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Film Freak - 712 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 1, 2017

Location: Germany

Bio: I try to add a mini-review to every ranking, without knowing any of the narratives from the unreliable IMDB reviews.
5 stars (100): Excellent (my top picks)
4 stars (80+): Very good (enjoyable multiple times: a full package of great stuff)
3 stars (60+): Good (can be enjoyed once: some parts are great)
2 stars (40+): Mediocre (gets dull and boring)
1 star (20+): Horrible (really pissed me off)

-> Protagonist(s) + Style + Score + Suspense/Momentum + Overall Feeling

I'm beginning to go down harder on movies that I can't sit through. This is an instant ticket to mediocrity.

more Recent Ratings

60 48% Barbarian (2022) - Nov 12, 2022
"Very well made and atmospheric film. As it got more explicit, I found it less enticing towards the end. -- It is a horror film indeed, which means I probably shouldn't have watched it."
60 48% Pearl (2022) - Nov 12, 2022
"Chilling and misery-filled the whole way."
40 10% See How They Run (2022) - Nov 12, 2022
"A rather tiring and eye-rolling experience. Instead of making a genuine movie, it seems to be easier to make fun of movies."
70 73% You Cannot Kill David Arquette (2020) - Oct 08, 2022
"Actually a great redemption story. At first, I wanted to see David Arquette get humiliated; but then, he went through the wrestling underworld and still kept going. The soundtrack is well done, it kicks in when necessary."
40 10% Atomic Blonde (2017) - Oct 03, 2022
"Feels lifeless and cheap. I couldn't stand the dialogue after half an hour."
50 24% Captain Phillips (2013) - Oct 03, 2022
"90% obnoxious screaming, 10% plot."
70 73% Bullet Train (2022) - Oct 01, 2022
"Very good style and pacing, mixed with somewhat funny characters on a wild ride. An enjoyable action movie."
80 89% The Glance of Music (2019) - Oct 01, 2022
"There are many stunning features about this documentary: its timing, its detailed narration, its silences and small moments, the array of high-profile guests. -- I was surprised how many garbage movies from the 70s were redeemed by Ennio Morricone's soundtracks."
50 24% The Name of the Rose (1986) - Oct 01, 2022
"Dirty, slimey and visually grueling movie. It feels a bit lame and uninspired when compared to the book."
60 48% Vesper (2022) - Oct 01, 2022
"It starts very strong with inspired cyberpunk aesthetics. However, the story curiously halts and goes into a different direction. Overall, it was OK."