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40 38% Professor Marston & the Wonder Women (2017) - Rated 22 Jul 2024
"It is about 85% kinky polyamorous bondage sex, 10% creation of the lie detector, 5% comic books. I would have liked much more of the last 2 instead. Also it could have been 90 mins. Watchable but pointless."
20 12% 9 to 5 (1980) - Rated 19 Jul 2024
"I expected a workplace comedy but got a silly farce. Great song though."
20 12% Longlegs (2024) - Rated 18 Jul 2024
"It just draaaaags. I mentally checked out half-way through. This has been hyped up to be the next "Silence of the Lambs". That was a fast-paced thriller. This is just ponderous. And the central performance is certainly no Jodie Foster. It's an autistic computer/calculator person with little to no emotions, so she's hard to identify with or care about. And the whole plot is stupid."
60 69% Rocky V (1990) - Rated 17 Jul 2024
"Hated by all. But it was a fine time-passer."
20 12% MaXXXine (2024) - Rated 08 Jul 2024
"Crushing bore with no forward momentum. So many dull scenes come and go with no hint of entertaining moments. Stars wasted in forgettable cameos. Worst killer reveal in horror history. Ham-fisted climax and ending. And a movie about the porn industry with no boobs (I just finished watching a "House of the Dragon" episode with more T&A). Looks like Ti West is a one-hit wonder. Should have stopped after I saw "X"."
60 69% Thelma & Louise (1991) - Rated 07 Jul 2024
"Watchable little film in the "Ridley Scott made that??" category."
60 69% George Carlin's American Dream (2022) - Rated 04 Jul 2024
60 69% Misery (1990) - Rated 04 Jul 2024
"Good little thriller. It's no "Rear Window" though. Kathy Bates beat out a murderer's row of nominees to win her Oscar: Anjelica Huston, Joanne Woodward, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts in her "Pretty Woman" role!"
60 69% McEnroe (2022) - Rated 03 Jul 2024
60 69% Space: The Longest Goodbye (2023) - Rated 28 Jun 2024
"Interesting subject matter, how to keep astronauts sane and content on a voyage to Mars and back, which would take a minimum of 8 to 34-straight months away from Earth."