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90 98% Eurotrip Eurotrip (2004) - Rated 19 Apr 2009
"If you are North American and have ever lived in Europe for longer than a year, this movie is a must-see. I think what a lot of people miss here is that this isn't really a comedy for Americans -- it's a comedy for anyone who's had to endure the complete idiocy of American tourists. It is a satire not of Europeans, but rather of Americans' ignorant perceptions of them. Well done."
70 77% Unstoppable Unstoppable (2010) - Rated 14 Mar 2011
"Sure the acting from much of the cast was hammy at times, and a lot of the lines were just lame, the news report cutaways are far too numerous, and there is a bit too much "made-for-tv-action-movie-style" editing and slow motion, but there is also a lot to like here. The pacing is bang on, there is a genuine sense of suspense which builds gradually over the course of the film, Denzel Washington delivers a solid performance, and impressive sound editing conveys the sheer mass of the trains."
90 98% Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot (1959) - Rated 15 Dec 2009
"Viewed for 1st time in 2009. Hilarious from start to finish, with no boring parts and lots of physical comedy. One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and the humor has aged remarkably well. If only modern comedies could get back to the basics of physical comedy, buffoonery and back-and-forth dialog, there would be far more worth seeing in the theaters these days. Marilyn Monroe does a great job, and obviously so do the two leads. I loved the fast pace, with no boring sappy parts anywhere."
95 99% Jurassic Park Jurassic Park (1993) - Rated 19 Apr 2009
"One of a kind. Modern special effects still haven't been able to achieve the level of detail and sheer realism showcased in Jurassic Park. These days special effects just end up making everything on screen look cartoonish. In Jurassic Park you can see thousands of individual raindrops landing on the tyrannasaurus's snout, and the way all the dinosaurs move and react is incredible. Saw this on the big screen when I was 9 and I was scared as hell."
70 77% Hunter Killer Hunter Killer (2018) - Rated 31 Dec 2018
"Great cast, great performances, great production value. Very good submarine thriller."