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61 T5 12 Strong (2018) - Apr 15, 2018
"A good cast and decent direction make for some gripping battle sequences, although the movie is not particularly memorable."
83 T10 Love, Simon (2018) - Apr 13, 2018
"Charming, funny and brilliantly acted, this is a coming of age movie to remember."
22 T1 The Hurricane Heist (2018) - Apr 08, 2018
"Generic and boring, not even the special effects are up to par."
94 T10 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 05, 2018
"Gripping direction, a terrific cast and obviously sparse but effective writing make A Quiet Place one of the best horror movies I've seen and one of the best movies I've watched in a long time. The second half, in particular, is such a non-stop thrill ride it's emotionally exhausting."
71 T7 Ready Player One (2018) - Apr 01, 2018
"The movie doesn't have much in originality, but that's why it works. Its love for previous works shines in every frame and carries you along for the ride. Besides, Spielberg firing on all cylinders is at least very entertaining."
62 T5 All the Money in the World (2017) - Mar 24, 2018
"A committed cast and assured direction enliven the movie and sometimes thrill. It's nevertheless weighed down a bit by too many unnecessary detours."
39 T2 Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) - Mar 23, 2018
"All of the charms of the first movie were lost, along with most of its cast and the director; the cast that did return got almost entirely ruined. There are some exciting sequences but it's, on the whole, disappointing."
54 T4 Tomb Raider (2018) - Mar 18, 2018
"Almost there, the start is strong and entertaining, but it loses steam as it goes along; it ultimately collapses upon its own overly safe nature. Vikander is an excellent Lara Croft, however."
72 T8 Molly's Game (2017) - Mar 16, 2018
"Infectiously dynamic, tautly directed and, as expected, perfectly written, this is a movie that catches the attention and never lets go, featuring a beguiling performance by Chastain. Its one sin is pacing and a reluctance from Sorkin to remove unnecessary fat."
73 T8 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Mar 03, 2018
"Cringe comedy at its finest, and that's exactly how it should be. Excellent movie with a hilarious script that shines a light in that particular mystery. The Franco brothers together are an excellent team, aided by the always reliable Rogen."