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Celluloid Junkie - 2531 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 18, 2018

Bio: ● My 2020 goal is to watch more bad movies. My 2019 goal was to point out my favorite scene in each film.

● For awhile I considered adding spoiler tags, then decided against it.

● Average films are 40-60/100. Ratings ending in 5 mean ♥ (rewatchable and/or would look forward to watching something with a common director/actor).

● TV ratings are a lot more extreme.

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30 15% Bros (2022) - Jan 23, 2023
"I wanted to like this film so bad, but it misses the mark for me as a hetero person when I wanted a rom com. Eichner's Bobby was unbearable and didn't show sufficient character growth. Seriously, he was toxic and needed more time to "discover himself." I feel like there was too much emphasis on sex for a romantic film. Was there intentional colorblind casting or did the siblings not match for either guy? Fav scenes: Rash's insistent on writing bis into everyone; Eichner going on and on @ P Town."
50 45% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Dec 26, 2022
"I like Daniel Craig in the Benoit Blanc role, but he's fairly passive here. Stuff just happens to him and it takes away from the star-studded cast. OK twist in the middle but the motive wasn't particularly surprising. Not sure about the point of Hawke's character except to be a red herring. Henwick and Odom were underutilized as well, but Cline made the most of her breakout screen time. Fav scene: Craig buying time for Monae by dragging out a monologue, then realizing Norton's words were empty."
50 45% Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) - Dec 10, 2022
"Fun enough watching Bruce Campbell playing Elvis and Ossie Davis play JFK. The mummy took awhile to develop and the bugs weren't too convincing. Fav scene: Elvis flashbacks."
20 4% Strange World (2022) - Dec 10, 2022
"Beautiful world design including airship city, but forgettable story. Even the reveal was a meme. Grandfather with no character development in 25 years of isolation? Is it not enough for minority characters to just be there, but they have to be in an interracial relationship (mom/dad) or be gay with another minority (son/other kid)? The whole package seemed more in line with Dreamworks/Sony than Disney. Fav scene: wow they killed the pilot, so this means the stakes are high, right?"
40 30% Mingle All the Way (2018) - Dec 05, 2022
"A non-offensive Hallmark Christmas TV movie that hits all the tropes. Fav scene: there's a bit of self-awareness about creating an app to hit those tropes."
40 30% Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) - Nov 26, 2022
"Just silly fun watching Rutger Hauer do his thing against the most heinous villains since RoboCop. Molly Dunsworth holds her own opposite him. Did anyone notice that no women (aside from Dunsworth) were physically harmed? Fav scenes: anytime something terrible happens to Dunsworth and the next scene she's back with perfect hair and makeup."
40 30% Superior (2021) - Nov 26, 2022
"It was ok. Twin films can be unnerving but it's nice to see them from a different angle of being protagonists. The ice cream shop parts reminded me of Fast Times. I like the faux-retro shooting style like in The Love Witch. Fav scene: final reveal to the bad guy."
50 45% Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats (2021) - Nov 24, 2022
"Inoffensive cat videos. Fav scene: dominos."
60 61% Smile (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"The spoiler-filled trailer somehow made me dread watching this film even more, knowing the jump scares could be around any corner (also not sure about 2-hour runtime) The shots, editing, and music were typical of modern studio horrors where they're all calculated for maximum effectiveness. The backstory was an interesting explanation of what was going on. Overall, always creepy to transform mundane everyday things like a smile or a phone suddenly ringing. Fav scenes: PhD student; home alarm."
50 45% Home for the Holidays (1995) - Nov 24, 2022
"It's okay, just a silly family reunion film without needing any serious stakes besides Hunter's life being a mess. It reminded me of several other similar films, like The Family Stone and While You Were Sleeping. The romantic couple were distracting doppelgangers of Ross and Rachel. Fav scene: Geraldine Chaplin's crazy aunt bringing up a kiss with the dad during dinner."