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Member Since: Aug 3, 2017

Location: Colombia

Bio: Colombian Software Engineer who loves movies.
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52 31% Hunter Killer (2018) - Nov 18, 2018
"It wasn't the trite, generic explosion fest dumpster fire I expected, but it's nothing particularly interesting in the genre anyway."
51 29% Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) - Nov 16, 2018
"There are many good moments courtesy of Rowling. However, they never coalesce into something great because she just tried to cram way too much into the movie. Regardless, the biggest problem is the direction; the second half of HP is good in spite of Yates and I really hope that this is the last Wizarding World film he directs."
72 73% The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) - Nov 12, 2018
"Simultaneously more and less than what I expected. It's far more entertaining than I thought it'd be; it's less heady than I'd have thought, being essentially the basic outline of its story. Everything about "This is Halloween" is concentrated awesome, to be sure."
68 63% Gremlins (1984) - Nov 12, 2018
"It starts seemingly trite and clichéd. Then it becomes self-aware. Then it slows to a crawl. Then it turns out it was a commentary on consumerism all along."
86 93% Casablanca (1942) - Nov 12, 2018
"Not an ounce of fat in this movie, everything is perfectly on point and it's funnier than I expected it'd be. It deserves its place among the classics, but it still isn't among my favorites."
76 81% Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Nov 10, 2018
"At times, it feels like walking into a dream. At times, it conjures the horror of war and fascism. At times, it feels like nothing is happening."
77 83% Manhunter (1986) - Nov 10, 2018
"Deliberately paced, superbly acted and sharply directed, it's easy to understand why it's become so influential for mystery thrillers."
66 58% Overlord (2018) - Nov 09, 2018
"Brutal, exciting and advancing at a frenetic pace, featuring a good cast that do the best with the material they're given. The material itself is not very original, but still manages to entertain."
59 44% Museo (2018) - Nov 05, 2018
"Reasonably well made, but suffers from a slow and meandering pace and a relentlessly unlikable main character, despite García's best efforts."
52 31% Push (2009) - Nov 05, 2018
"Muddled, convoluted and oft nonsensical. It's an interesting concept that's elevated by Evans and Fanning's performances, but it's still a letdown."