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37 T2 The Nun II (2023) - Sep 17, 2023
"It tries to be at least three different movies. Between the stale jump scares, the goofy mystery investigation and the cliched drama, it doesn't do any of the three particularly well. Kudos to Farmiga and Bloquet, tho, they gave it their all."
66 T6 Sound of Freedom (2023) - Sep 12, 2023
"With all the hand wringing around it, I expected it to be more than "late career Liam Neeson movie but with artistic/award bait pretensions". At the end of the day, it is merely a sometimes effective, although fairly by numbers, thriller."
33 T2 Together Together (2021) - Sep 11, 2023
"It's awkward, really awkward; when you think it couldn't get more awkward, it does. When it tries to become "sweet", it just gets even more awkward. I actually had to pause it several times to be able to watch it all the way through. My rating is not lower because I liked the high concept, and if there's someone who can make awkwardness somewhat bearable, that's Helms."
84 T10 Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Sep 11, 2023
"Boy, Aronofsky sure pulled no punches with this one. Specially that extremely unsettling final sequence. Great movie; Burstyn in particular was sensational."
22 T1 Windfall (2022) - Sep 10, 2023
"It really wants the audience to think the villain is actually the good guy, and it won't stop throwing all the middlebrow bullshit the director and screenwriters could think up to try to sell that idea. An unintentionally hilarious twist almost improves the movie, almost, but just makes it worse when the narrative tries to sell it as some sort of catharsis. Ultimately, its only saving grace is the acting; and even so it's nothing to write home about."
41 T2 Fired Up (2009) - Sep 10, 2023
"Extremely cliched, but has its funny moments."
61 T5 Exists (2014) - Sep 10, 2023
"Some moments of tension improve an otherwise generic "young adults in the woods" type of horror movie. Interestingly, things get better once we see the monster; usually it's the other way around."
76 T9 Extraction 2 (2023) - Sep 05, 2023
"It strains plausibility, but the action is ten times slicker and more riveting than in the first installment. Likewise, the character dynamics actually have some meat this time around, so the drama scenes feel engaging instead of coming across as boring filler."
40 T2 Blue Beetle (2023) - Sep 04, 2023
"At this point, asking for originality in a superhero movie is perhaps unfair, but this being lifted shot for shot, almost line for line, from an assortment of other movies is just lazy. Doesn't help that the lead doesn't have an ounce of charisma and screen presence."
65 T6 Midnight in Paris (2011) - Sep 02, 2023
""Nostalgia ain't what it used to be" isn't particularly exciting ground but it's reasonably well handled here. It's worth noting that the asinine montage at the beginning took at least 5 points off my final score."