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55 T3 Fully Flared (2007) - Mar 26, 2017
"Kickin' soundtrack, but at the end of the day, it's ~80 minutes of skateboard tricks filmed the same way. Fun for a while and then becomes tiring. "
55 T3 Get Out (2017) - Mar 03, 2017
"I feel like Jordan Peele succeeded at what he was getting at here, but what do I know, I'm a suburban white man. Got a few laughs here or there. "
50 T3 50/50 (2011) - Feb 28, 2017
65 T5 Rome (2005) - Feb 27, 2017
"Rome's lack of focus is its biggest problem. The show would have been better had it chosen either to focus mostly on the major historical figures with the occasional commentary from the plebs Vorenus and Pullo, or on the lives of the plebs Vorenus and Pullo and how they lived during the major events of Rome. By losing focus, we have major events like Caesar being assassinated interspersed with soap opera drama between Vorenus and his wife. "
70 T6 Regular Show (2009) - Feb 27, 2017
"Jolly good show."
70 T6 Moonlight (2016) - Feb 26, 2017
"How do all A24 films feel the same? Despite that, the film is good. It takes a while to get good, but the latter two segments are very introspective and delightfully spartan. "
65 T5 Hell or High Water (2016) - Feb 26, 2017
"What Hell or High Water does extremely well is paint a portrait of modern West Texas. The film doesn't do much more than that, but it doesn't need to. Jeff Bridges is great, but Chris Pine is too pretty for his role. "
55 T3 Elle (2016) - Feb 26, 2017
"Elle feels like a sexy, sleek thriller hiding in the body of a bloated melodrama. Numerous side plots and characters could have been pared from this film so as to better keep its focus. Nevertheless, it is somewhat entertaining. Michele is quite the enigmatic character."
80 T9 Jackie (2016) - Feb 25, 2017
"From the opening shot coupled with the shaky score and the initial impression that Portman sounds like she's portraying a character rather than being one, one should be able to tell that this film is aiming for uncertainty. It succeeds wonderfully at that as by the end, I am not sure what to think in regards to who Jackie Kennedy was or what she wanted even though I had just seen a biopic capturing a few of the most important days of her life. That uncertainty that follows post-tragedy shines."
75 T8 Toni Erdmann (2016) - Feb 10, 2017
"The only major flaw to the film is that it didn't come together well in the end. Its climax -- while memorable -- feels oddly typical for a movie that is so atypical for the preceding two hours. Those preceding two hours, however, are great. There is no padding. The scenes go on extra long because the viewer is supposed to feel as uncomfortable as Ines does when with her father, and they are very effective at that. Their relationship feels natural in a depressingly human way."