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Member Since: Jan 17, 2018

Bio: My 2019 goal is to point out my favorite scene in each film.
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30 12% Looker (1981) - Aug 11, 2019
"Neat characters and premise but the movie never really went anywhere. It could have been a decent thriller, mystery, horror...instead they defaulted to bland action. Fav scene: ridiculous car chase scene in which Finney keeps covering his eyes in reaction to getting shot at, even though earlier in the movie we're shown that it's too quick to react to."
30 12% Long Shot (2019) - Aug 10, 2019
"Starts off fun (but mildly annoying at Seth Rogen's character's ineptness), gets hilarious, but then just fizzles halfway through around the drug scene and turns into exactly what you would have predicted from a rom com. Fav scene: Rogen's Swedish outfit."
30 12% Pok√©mon Detective Pikachu (2019) - Aug 09, 2019
"I just prefer Pokemon to be 2D cartoons, I guess. The characters were milquetoast and not engaging so I lost interest in the film until the final battle, which was great. It was interesting to see the world of Pokemon but it fell too far into the uncanny valley. That said, I'd watch any sequels they put out. Ryan Reynolds was underutilized. Fav scene: Pikachu singing the Pokemon theme song."
40 23% The Glass Bottom Boat (1966) - Jul 28, 2019
"The first half of the movie was "wimmenz in scientific settings, amirite?" and then the fun starts to pick up when Doris Day is in on the secret, though I wish that got played out a lot longer instead of the rather abrupt spy ending. As a result nothing much is memorable except for Day running around in supportive tops. Fav scene: kitchen gadgets. "
50 37% Year of the Dragon (1985) - Jul 28, 2019
"This movie went on a lot longer than I expected, especially in the middle with the trip to SE Asia. Chinatown always provides a nice change of atmosphere in crime movies. Would have liked an Asian lead. They really wanted to wrap up the wife storyline, didn't they? Female reporter sleeping with story subject trope. The Chinese characters were relatively caricature free. John Lone MVP. Fav scene: Herbert getting tragically killed (again, after another long character-wrapping speech)."
60 52% An American Tail (1986) - Jul 28, 2019
"There are Americaaa! Decent kids' journey movie set in a historical period I appreciate. I had a hard time telling the cats (aside from Tiger) apart. Fav scene: Giant Mouse of Minsk."
75 76% Cleopatra Jones (1973) - Jul 28, 2019
"Very fun and rewatchable blaxploitation with good action scenes. I actually found this more engaging than Foxy Brown though Pam Grier has more self-assured presence than Tamara Dobson, which isn't a knock on Dobson since she holds her own. Cheesy but fun villains. Fav scene: car chase through the water."
40 23% Dark of the Sun (1968) - Jul 27, 2019
"It was straightforward but still felt disconnected to me. I guess we're supposed to see the experiential growth in the captain. The depiction of Africans seemed exploitative. Fav scene: chainsaw fight."
30 12% Brannigan (1975) - Jul 26, 2019
"John Wayne as a fish-out-of-water American cop in Britain---sure has all the ingredients for a great film, right? Unfortunately I was very underwhelmed. When Wayne is shooting and punching he's at his best, but he spends most of his time here walking around and investigating. There's a big age difference with the female lead but at least they didn't get romantically involved. Fav scene: figuring out the door booby trap and the toilet trap."
60 52% Evil Dead (2013) - Jul 26, 2019
"Unrated cut. It's been a long time since I watched the original so I came into the 2013 version fresh. Great foreshadowing of weapons to build up dread; wish they spent more time having fun @ cabin before things went downhill; would have liked to know the characters better. Stupid decisions, such as reading the book and not always taking the direct path to run. Very hardy ppl. Good sfx. Prettiest girl died first. Fav scene: cutting herself a joker grin and attacking longhair in the bathroom."