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Location: Storrs, Connecticut, USA

Bio: i watch movies.
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76 72% Pacific Rim (2013) - Jul 15, 2013
"Is it a great movie that'll stand the rest of time? No. Is it an incredibly fun, incredibly dumb, incredibly well-made robot vs. monster game that was completely entertaining on an IMAX screen? Oh sweet Lord, yes."
75 68% John Wick (2014) - Nov 09, 2014
"This is a revenge thriller where the protagonist is avenging the death of his dog. That alone makes it worth watching, but there's a lot more. John Wick is a movie both fun and funny, despite the subject matter. Keanu's performance isn't just action movie good, it's legitimately good. The ensemble cast loves chewing the fat in their various roles. Most importantly, however, the film's action is choreographed, executed and framed expertly, often in inventive or hilarious ways. Great flick."
82 84% The World's End (2013) - Aug 24, 2013
"I... I want to LOVE it, but I only really like it - although the more I think, the more was going on behind the scenes. The first half-hour seems like a pastiche, not really a parody, of a "Hangover" film with a dash of realism, and as a result most of the humor gets lost in depressing humanism. Once the action truly gears up, things get off to a rocking pace and vastly improve - between Wright's easter eggs and his signature foreshadowing, I'll go back for another round soon enough."