rancidity that coats the palate like cheap doughnut grease. Perhaps 'nidorous' is the mot juste here... Blump's Squeezable Bacon. Almost kooky enough to rate a watch, but finally loathsome. Going for Listerine now."
65 36% Explosion 1812 (2012) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
70 54% The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
"My first Andy Hardy movie, and I wound up liking it after some requisite goofing. Donna Reed's "before" topped her "after," but such are my sensibilities. Smitten by a 40s droop! 'Courtship' veered between harmless and cheesy with the flamboyance of Andy's flivver (that car's a deathtrap), but the charm drew me in. I want to show up in Carvel with a portable fusion reactor and replicator, then settle down and become my own Twilight Zone episode. I'd shirk on my war bond purchasing, though."
70 54% The Amusement Park (1973) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
"Reading up after watching the film, I guess West View Park's "Danceland" burned down in '73. I had to wonder whether Romero filmed before or after that undoing. Poignant, either way. The amusement park itself closed down four years later; the shopping center kept a carousel horse for its logo. And about the time I had my first viewing, I imagine that area might have caught a dioxin dusting from East Palestine. Yeesh. The whole thing was a depression cherry for me."
55 15% Dorsvloer vol confetti (2014) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
"The entire film rested on two surreal images: dandelions floating to the top of sludgy manure, and a pair of nubile 'n' nekkid blonde chicks barking like dogs. Both of these bits are imagined by the lead girl, and both carry indirect, lasting consequences after she relates them. Otherwise, it doesn't engage as a 'dreamer smothered by orthodox religious nuttery' vehicle, and there's not enough fish-out-of-water rompery to sink your teeth into. Go for the Zeeuws spek, get a mouthful of newspaper."
50 9% Bad Axe (2022) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
60 23% The Martial Arts Kid (2015) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
65 36% American Swing (2008) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
"Watching, it suddenly clicked: Plato's Retreat was Spider Robinson's inspiration for Lady Sally's Place! After that, comparing the sf-fantastical version to the actual establishment made Levinson's joint seem even more revolting. Which cracked me up. An especial gag-laugh as the Plato's buffet Larry was so proud of got slagged by the regulars in retrospect. The more sordid bits were skipped over (Larry's girlfriend getting committed is a behind-the-hand mumble) so... funny, but sus as a doc."
70 54% The Ghost Breakers (1940) - Rated 26 Feb 2023
65 36% Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) - Rated 26 Feb 2023