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Bio: Software Engineer who loves movies.

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66 58% Thank You for Smoking (2006) - Oct 03, 2022
"I'm a sucker for father-son stories and am big on the idea of personal responsibility that the movie ultimately embraces but as far as filmmaking goes, the satire, the whole script really, could have used polishing, lots of it. Still, 2000s Eckhart was usually a treat to watch and this film is no exception."
56 35% United 93 (2006) - Oct 03, 2022
"The scenes in the plane are tense and very well shot, some of Greengrass's–whom I've always found somewhat lackluster–best work. Unfortunately, it spends too much time outside the plane where very little of substance happens... Which itself is perhaps brilliant commentary, but doesn't make for interesting cinema. Lackluster after all."
60 44% Sand Castle (2017) - Oct 03, 2022
"It starts out slow, way way too slow, but once the central mission goes underway, it progressively picks up the pace. And the cast does a great job."
73 77% The Edge of Seventeen (2016) - Oct 02, 2022
"It's painful to watch at times, which is all that needs to be said about how brilliant Steinfeld's performance is; it'd still be worth watching just for her if it were a lesser movie, but as it is everyone involved did a great job, and the narrative never commits the mistake of letting Nadine off the hook nor does it demonize anyone around her. Speaking of great jobs, Harrelson steals every scene he's in as usual."
38 14% The Hating Game (2021) - Oct 01, 2022
"It starts out nice enough, for a cliched romance story anyway, and the leads are committed to making it believable, particularly Stowell, but it still goes severely off the rails–and not in a good way–at the end."
74 79% The King (2019) - Sep 30, 2022
"The pace might be a little too slow at times, but the performances, dialogue and battle sequences are nonetheless very hard to resist."
43 18% In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) - Sep 29, 2022
"I don't generally like time travel stories as the mechanics usually swallow the plot, leaving it with inevitable holes. This one, however, mostly does it right by focusing on telling its story and relying on Holbrook's sizable talent. Too bad that once the climax hits and it gets to twists and explanations, everything goes to crap in pretty much every conceivable way."
62 49% Voyagers (2021) - Sep 25, 2022
"Maybe more nihilistic than I would have liked, but Sheridan's typically strong performance kept me watching, if only to know what happened to his character."
71 72% Avatar (2009) - Sep 23, 2022
"Sure it's cliche, one of the oldest in the book in fact... But there's a reason these stories keep being retold: They work, specially when presented with this much visual splendor. Besides, the visual splendor was the whole point anyway; the story is merely an excuse for it."
65 56% Barbarian (2022) - Sep 22, 2022
"When it cares to create tension, it succeeds with flying colors, and it even gets one rooting for the survival of the customary idiotic protagonist. Alas, some moments of pointless crap detract from the experience."