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80 63% Boyz n the Hood (1991) - Apr 19, 2021
"I disagree with Eazy-E calling this an After School Special with cursing. A better example would be coming-of-age films like Stand By Me. Singleton was more of a classical filmmaker--especially in image design and editing--which creates appropriate comparisons to a young Orson Welles. The social drama is slightly dated, although most pictures of the era were. Still, it rightfully spawned numerous imitations that merged the narrative sense of hip hop and the auteur aesthetic of indie film."
100 97% Body of War (2007) - Apr 17, 2021
"Phil Donahue takes skill at connecting with real people and their human stories as a talk show host, and extends it to documentary filmmaking. The parallel tracks of the film are fascinating. You see a country rush to war without much thought as well as a young man volunteer for service while lacking internal consternation. Both stories have tragic fallouts on an intellectual & emotional level in Tomas's paralysis and the government/media's propaganda campaign. Highly recommended and well done."
93 85% Winnebago Man (2009) - Apr 16, 2021
"Documentaries are tricky. Filmmakers have to stay focused and chronicle an event happening before them. Or they have to retell a historical event in a compelling way. Those constraints are why this film is so funny, sweet, and well made. Like many viral stars, Jack doesn't want to participate in his newfound fame. And he also doesn't want to talk about the worst day of his life. Yet he still comes across as a charming guy who provides a great example on how to age gracefully. Highly recommended."
88 77% Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991) - Apr 15, 2021
"Abed from Community is right: this is way better than Apocalypse Now. This is a perfect selection as a mandatory screening for film students beginning their education. However, Coppola's comment on losing his sanity (due to access to equipment, time, and money) could be seen as less a cautionary warning and more as reinforcement that you must be crazy to be a director. Kudos to his wife for recording some amazing conversations, which help make one of the best documentaries on filmmaking ever."
97 92% The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2003) - Apr 14, 2021
"The filmmakers get kudos for staying on their feet and creating this movie as the story unfolded in front of them. While the verité footage of the drama is amazing, the context that they provide on the United States and Latin American countries is profound. But most of all Chavez--for whatever you think of him--makes for a captivating character that you get to watch for the duration of the film. A remarkable picture to view either in a Government class or as a thriller at home."
100 97% The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) - Apr 13, 2021
"An ideal double bill to go with the Gus Van Sant biopic. As a film, Epstein does a sweet job of creating an empathetic portrait--going as far as avoiding obtrusive closeups during emotional interviews on Milk's life. It's also a fantastic document of the late 70's Bay Area, with great music and references to Jonestown. If you know anyone who wants a future in politics, have them watch this inspiring movie on this man and his attempt to build a rainbow coalition around people's everyday concerns."
100 97% Bowling for Columbine (2002) - Apr 12, 2021
"When this film came out there were debates on whether it was a "true" documentary--as opposed to an op-ed or performance art. Those questions are diversions from the actual point: that Michael Moore made a profound picture on America's love affair with guns & violence. As a filmmaker, he’s akin to Oliver Stone (in examining history) and Stanley Kubrick (by using black comedy to illustrate dehumanization). Sadly, all of his points ring true all these years later. One of my all-time favorites."
90 81% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - Apr 10, 2021
"A great return to form for both the franchise's post-The Last Stand narrative and director Bryan Singer--who wasn't quite right for a Superman picture. As a movie it's more dramatically compelling than Inception's story of a flawed hero battling inside multiple layers of his mind. That's partly to do with the allegorical themes of the X-Men, which here include not only homophobia & racism, but also political oppression. One of the better installments of the series, and a perfect message of hope."
90 81% Serenity (2005) - Apr 08, 2021
"Here's how it is: for all his feminist talk, at his core Joss Whedon is a reactionary libertarian bro. And that illustrates itself in this Space Western where all the heroes are essentially ex-Confederates still fighting a lost cause. In a way that appeals to fanboys who get to throw themselves into a space opera where every character is Han Solo. And it works! There are some good fight sequences, nice battles, and a fantastic villain. It's just weird to look at it knowing what we know now."
80 63% Frankenstein (1931) - Apr 07, 2021