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60 60% The Social Network (2010) - Feb 10, 2011
"You're telling me that Zuckerberg looks like that, and talks like that, yet is somehow socially inept? You want me to buy that facebook could only be created by a computer genius? I'm supposed to believe that successful ideas are instantly recognizable from the start, instead of up to the whims of chance? Sorry, I'm not even close to convinced; particularly not when most of the dialog is overwritten and unnatural. Good soundtrack, acting, and especially editing, but movie of the year? Nah."
90 96% All About Eve (1950) - Jun 06, 2010
"All three leading female actresses are magnificent - particularly Davis. The script is also masterful - it completely nails both the humor and the drama. A well-told story with highly memorable and synergistic acting performances."
70 77% War of the Worlds (2005) - May 15, 2009
"Deeply underrated, due to different-than-the-original syndrome, and because the movie-going public has fallen out of love with Spielberg since A.I. The effects are fantastic, and the tension throughout the movie is well-handled. A lot of very good cinematography (the rain of clothing? The airplane crash in the middle of a suburban neighborhood?). If the ending wasn't so awful, it might be Spielberg's best."