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55% Efterskalv (2015) - Mar 22, 2023
"The plot - teenager, released from juvenile jail after committing a horrific crime, returns to the same school - seems rather implausible, but this is an absorbing enough drama. I liked that the film makes no attempt to give the lead character any degree of likability, and Swedish singer Ulrik Munther has a cold demeanour that fits the part quite well. It does ramble at times, and it's obviously very bleak, but a fairly strong debut from Magnus von Horn."
16% Slap Shot (1977) - Mar 21, 2023
77% The Draughtsman's Contract (1982) - Mar 18, 2023
"Thoroughly enjoyable early Greenaway feature has a more straightforward narrative than some of his work but certainly boasts its share of artful images. The period wardrobe is glorious, and it is propelled by a wonderful Michael Nyman score. Perhaps a little too talky at times - one has to really focus to keep up with the pace - but this has fine performances and a good deal of wit, notably the delightful ‘living statue’ who slips in and out of the film."
32% For Those in Peril (2013) - Mar 18, 2023
"A strange film that works pretty well as an intense tragedy, but is hampered by the ambitious but largely unsuccessful artful pretensions, resulting in a narrative that is disjointed and not always engaging. MacKay and Dickie are very good, the film has an effectively unnerving atmosphere and while the final twist doesn't really work, I applaud director Wright for attempting something different, and it's disappointing that it remains his only fictional feature to date. Flawed, but promising."
77% Crime Without Passion (1934) - Mar 16, 2023
55% Smart Money (1931) - Mar 14, 2023
55% The Bowery (1933) - Mar 13, 2023
77% An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) - Mar 12, 2023
"A sombre piece, taking place over one day, following several characters, each with little hope of escaping their downtrodden life, only the fabled elephant offering something to aim for. The characters are written and performed with nuance and we really get to know them. It does feel long - that Hu opted to shoot long takes, often following a character without action or dialogue, serves to make this a tough sit at times. But it pays dividends if one is in the mood for its relentless misery."
16% Lonesome (2023) - Mar 12, 2023
"Sexually explicit and strikingly shot, but this queer romance pretty much goes through the motions and hits all the notes one would expect. The leads are cute and likeable, but lack a certain spontaneity and thus sparks never really fly as they should. Bleak and humourless but with a fairytale ending."
55% Despair (1978) - Mar 11, 2023