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Cinema Addict - 1660 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 19, 2009

Location: Earth

Bio: Hi! I am very fond of American, Italian and Russian cinema.

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50 46% Plane (2023) - Mar 02, 2023
"The villains are not very good performers in this film, but Butler elevates this otherwise run-of-the-mill actioner."
41 36% Last Seen Alive (2022) - Jan 23, 2023
"Gerard Butler is just so reliable in these action thriller roles. Unfortunately the directing is weak, with flash-forwards and flashbacks that give away the film and remove any mystery."
61 60% Emily the Criminal (2022) - Nov 10, 2022
"Solid little film. Good script. The supporting actor steals the show."
31 23% 12 Strong (2018) - Sep 23, 2022
"Good story, decent cast, wasted on a terrible director. Lack of wide establishing shots or use of a map gives us no sense of where things are in space. Every scene looks the same and we have no idea where in Afghanistan we are relative to the other random place names that pop up on the screen. Too many tight shots, not nearly enough wide ones make it feel low budget at times, even though this probably wasn't. Only good part of the film is when Michael Shannon calls in an air strike."
65 66% Reel Injun (2009) - Sep 17, 2022
"Good documentary."
70 77% The Banker (2020) - May 27, 2022
"Great film, and some of Anthony Mackie's best work. The casting is excellent in this one, as is the writing. Beautiful production design, nice wide shots, and a remarkable story that I had not heard of before. Worth watching."
67 69% Ambulance (2022) - May 24, 2022
"Great acting, excellent script, and production value off the charts. Could have used fewer annoying drone swoops but the action is generally solid. Good pacing. My only gripe is that it's sometimes tough to tell what's going on. But overall it's a solid action flick in the classic Michael Bay style."
48 43% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - May 14, 2022
"Serviceable superhero movie. But the action set pieces lack a sense of scale, and the battles aren't big enough. Not enough people on screen. Marvel could have done better with this one."
45 40% The King's Man (2021) - Apr 08, 2022
"Weird movie. Some of the action was neat but, a lot of the time the story just seemed bizarre. Worth a look for the production design."
60 57% 13th (2016) - Apr 08, 2022
"Good documentary. Some of the editing was a bit overdone and cringy but overall it's a solid film."