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65 T6 The Greatest Showman (2017) - Jan 05, 2018
"What it lacks in emotional resonance, it has in entertainment and dazzling factor, which is, all things considered, probably the best way to honor its subject matter."
71 T8 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Jan 01, 2018
"A surprisingly committed cast and hilarious script and direction make "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" a surprisingly funny and spry comedy."
61 T5 Ferdinand (2017) - Dec 25, 2017
"Great animation and a timeless, heartwarming story make "Ferdinand" a fun time at the movies."
58 T5 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Dec 14, 2017
"As expected, it hits too many of the same beats "Empire Strikes Back" hit but unlike "The Force Awakens", which managed to keep itself entertaining, this one is bloated and often dull. It picks up at the end (in a climax that actually seems tacked on) but it's, in general, not very good."
75 T8 Coco (2017) - Dec 03, 2017
"It takes a bit too many cues from "The Book of Life" and is strangely predictable for a Pixar feature. Nevertheless, it's still Pixar; they might have copied for this one, but damn, what a gorgeous and heartwarming copy."
72 T8 The Book of Life (2014) - Dec 03, 2017
"Gorgeous animation, a cute (if a bit generic) story told in a straightforward manner while showing almost boundless imagination make "The Book of Life" a winner."
63 T6 Wonder (2017) - Nov 25, 2017
"A nice little drama with a poignant (if clich├ęd) message about family and acceptance. The glurge is thankfully offset by earnest and generally good performances. Tremblay continues to showcase how he's a gigantic talent in a (for now, anyway) very small package."
55 T4 Do It Like An Hombre (2017) - Nov 23, 2017
"At times obnoxious and at times heartwarming, but its heart is ultimately in the right place, much like its main character."
60 T5 Justice League (2017) - Nov 16, 2017
"The chemistry of the cast and the breezy pacing (it feels much shorter than it is) keep it afloat, but it still isn't as good as it could (and maybe should) have been."
82 T9 Some Like It Hot (1959) - Nov 12, 2017
"Excellent and deservedly respected comedy. Probably a bit too long for my liking, but still."