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66 30% Cocaine Bear (2023) - Mar 12, 2023
"It gets kudos for turning the real life story into an action/horror-comedy. And at times that works, as both the ambulance chase & final section have some genuine scares and suspense. But for far, far too long it is painfully unfunny--partly because there's too many subplots and flashbacks. Also, for a piece set in 1985, it includes some anachronistic dialogue (and doesn't use the era's Drug War well). Still, it advertises what it is: a bear high on coke. Marginal recommendation."
75 49% Athena (2022) - Jan 08, 2023
""A riot is the language of the unheard." For the first hour this movie exemplifies Martin Luther King's quote. It's like Dunkirk meets Do the right Thing: using cinema's immersive tools (especially sound & editing) to create empathy with those rioting after police brutality. And unlike Children of Men's virtuoso camera work the single takes aren't distracting. However, the last act unwisely changes from smart social thriller to bad gangster film Bro antics. Still, recommended."
85 73% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"Kudos for writer/director Rian Johnson for creating a formula for a franchise that doesn't revolve around spaceships or superheroes. The stuff from the original is still here: a good mystery, some fun jokes, a social commentary that fits an urban liberal dinner party, and some cool flashbacks. If I have one complaint it's that unlike the original, the post-reveal story aspects aren't engaging & are kind of a letdown. Still, he gets some amazing work out of Craig and Janelle MonĂ¡e. Recommended."
77 53% Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) - Nov 11, 2022
"An admirable film, but minor disappointments make it not as good as the original. There's an annoying Mary Sue/audience avatar character. And the fantastical world-building too often falls into George Lucas/fictional C-Span politics discussions. Still, it has a great villain via a compelling origin story and point of view. Although some of his actions make no sense. But on a popcorn movie level the fights are great. Recommended, although it's probably my least favorite Ryan Coogler picture."
90 82% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Nov 06, 2022
"Most movies are terrible at showcasing male friendships unless they are between cops, criminals, or superheroes. So this one is refreshing in how it illustrates the depressing end of a friendship and toxic masculinity. Martin McDonagh is gifted with dialogue, although at times the heavy talking and Irish accents makes it feel more like a play and less like cinema. Still it holds up as a darkly tragic comedy with character choices that will haunt you. And Colin Farrell is amazing. Recommended."
75 49% Dual (2022) - Oct 30, 2022
"This is the perfect antidote to sci-fi films & tv shows like Black Mirror, which bombard us with their bleak visions of the future. Writer/director Riley Stearns is gifted at poker face satire--especially when mocking the drama that comes with these types of stories. He's also blessed with Karen Gillan, who is hilarious with this type of tone. At times I was disappointed with the illogical rules and laws of the worldbuilding. Still, recommended, even if it is slow in revealing how smart it is."
85 73% Prey (2022) - Oct 23, 2022
"It's a great take on a Hero's Journey that's only occasionally let down by silly dialogue & predictable story points. Like in 10 Cloverfield Lane, the director once again shows that he can get all of the drama out of a sci-fi action concept. Here we see how both White colonialists & space aliens prey on indigenous societies for stupid reasons. And what more can you ask in a movie that gives you a cool political point as well as some dope fight scenes? Highly recommended."
50 9% X (2022) - Oct 17, 2022
"A completely irredeemable & utterly reprehensible movie. It wants to be hicksploitation--especially via the Hills Have Eyes meets Boogie Nights plot that shows similarities between horror and porn setups. But it doesn't go anywhere. The characters are too stupid to root for, let alone live. The scares lamely mistake gore for thrills. And the villains exist solely to be hillbilly killing machines. And by God, that Fleetwood Mac scene should go. Avoid. One of the worst films of the year."
90 82% Werewolf by Night (2022) - Oct 09, 2022
"Marvel should let their filmmakers create work like this, instead of their formulaic cookie cutter superhero origin story BS. Giacchino gets the source material, but adds to it a retro feel of a Universal horror film. I was most surprised by how great the fight scenes are--calling back to the best of the John Wick franchise in both stunts & blood. And as a monster story it understands how humans are often the real villains. It only loses a point for a silly MacGuffin. Highly recommended."
80 65% Amsterdam (2022) - Oct 07, 2022
"It wasn't boring yet didn't make me laugh out loud. It was Sensible Chuckle: The Movie. It's also a Greatest Hits of writer/director David O. Russell: especially the political screwball comedy tone. As someone who has an interest in the Business Plot, I liked his insights on '30's corporations, racism, and fascism. Still, the film has some odd points, including too many actor-y backstories and weird flashbacks. But it's recommended and could make a good double bill with Knives Out."