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85 73% The Chocolate War (1988) - Rated 17 Dec 2023
"It loses a point for changing the novel's Downer Ending. Otherwise it nails the David Fincher meets Heathers tone I imagined while reading the book (as well as featuring nods to Hal Ashby's montages & casting). Still, it wonderfully illustrates how conformity, greed, and violence create hell on our hero and his choice. It's also technically amazing, especially in the photography, acting, and the synth music soundtrack. It'd be a great tool to teach young people about mob mentality. Recommended."
0% Leave the World Behind (2023) - Rated 10 Dec 2023
"The source novel is one of the worst books I've ever read. Still, I thought the adaptation could expand the premise while removing the stupid parts. But the movie also fails to be a satirical thriller on racism & upper class elitism. The characters are all off-putting. The film's tone unsuccessfully tries to recreate the terror of Hitchcock's The Birds. And most unforgivably it copies the ending of one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes. Avoid this wretched cinematic disaster at all costs."
70 38% May December (2023) - Rated 04 Dec 2023
"Todd Haynes is a great director who understands how to use media history in his cinematic storytelling. So I thought him riffing on the tabloid drama of Mary Kay Letourneau sleeping with a 12 year old boy would be perfect. But the film doesn't use any real commentary other than having an intellectual coastal elite Hollywood actress examine a dysfunctional small town family. It only gets a minor recommendation for including another amazing entry in the Julianne Moore Loves to Cry... compilation."
66 30% Past Lives (2023) - Rated 27 Nov 2023
"There's a scene late in this movie where one lead has to watch another couple have a dinner. And the acting and camerawork shows you that it is cringeworthy. That's how I felt for most of this film--like a witness to a car wreck. The script littered selfish, rude, and melodramatic people who didn't get my sympathy. Still, it is competently made (even if it owes a debt to Lost in Translation) and Greta Lee is amazing. Marginal recommendation as I could see it speaking to its audience."
50 9% Lord of the Flies (1990) - Rated 25 Nov 2023
"It's a bad adaptation that includes "what" the plot is about, but misses "how" the philosophical elements elevate it. In addition to being an adventure story, the book grapples with post-War British problems. Keeping that sense (even with making the kids American) would've involved more than simple comments on Rambo & the Russians. As a film it looks okay, but the script is full of bad characterization, silly transitions, and weiner kid moments. Although Getty is a fantastic actor. Avoid."
66 30% Saltburn (2023) - Rated 23 Nov 2023
"It isn't as strong as Fennell's first movie, Promising Young Woman. It's a basic Hitchockian story--equal parts the gothic class consciousness of Rebecca & the homoeroticism from Strangers on a Train. But the villains aren't as interesting. The script constantly loses focus. It both includes anachronisms and isn't era specific. And her odd technical choices (especially in the photography, editing, and music) kept me removed emotionally. A marginal recommendation only because of its uniqueness."
75 49% The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) - Rated 22 Nov 2023
66 30% Dream Scenario (2023) - Rated 17 Nov 2023
"The problem is the fantasy gimmick becomes boring after act one. It then morphs into a commentary on how people become viral stars or pariahs. I vehemently disagree with the film's "cancel culture" argument. Most who fall into that camp are just facing the (rightful) consequences of their childish nonsense. Instead, this picture makes a tragic hero simply by having others react to his dreamworld invasions in a manic and irrational way. Marginal recommendation for Cage's performance."
60 22% Taxi Driver (1976) - Rated 08 Nov 2023
81 68% The Killer (2023) - Rated 18 Oct 2023
"For reasons that my therapist says are "painfully obvious" I'm a sucker for films about a detached loner who follows a personal code. This one ranks alongside Le Samouraï, Ghost Dog, and Drive. As a David Fincher film, it's closer to Panic Room than Se7en. But he still gets in acerbic humor and his best filmed action scene yet. It loses points for a cliche character motivation and the constant Smiths songs. But it'll make fanboys debate if the lead could take John Wick in a fight. Recommended."