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Cinema Addict - 2090 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 26, 2010

Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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60 68% Succession (2018) - May 29, 2023
"A good show. In the end I wouldn't say it was great though. But an enjoyable 4 seasons."
60 68% Anything Goes (2021) - May 28, 2023
"The classic title song & dance number at the end of the first act is fantastic. I fell asleep for much of the rest though."
20 11% Unicorn: Warriors Eternal (2023) - May 28, 2023
"After the wonderful badassery of "Primal", I was excited for a new Tartakovsky show. But this is so slow and plodding, and seems made for small children. Couldn't make it through the second episode."
40 38% Sign 'o' the Times (1987) - May 25, 2023
"Indulgent repetitive songs that dragged on too long. Go for "Rave un2 the Year 2000" instead to get all the big career-defining hits."
20 11% Rain Dogs (2023) - May 22, 2023
"First episode didn't grab me, so dumped for more PVR room."
60 68% BlackBerry (2023) - May 21, 2023
"Good, not great. I certainly didn't love it as much as the critics did. Looking forward to reading the book for the real story. One thing that should have been in the post-film captions: even after making untold millions, the founders still live in Waterloo, Ontario."
60 68% A View to a Kill (1985) - May 14, 2023
""James Bond's skiing horse earthquake blimp adventure!" The Duran Duran opening title sequence was cool and very 80s. The pace slooowed in the second half as the evil scheme took its sweet time."
20 11% Mrs. Davis (2023) - May 12, 2023
"This is an "everything happens" show. The writers thought: "What's the wackiest thing that could happen in the next 10 seconds?" And wrote that. And repeated for the entire runtime. It's like if Jay & Silent Bob were the stars of "Preacher". I forced myself to finish the first episode."
40 38% All of Me (1984) - May 07, 2023
"The most interesting thing about watching this for me, was that surely "Liar Liar" must have consciously cribbed bits of it."
40 38% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) - May 06, 2023
"I LOVED the first 2 "Guardians" films. I liked the first half of this, it was a fun adventure with Drax humour scoring consistently. But that second half. Oof. I think you could cut an hour out. A full hour. And the Rocket origin story? I could imagine more sensitive viewers might want to walk out or later turn it off. There was one kid in my audience crying their eyes out."