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Location: Finland

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70 90% Klovn (2005) - Jan 11, 2021
58 59% Klovn the Final (2020) - Jan 11, 2021
"Falls between the 1st and 2nd films. It's not as cinematic as the 1st and feels more like extended episodes. Script could have used more work as some parts are filler and others require a lot of suspension of disbelief - apparently you can't order food in Denmark. It's still great to see Frank, Casper & Mia again and during it's best scenes the film is really funny. If this truly is the final Klovn then it's a nice finish, but also a clear step down from the original film and series."
49 26% Anna and the Apocalypse (2017) - Jan 08, 2021
"This started off quite promisingly; the cast is ok and the songs are catchy, but it soon got obvious that the director has learnt his craft by watching Shaun of the Dead on repeat. After an hour you have seen all that the film has to offer which makes the remaining third feel quite heavy. This would have required a stronger script to carry it to the finish. Even the Christmas setting feels like an afterthought; it’s filled with related imagery but not utilised in the story or themes."
53 41% A Christmas Tale (2008) - Jan 07, 2021
"I had a pretty much similar luke-warm response to this as Desplechin's other film that I've seen - "Trois souvenirs". The ensemble cast was impressive and there are some good bits, but it all feels unfocused and gets tiresome at almost 150mins. At one point I realised that I would have enjoyed it a lot more as a Wes Anderson version. Looks like Desplechin just isn't for me."
64 78% Tri orísky pro Popelku (1973) - Jan 05, 2021
"This has apparently been a Christmas tradition across Europe. I don't recall seeing the film earlier, but I can see it's appeal. It's still surprisingly fresh and should appeal to younger audiences - girls especially. This Cinderella is delightfully independent and not your traditional passive princess type. Outdoor cinematography helps create an unique mood which you can't replicate with CGI and sets. All in all this was a good reminder that I should definitely see more Czech new wave films. "
42 16% Bad Santa 2 (2016) - Jan 04, 2021
"I knew that this would never match the original, especially without Coens and Zwigoff, but it's still a big disappointment. The original was also distasteful but it had a heart and it's self loathing had a sense of dry humor. It also had a spot on performance by Thornton. The sequel takes the vulgarity to next level but loses all the nuances and critique of the original. Thornton is still OK but he doesn't seem to give it his all and I doubt Kathy Bates looks back at this film too fondly."
52 38% The Santa Clause (1994) - Dec 15, 2020
"Serviceable Christmas movie for the whole family. Tim Allen fits the part and it was nice to see Judge Reinhold outside Beverly Hills Cop franchise (or Ridgemont High) - although he has a very ungrateful role. It doesn't quite utilize it's concept and feels more of a warm-up."
55 49% The Holiday (2006) - Dec 11, 2020
"This offered zero surprises and there was no reason why it had to be so long, but I also have to say that it's a well made RomCom and a surprisingly easy watch. It's definitely something to numb yourself with after eating too much sweets and drinking glühwein during the holidays. Extra points for Eli Wallach and all the scenes related to old Hollywood. "
60 66% The Apartment (1960) - Dec 10, 2020
"Didn't quite meet the expectations set by it's reputation. I can see why it's considered a classic and it does combine drama and comedy in a very unique way. It's portrait of office culture is said to have inspired Mad Men and I can easily believe that. Acting was good, especially MacLaine. But for me, the overdose scene put the movie in hibernation and it took a good while to get going again. Good, but no match for Double Indemnity or Sunset Blvd."
59 61% Carol (2015) - Dec 10, 2020
"This was very well done; lot of attention was put on the period details, cinematography, Blanchett and Mara were good and I especially liked Carter Burwell's score. It was also very tastefully done, and not as graphic as you could expect based on the subject matter. The characters and their motivations remained quite distant and in the end I ended up admiring the film more than actually enjoying it."