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90 95% Wings of Hope Wings of Hope (2000) - Rated 25 Apr 2010
"An interesting subject, and a great film. That Juliane survived the plane crash was a miracle enough. That she survived 10 days of travel in a Peruvian jungle with a broken collar bone, swollen eyes, and a single shoe having essentially nothing to eat is amazing. Even more so that having done this she later had the strength to go on to a PhD in biology, and to survive going back to the crash site and digging around. It's also fascinating that Werner Herzog himself nearly boarded the same plane."
30 6% The Man Who Loved Women The Man Who Loved Women (1977) - Rated 23 Feb 2012
"This is pornography in the etymological sense of "depicting women as harlots". The women in this film have little ambition but to be wanted by men and f***ed by men. They craft themselves, via their clothing and appearance and mannerisms, in such a way as to attract the attentions of men. When a man treats her badly, she responds with love and affection. When she says no, she means yes, or likely even YES. She is not a real woman, but a patriarchal fantasy of what a woman should be."