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Member Since: Mar 28, 2010

Location: Mobile, Alabama, USA

Bio: love movies

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70 42% Despicable Me (2010) - Aug 07, 2010
"3D works in this movie..esp the roller coaster scene alone. This movie had heart and some laugh out loud moments to barely recommend it."
50 28% The Horde (2009) - Aug 07, 2010
"Lighting is a problem in this movie. Half the cool kills you cant see anything. The characters are not people you want to cheer for. And, for those two flaws this movie suffers alot..the ending is kinda decent..but all in all...watch 28 weeks later way better"
65 35% ThanksKilling (2009) - Jul 25, 2010
"fun, and cheese...decent movie..."
30 20% Predators (2010) - Jul 18, 2010
"a waste of time and money and laurence fishburne what the hell dude were you in this movie for..looks like you found the pizza hut in the matrix"
56 30% Knowing (2009) - Jul 07, 2010
"if this movie would have had a different ending...it would have been so much better...i love the trainwreck and i love the fire...I love the story itself I just hate the ending...and the acting was ok"
80 67% Dark City (1998) - Jul 07, 2010
"without this movie there is no matrix....I love the setting, the mood and the atmospehere..the characters and story were cool too..good movie, good effects and good set designs..."
30 20% Vinyan (2008) - Jul 07, 2010
"this movie has a snail pace...the characters were so dull and really complicated in thier life and issues that it just seemed to drag on...but oh man does this movie have a cruel and suprize ending..and it needed it..cause without it this movie would have been a below zero"
80 67% The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - Jul 05, 2010
"blows away the original..whereas the original was more tension and less bloodshed...this is rape, bloodshed and endless gore and some situations that are creepy....the actors did a great job and Aja really paces this movie.."
56 30% Mirrors (2008) - Jul 05, 2010
"Aja is one of my fave directors...this movie was such a letdown, not that its a horrible movie..but that he played it so safe...there are so many missed opportunities in this movie..the actors were ok..the scares were few and far between.."
65 35% Just Friends (2005) - Jul 05, 2010
"I liked this movie..its more fun than it has the right to be..the anna faris character was hilarious and some of the situations were funny...its a decent date night watch"