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75 T6 The Killer (2023) - 30 Nov 2023
"Such a smooth and slick film, there's nothing to grab onto. There may be very little to ruminate on such a surface-level film, but I find there to be something admirable about how direct it is, with its video-game-esque plotline and no-nonsense pacing. This wouldn't have worked if the 'execution' wasn't everything, but the very Fincher-ey direction and screenplay really commanded my attention -- having an opening scene about boredom not being boring at all is a good indication of things to come."
68 T4 Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) - 30 Nov 2023
"Some of that usual Scorsese greatness can be felt here, but there's a stronger feeling of the film never finding its footing. This becomes quite repetitive, devoid of any tension, making the elongated run-time most unwelcome (unlike The Irishman, which had a less uniform structure of scenes). The final sequence is quite neat, but also makes you wonder what thematic purpose it has."
58 T2 Last Film Show (2021) - 19 Nov 2023
"A nice concept about fashioning your own film projector under impoverished circumstances, which is cool to see. But this film otherwise really has its incompetent shortcomings, with conflicts and camaraderie between characters being way too obvious for way too long, generating no interest to me. Some scenes towards the end become far more cinematically risky and exciting, but there's incredible tedium before that."
80 T7 Sick of Myself (2022) - 19 Nov 2023
"This appears to have an inexplicable concept that is somewhat not explained, but given how thematic the film is, it really makes sense in this slightly twisted universe. The humour also helps, which is highly identifiable among the generations raised on the digital and online. Although it really just comes to an ending rather than an actual climax, this still works excellently as a modern culture critique that is exploratory without being masturbatory or too serious."
70 T4 Boiling Point (2021) - 06 Nov 2023
"The single shot movie should usually use this technique for tension, which is utilised fairly well here -- I get more tense over the culinary issues rather than the ownership conflict or the obvious asshole characters, but the chef characters work more interestingly, their bitterness (and some warmth) towards each other coming out through top-notch performances (particularly the always great Stephen Graham). Disappointingly, this movie ends its single shot on a flat climax."
43 T1 The Exorcist: Believer (2023) - 06 Nov 2023
""Somehow, Pazuzu returned." Terribly dull and bland reboot-retcon-sequel, which is at its best when it's at its worst -- two or three moments so painfully dumb and misguided, though it actually brings joy to this atheistic and humourless movie that can barely bring itself to regard faith in any serious manner. This is a silly movie at best, despite its utmost seriousness, and feels closer to a regular product of the Blumhouse horror film company than a true continuation of this horror franchise"
69 T4 Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985) - 23 Oct 2023
"Nicely stylish in its different ways, and I can't believe I'm only just finding out about this crazy real-life political event. I love the whole final section of this film, but it otherwise doesn't work for me, with a real disconnection between showing the man's works and illuminating what lead to this event. If told in a more straight-forward manner, with more time focusing on real life rather than fiction, would've made this far more engaging and compelling."
70 T4 The Long Good Friday (1980) - 23 Oct 2023
"I'd say that although each scene is decent, there's no moments that actually ever make this film lift, not even amongst the explosions (or the gangsters trying to divert the American investors away from the explosions). What does lift this is Hoskins, with a truly committed performance, one that I'm sure influenced Gandolfini's as Tony Soprano, and he gets to make good use of it with a couple of monologues about London's future on the international stage, innit"
40 T1 The Fighter (2010) - 23 Oct 2023
"I like it when films show unlikable characters, but feels indifferently to them. But I don't like when films show unlikable characters and seems to like them anyway. As I got to know these two men (and their various family, friends, foes, and fellow townsfolk), I became increasingly less fond of them, despite the film's intentions. Some good acting doesn't make up for a thoroughly icky film, particularly when the climactic fight scene the whole film's been leading up to is so bland."
62 T2 Tootsie (1982) - 09 Oct 2023
"I didn't find this to be particularly funny, amusing, clever, entertaining, satirical, artistic, or edifying. It really just is and doesn't do much with that. Feels like I'm watching an episode of some sit-com extended to two hours."