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10 92% The Lives of Others (2006) - Feb 25, 2011
"The Lives of Others ranks as one of the best movies ever made examining voyeurism. It is not only both political and personal, but intertwines both themes so beautifully as to strengthen its message on both. Donnersmarck understands how oppression effects us on a personal, pervasive level. There's been some criticism for how it handles its hero's transformation, but anyone who can understand people will appreciate its brilliance."
71% M (1931) - Feb 25, 2011
"A brilliant work by Fritz Lang that suffers a bit for being placed in that awkward transition from sound to film that nevertheless succeeds on its intelligence. Lang movies tend to place his ideas in the role of protagonist, and M is a particularly clear example. Lang makes for a very thought-provoking psycho-killer film that is as prescient as ever today."
71% Hot Fuzz (2007) - Feb 25, 2011
"Hot Fuzz is a passionate love-letter to dumb action movies, gently chiding their...interesting logic and in the end embracing them in all their ridiculous awesomeness. It marries that sort of wryly deadpan country comedy with an intentionally ludicrous finale. It sags a bit in the middle, but more than makes up for it at the end."
47% How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) - Feb 25, 2011
"It manages to avoid most of the things that make Christmas movies such vomit-inducing affairs so often, with a deliciously slimy villain and his path to redemption. The animation is great and the musical bits are classic. It's Seuss at his best."
10 92% Hoop Dreams (1994) - Oct 07, 2010
"Uh, wow. Damn. That was pretty amazing. By about the thirty-minute mark I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. By the time it ends you feel like you've been there with the Agee and Gates family for as long as the documentarians were. It's often heart-breaking and occasionally inspiring. It is one of the best looks at urban poverty, about life in the ghetto and the hope for a dream come true. It's so much more than just a basketball documentary."
71% Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) - Sep 29, 2010
"Rules!? In a knife fight?"
71% Moon (2009) - Sep 22, 2010
"A surprisingly thoughtful and intelligent science-fiction movie. You don't see a lot of them anymore so it's always a joy when you get one. As well-written as it is, however, the key to Moon's success is Sam Rockwell's performance, which is pretty much the only one in the movie. Duncan Jones rather smartly sidesteps the typical moves this kind of picture would take, and the result is a subdued, intelligent exercise in hard sci-fi."
28% March of the Penguins (2005) - Sep 22, 2010
10 92% The Maltese Falcon (1941) - Sep 22, 2010
"There are plenty of reasons to love The Maltese Falcon, but the chief pleasure of this movie is its cast and performance. Bogart stands out, as he always does, as the tough-talking cynic of a private detective, but the supporting cast with Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet and more is a joy as well. It's got a pretty good mystery, too, and it's a great introduction to noir as a whole."
28% Miracle (2004) - Sep 22, 2010
"Miracle is a fairly run-of-the-mill sports movie, with a familiar arc and all the regular cliched characters. It does, however, do a very good job of capturing the feel of hockey on film, something that doesn't seem to happen often. And Kurt Russell vanishes into his role as Herb Brooks, adding some color to a pretty averagely written character. Entertaining but hardly a classic."