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35 6% Sex, Drugs & Taxation (2013) - Feb 18, 2020
"As a fan of Danish films and actor Asbæk, I was intrigued by the early days of package tours as there are no doubt great stories to be told, but this is not that film. It did not work at all: I didn't get the friendship of Glistrup & Spies nor did I understand their motivations. It was based on real events & people, and while I respected that the film let their actions speak for them, it felt very unfocused and unpleasant. Just 7 years after it was made, it feels like an ancient, stuffy relic."
62 73% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Feb 18, 2020
"Surprisingly low key continuation of Jesse's story following the events of Breaking Bad. It's probably quite useless as a standalone film, but it doesn't quite feel like a two-part episode either. It delivers a suitable ending (or is that a new beginning) for Jesse, while also showing other characters from the show as well as new characters. I was especially happy to see Robert Forster in what was one of his very last roles; he was a class act right to the end."
64 78% The Incredibles 2 (2018) - Jan 30, 2020
"It's a well made sequel and I still really liked the retro vibe and jazzy soundtrack, but considering it's Pixar/Brad Bird film, I expected even more. It lacks the freshness of the 1st one and cannot escape the usual superhero cliches during it's 2nd half."
62 73% Boy (2010) - Jan 30, 2020
"From a film-making perspective, this was a clear step up from Waititi's debut "Eagle vs. Shark" which I also liked for it's quirky comedy. "Boy" is more ambitious, dramatic and seems to provide a rather believable portrait of what's it like to live a in small town, New Zealand - which probably has universal similarities with all small towns around the globe. It's fun and touching, but also a quite small and simple film - and there's nothing wrong with that."
58 58% The Hearse (1980) - Jan 29, 2020
"This had a nice 80's feel to it; it's not a big budget film but it's nicely shot, has a good flow and interesting locations plus a cast of familiar faces that suit their roles very well; Gautreaux is particularly good fit for the suitor who feels a bit off. There are some suspenseful scares involving ghosts, but they do go overboard with jump scares and it becomes a bit laughable how little Van Devere's character is bothered by all the omens and happenings around her. Worth checking out."
62 73% Frankenweenie (2012) - Jan 28, 2020
"Burton has been doing so many remakes lately that I guess it was inevitable to remake one of his own. The result is the closest that he's come to a good movie in ages. It's based on his early short that was vital in starting his career. I must applaud him for making this in black and white and keeping the style very close to B-horrors of the 50's. It's scary, funny and sad without feeling like a compromise between family and horror film. Hopefully he will repeat the same in live action one day."
50 31% Dumbo (2019) - Jan 28, 2020
"I don't quite understand the need to modernize a classic cartoon by creating a "live action" film which apart from actors is complete CGI. I liked some of the retro sci-fi imagery and the cast was OK; it was fun to see DeVito and Keaton together again, but I couldn't shake the feeling how redundant the film was. It's also a pity how Tim Burton has turned into this go-to-guy for remakes. "
25 2% Blood Tracks (1985) - Jan 27, 2020
"Hills Have Eyes clone with an 80's rock band (Easy Action) shooting a video in winter-y Sweden substituting for USA. It basically has two locations: cabin and an abandoned factory. The film consists of scenes of the band, groupies and crew getting undressed or getting killed. I watched this from a legit DVD, but it was still hard to make any sense what was going on in the film. There's some fun to be made with the band's appearance, but not enough to justify sticking with the film for 85 mins."
56 53% Dominique Is Dead (1978) - Jan 27, 2020
"I hadn't even heard of this before Vinegar Syndrome's Bluray. It's a thriller/gothic "ghost story" that borrows from Diabolique. It's a bit slow moving and has an English aura to it, but it's well made and better than it's reputation. The colors reminded me of Italian horror films by Mario Bava and there are a couple of effective scenes that provide chills. The resolution is a bit lacking as is often the case with these films. Definitely worth a watch for fans of haunted house / ghost films. "
40 13% Dear Dead Delilah (1972) - Jan 24, 2020
"I was in the mood for some Gothic suspense after enjoying "You'll like my mother", but this was a bit of a disappointment. It's a low budget film and it's evident that Farris was a first time director. The acting is quite campy or lacking and the film has difficulties deciding if it's a southern melodrama, comedy or horror. It's also very talky with sudden spurts of gore, especially near the ending. It does benefit a bit from locations but they could have been utilized more."