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Bio: Anything from 85 up is God tier.

I tend to wait to rewatch a film for around 10 years most of the time with some amount of exceptions at which point I will update my score.

My tastes have changed a lot and I feel 10 years is the right amount of time to check back in with a film to see if you feel the same way

TV is only ranked when the series is finished and the score is for the series as a whole.

Anything 50 or lower is a bad movie, straight up. Unless it's due a rewatch. Looking at you Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I just don't wanna.

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73 58% Problemista (2023) - Rated 19 Jun 2024
74 59% F/X (1986) - Rated 15 Jun 2024
74 59% Hit Man (2024) - Rated 09 Jun 2024
61 33% The Beekeeper (2024) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
67 40% Civil War (2024) - Rated 29 May 2024
50 15% Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (2024) - Rated 29 May 2024
60 30% Villains (2019) - Rated 29 May 2024
80 80% Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) - Rated 25 May 2024
"Aw jeez, I was hoping I would feel even a bit as strongly about this as Fury Road but while it is a cut above many of its peers and possesses some Miller Magic, I was unfortunately distracted by a noticeable amount of effects feeling a bit uncanny valley and the structure left me disengaged at times. Still there is a lot to love here and I think it will be one that I revisit for sure and maybe even have more affection for next time around. Reminded me more of the orig trig but with big money."
74 59% The Fall Guy (2024) - Rated 07 May 2024
"A bit wobbly but a decently fun tribute to stunt performers but there are better movies on the subject. Dialogue could use some more punch up but it has some good moments and Gos and Blunt sell it pretty well. Would be massively improved if the movie Blunt's character was directing didn't look like a shitfilm."
80 80% Baby Reindeer (2024) - Rated 29 Apr 2024