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90 97% The Lives of Others The Lives of Others (2006) - Rated 09 Nov 2011
"This movie in my eyes is near cinematic perfection. German cinema has always had its share of good movies, but this one ( along with das boot) stand out for me. Gripping story telling, top notch acting , intense atmospheric scenes, clever writing... A tad bit better than der Untergang, also released at about the same time. A must see for anyone who is a fan of cinema."
63 11% Transformers: Dark of the Moon Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Rated 13 Jul 2011
"Dear lord why does mike bay HAVE to make these long ass movies. One word to describe this film? Exhausting. Or how about tedious. Its the same action weve seen before in overload, and not much else. Tho the script is a tad bit better than the horrendous part Deux.Second time i watched it i did enjoy it more, but maybe it was because it was at home, and i could press pause."
90 97% Character Character (1997) - Rated 13 Jul 2011
"All the time I ask myself why , why did mike van diem make 1 short movie ( Alaska ), 1 full length ( being this one) which won all these huge awards ( including an Oscar) , and never do something close to cinema again? The set pieces! The acting! The script! The atmospheric tension building! A masterpiece. If not the best , one of the best Dutch movies out there.A must watch for all cinema lovers!"
60 8% The Tourist The Tourist (2010) - Rated 29 May 2011
"Highest paid award winning actor combined with highest paid award winning actress and a (so far) good director, what do we get? Mediocre and predictable. What a waste of talent. Shows how a movie looks when it lacks any form of originality or uniqueness."
60 8% Lebanon Lebanon (2010) - Rated 12 Sep 2010
60 8% Laid to Rest Laid to Rest (2009) - Rated 03 Dec 2011
"A nice litl romp stomp of a horror movie. Plenty of blood, plenty of guts, anda a half believable story. Pacing is good, acting is fine, and the killer's mask is pretty bad ass, unfortunately thas about the only thing cool about him. For the horror fans."