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Member Since: Aug 3, 2017

Location: Colombia

Bio: Colombian Software Engineer who loves movies.
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58 42% Wildling (2018) - Sep 23, 2018
"I might be biased as the werewolf is the monster from gothic horror I like the most, so I liked this movie for treating them seriously more than I probably would have otherwise. Nevertheless, it is reasonably well made and features three effective performances from Powley, Dourif and Kelly-Sordelet."
56 37% The Predator (2018) - Sep 20, 2018
"I... Liked it? It was all over the place, didn't make a lot of sense and there were quite a few "so stupid that it makes one want to punch oneself" plot points... But I was entertained and Holbrook and Tremblay make for one charming father/son pair."
43 20% Hotel Artemis (2018) - Sep 14, 2018
"Undercooked characters, muddled and convoluted plot and limp direction make for a waste of a somewhat interesting premise... That had already been done better in John Wick anyway."
65 56% Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - Sep 14, 2018
"It never pretends to be anything but a standard and straightforward Cinderella story, buy it is at least a reasonably well told and well acted one."
51 29% The Nun (2018) - Sep 08, 2018
"It is scary... but only at times. It's also surprisingly funny, but also only at times... And not always intentionally."
35 14% Mile 22 (2018) - Sep 03, 2018
"Muddled, scattershot, boring and sloppy. Not that I was a fan of the (Wahl)Berg partnership, but this is their worst product by far."
63 52% Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) - Sep 02, 2018
"Surprisingly hilarious, thanks to its self aware and rapid fire comedy nature."
64 54% Alpha (2018) - Sep 02, 2018
"A bit too contrived and convenient at times, but beautifully shot and heartwarming nevertheless."
40 18% Periodo de prueba (2018) - Sep 01, 2018
"Mostly trite and boring, enlivened every now and again by Vasquez's charm."
64 54% Ghost Stories (2018) - Aug 26, 2018
"A bit too reliant on jump scares, it's nevertheless creepy. The second story, in particular, is downright nightmarish."