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99 99% Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (2019) - 17 Feb 2024
"Rather redundant new version, removing some unnecessary scenes from Redux, though keeping other unnecessary scenes. Yet, both Final Cut and Redux versions are still Apocalypse Now, one of the most monumental works in this medium, and these unnecessary scenes aren't boring or screw up the flow that bad anyway. Now, time for me to watch the five hour workprint version in horrendous quality and see if that has any unnecessary scenes."
60 15% Napoleon (2023) - 10 Feb 2024
"Can you imagine if Stanley Kubrick saw this fucking thing? The film is typical for Scott these days -- not the best action scenes (or worst), an only slightly engaging bunch of characters, whose fine actors elevate the unsubstantial material, and although the in-camera production is all quite extraordinary, it's behind a whole lot of horrid color grading, which reduces the blockbuster potential in this to murky muck. The film's images are either yellow or blue."
62 19% Old Henry (2021) - 10 Feb 2024
"Not the most memorable film ever, since I watched it a year ago and forgot to review it here. The set-up works fine enough, establishing some tension, and from that initial concept the film could go either way -- it unfortunately goes in a bad direction and doesn't land. The young dude was so dreadful, he sometimes made me laugh, though maybe he was just miscast."
67 29% Talk to Me (2023) - 04 Feb 2024
"Basic horror fun for the first half, with a good horror concept that can evoke jump-scares, but also portrays the thrill of fear among bored young people goofing around. But the film loses the plot in the second half and splinters off into a bunch of "running against the clock" kind of shenanigans. The conclusion is nice and mean-spirited for a horror film, but it completely lost me at that point."
79 61% The Ninth Gate (2000) - 04 Feb 2024
"I like the flirtation with the supernatural this film takes -- keeping itself grounded, yet still keeping any totally supernatural whackiness at bay (except the wire-fu, what was up with that?) Fun movie with an enjoyable plot at its centre that only gradually gets more loopy as the film comes to its conclusion, plus Langella's villain character is a badass -- totally insane, but still badass."
83 73% Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer (2023) - 04 Feb 2024
"A lot has happened to Chappelle (and the people around him) in recent years, so he has plenty of material to divulge on, and he makes it pay off with cracking punchlines. He's even getting better at the less funny musings that he usually turns to in the end. Fun fact: I saw Chappelle perform a bunch of this material when he performed to 3000 people in Perth last year, and a fight broke out during the show."
82 70% Dream Scenario (2023) - 25 Jan 2024
"As Borgli did with Sick of Myself, he carefully and amusingly crafts a satire that really works at critiquing modern day woes, this time with cancel culture and the responsibility and burden of victimhood. The film works terrifically with its satire and comedy, as well as the more emotional moments it works its way towards, and the malleable Cage certainly helps with all this. "I wish this was real". Probably my favorite final scene of a 2023 film."
79 61% Saltburn (2023) - 25 Jan 2024
"Maybe not the most original story, but done in an original way. It constantly feels like an earnest and sensual way of portraying this exact age, helped by an excellent soundtrack of '00s bangers, earthly cinematography, and a keen attention to the body and the many fluids it expels. Even the dumb twist at the end doesn't detract too much from this film of the woes of exploring hedonism in your early 20s."
70 38% Kicking and Screaming (1995) - 01 Jan 2024
"The tougher of the Baumbach films to appreciate - the characters aren't too unlikable, but they're not really likable either, and it's hard to tell how the film feels about them. But I still respect the personal way Baumbach writes them all out, as if tracing over himself and his dicky college friends, writing in some amusing traits and moments for just about everyone. A slight slice of life flick that works better in the present while you're watching it than as a whole piece."
72 44% Margot at the Wedding (2007) - 01 Jan 2024
"A well acted and written portrayal of sisterhood that feels very authentic, peppered with some amusing moments (though the humour works better in the dialogue than the physical jokes). Nothing in this small story comes across as a big surprise, with pretty standard twists, though the actors still keep the film fresh. Respect for namedropping REM's Murmur."