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Member Since: Jan 18, 2018

Bio: My 2019 goal is to point out my favorite scene in each film.
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40 24% The Case for Christmas (2011) - Dec 08, 2019
"Nice enough Hallmark Christmas movie without any of the usual poor edits or "just something off" or "all you need is faith in a small town" stuff. Good acting from everyone including the girl. Would have liked more of the uncertainty from the other versions about whether it's the real Santa. Silly ending. Fav scene: the emotions of Dean Cain telling Santa he's dropping him as a client but he doesn't have to leave, followed by his talk with the female lead."
30 12% Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007) - Dec 07, 2019
"Forgettable adaptation of Nutcracker. Notable for being the last one written by Joseph Barbera before he died. Fav scene: King of the Cats was a weird intro."
40 24% Jingle All the Way 2 (2014) - Dec 07, 2019
"I liked the nontypical "evil stepdad" and how they ended up working together. Otherwise this was a solid albeit underwhelming family movie with a very predictable plot including the misread letter. Fav scene: getting tricked by the kid claiming his dad was in jail."
40 24% Marty (1953) - Dec 06, 2019
"Watched immediately after watching the feature version. This one doesn't have as developed characters and the romance doesn't have as much of a build up. People were uglier though so it has that realism. Fav scene: talking about how Marty's dad and mom were."
75 76% Marty (1955) - Dec 06, 2019
"People complain about modern romance but this film shows that some things never change. Reminded me of Before Sunrise in its dialogue and Tokyo Story for generational existentialism. I had real issues with Marty forcing himself onto Carla and then crying "nice guy." Good slice of 50s city life. Fav scene: Carla didn't get much deep dialogue, but her sharp retort about the DIL wanting motherly things too was well timed and revealed a more interesting character. Otherwise Carla tended to be meek. "
30 12% The Grinch (2018) - Dec 06, 2019
"Cute character design. Didn't get the point of this remake though...doesn't do anything new or exciting or different. Fav scene: Grinch getting ready for his day."
50 37% Kung Fu Yoga (2017) - Dec 06, 2019
"Just silly fun. Everyone involved was too distractingly gorgeous. Didn't pay attention to the pointless CG or plot. This is one of the better terrible Jackie Chan films. Had typical JC trademarks such as props, double-team fighting, mirroring humor, etc. Fav scenes: car chase with a lion! and the great ending Bollywood dance number after a typical Bollywood "whatever, let's end this" ending. "
55 46% The Goldfinch (2019) - Dec 05, 2019
"I went into this blind and I liked it. The biggest issue is that there's no satisfying payoff for all the flashbacks, character turmoil, reunions, etc. Offset by good acting even from bit players such as Luke Wilson and Sarah Paulson. The first half was quite unsettling but the second half was more dreamlike. Again, I would have loved more resolution such as with the rival art dealer. Didn't care for Boris' fake accent. Fav scene: young Theo leaving in a taxi pleading w/Boris to follow. "
40 24% Black Belt Jones 2: The Tattoo Connection (1978) - Dec 05, 2019
"This was an unexpected combo of blaxploitation/Asian?ploitation and kung fu movie, mixed in with some gang/nightclub vibes. Cool fight scenes. Characters, except for Tung Hao, could have used more depth. Fav scene: Fat Dog putting up a good fight."
20 3% Get a Job (2016) - Dec 03, 2019
"Could have been better if they leaned into how the world has changed, especially with Bryan Cranston losing his job. Instead it fell into haha millennials are different and lazy. Then it becomes a feel good everything falls into place if you just find your place in the working world...sorry, getting cynical here. Also the salaries were ridiculously low...$55k for a VP? OTOH, sounds right. Great cast. Fav scene: Anna Kendrick getting stoned and being really good at Halo."