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60 47% I Saw the Devil (2010) - Rated 20 Jun 2024
"100 for the horror and thriller aspect of this film. Gore, dark, brutal with unexpected plot directions. Unfortunately, it all got spoiled by pathetic music, poor acting by the vigilante, soap-opera style at times. And ending. Really pathetic ending. All in all worth watching but not for the fainted heart."
1% Ophelia (2018) - Rated 19 Jun 2024
"I was sitting in a room where someone watched this flick and barely looked at the screen. Nevertheless, it was enough to rate it 0."
50 32% Final Approach (1991) - Rated 12 Jun 2024
"Starts of as a dark sci-fi psychodelic 90s straight from VHS (quality of my stream added to that feeling significantly). Then starts repeating itself too much and gets too long but ending is very fine and unexpected."
51 36% Otrantský zámek (1977) - Rated 10 Jun 2024
"Slightly amusing mocumentary."
54 38% Midori: The Camellia Girl (2016) - Rated 09 Jun 2024
"Weird ass movie. Disturbing nature works well in first 30mins but then it starts eating its own tail."
40 21% Tarantella (1989) - Rated 07 Jun 2024
"First Nolan short film. Nothing special"
59 43% Paprika (2006) - Rated 06 Jun 2024
"Crazy dreamlike trippy anime precursor of Inception. A bit incoherent at times with flat ending."
37 18% Predestination (2014) - Rated 04 Jun 2024
"Most of the twists and turns were so obvious that the viewer could focus on other enganig parts of this flick, right? Right?"
70 67% Raw (2017) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"Great mix of a movie about discovering one's identity, mushed in a vampire spaghetti."
35 17% Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"Whether due to the lack of ventilation at local cinema or enigma with which Tarr delivers this movie, I did not enjoy it, did not understand and did not feel it at all. Cinematography is at time comparable to the masterpiece of Satantango, but that's it. Maybe one day I will re-watch but for now it is a big no."