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Cinema Addict - 2019 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 18, 2018

Bio: ● My 2020 goal is to watch more bad movies. My 2019 goal was to point out my favorite scene in each film.

● For awhile I considered adding spoiler tags, then decided against it.

● Average films are 40-60/100. Ratings ending in 5 mean ♥ (rewatchable and/or would look forward to watching something with a common director/actor).

● TV ratings are a lot more extreme.
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20 4% Le notti porno nel mondo nº 2 (1978) - Apr 15, 2021
"I got bored very quickly. They didn't even bother changing the sets. At least I found out who Amanda Lear was. Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me) was the most repetitive song ever. Fav scene: goat."
60 58% Rush Week (1989) - Apr 13, 2021
"Not bad. Almost feels like a mainstream horror film due to the lack of gore but a lot of breasts. What happened to Pamela Ludwig? She's solid here and plays a similar role in Pale Blood. Courtney Gebhart looks like she had fun. Dean Hamilton is good too as a flip on the bad fraternity president archetype. They did telegraph the red herring quite a bit. Fav scene: did not expect a choreographed final fight."
60 58% Superstore (2015) - Apr 13, 2021
"Started off being quite similar to the Office, then grew into its own characters with some surprising background characters taking center stage. Then it changed the dynamics a bit and lost quite a bit of steam in seasons 3-4, but I still kept watching since I was familiar with the characters at that point. Then it got cancelled abruptly so they at least tied up all the loose ends in 2 episodes. Jonah and Mateo were the worst. Fav eps: Halloweens, "
50 42% Beyond Terror (1980) - Apr 11, 2021
"Well that was wacky. I think they lost a lot of steam when they reached the monastery, but it was still a good blend of crime and horror. The criminal killings were quite brutal and just evil, so it was nice to see them get their comeuppance. I mean, they left the boy to die in the fire! I liked the realistic vulgar talk. Fav scene: the statues coming to life to attack Linda."
40 27% Humanoids from the Deep (1980) - Apr 11, 2021
"Classic monster flick updated with gratuitous gore and boobs. Something about a cannery and salmon, but they didn't bother with the ham-fisted morality message. In 1980 it was still possible to seduce a woman with ventriloquist skills. Bad news: no ultrasounds. Not cool of Corman to add sleaze afterward and ask an actor to do nudity after she signed on. Fav scene: after uselessly shooting at the creatures with their rifles, one guy figures out to use his harpoon gun to great effect."
30 14% The Seekers (1954) - Apr 10, 2021
"Glynis Johns' character is totally unsuited to be a pioneer but runs off with her love to settle in New Zealand. Instead of integrating with the understanding locals, the colonists do their own thing and all die off. Jack Hawkins leaves his young wife and baby to get some strange from nude spear-fishing hourglass-figured Laya Raki. Noel Purcell keeps everyone somewhat grounded. Too many heads for my liking. Fav scene: Raki doing some type of sex dance that I'm sure befuddled the native extras."
20 4% Crazy 2 Crazy (2021) - Apr 09, 2021
"Boring 2 Boring. The idea's nothing new, there's hardly any suspense, the violence gets repetitive and is obviously faked, Ashworth sounds silly, the kids are badly acted, and everything is just drawn out to pad a runtime. Dialogue waits for the camera to pan over. We have an extended sequence with an angry black woman caricature. At least Marla Malcolm looks the part of a crazy wife. Fav scenes: overly long lap dance; sex scene so dull I spotted a nip slip and a piercing."
40 27% Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) - Apr 08, 2021
"I'd have preferred more of a straight comedy since there's a lot of chemistry between the two and a lot of potential. The supernatural stuff was a bit over the top for me. I just did not care for the villain or the plot at all. Kristen Wiig is 47!? Fav scene: arriving at the hotel and all the pastel musical fun."
30 14% WUSA (1970) - Apr 04, 2021
"Total misfire for me. Big letdown despite the heavy cast. I was expecting biting commentary on conservative talk radio but it took forever until Newman got going, and even then it was tepid. This falls into the '60s drifter-lost-souls-type flicks where it's oh-so-deep for the time but nowadays just seems out of touch or self-important. I'll rewatch if there's a good commentary. Fav scene: AMERICA rally at the end with the white power balloons. Where was this criticism for the rest of the film? "
40 27% Buffalo Soldiers (1997) - Apr 04, 2021
"A slightly different western featuring black people and an infrequently covered time period. The racist general felt like a bit too much. My biggest issue was that after establishing the hardships the buffalo soldiers faced, the film doesn't do much besides depict them as instruments of colonialism and worse, the humble integrity of these men get overturned in favor of violence, threats, and atrocities. Fav scene: the cavalry aspect was cool, like when they fan out upon shots fired"