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90 81% Inception Inception (2010) - Rated 19 Jul 2010
"That uncanny mind who gave us that 'insanely-chaotic-caped-crusader-flick-which-changed-the-rules-for-super-hero-films', is at it again, with more brainy and less ballsome, Inception. A thrilling ride that romps away with excitement, with only a few stutters in the way. A little less than perfect but a whole lot of fun, Inception is that rare summer biggie which comes once in while.... Well.. not exactly... but you should get the point."
95 89% Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 (2010) - Rated 31 Jul 2010
"One would have thought Pixar must have exhausted all their ideas in making the first two films, and the fact that they have come up with yet another Toy Story with a fresh storyline, brimming with ideas and bustling with imagination, somehow keeping their stranglehold on genuine hilarity and emotional quotient very much intact. If Toy Story 3 is not remarkable in that sense, I don't know what will ever be. This one is a blast! For all ages. And for all shapes and sizes."
71 36% Splice Splice (2010) - Rated 30 Jul 2010
"Merely scratching the surface of the various moral and ethical issues the movie attempts to raise, Splice still turns out to be a craftily directed, brilliantly acted nifty little thriller which nearly throws itself away in the boorish third act. Such a shame that a movie which remains undaunted for most of its running time, rolls off to such a whimpering climax."
95 89% The Ghost Writer The Ghost Writer (2010) - Rated 19 Jul 2010
"A film for the adults, particularly those who get their thrills from mounting suspense and rousing tension rather than cheesy action and shocks. Although Polanski's trademark climactic revelation lacks punch, it departs with a damn good closing image, that will stick with you for at least of couple of hours, maybe more."