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80 T9 The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021) - 18 Jun 2022
"The use of negative space to amplify desolate soundstages into frighteningly imposing settings owes a lot to Welles' adaptation. Denzel's presence inevitably shifts the gravity of the entire text on him but I think it's effective in bringing out the potency of his downfall."
35 T2 The Canyons (2013) - 16 Jun 2022
"Took me half the movie to figure out who's who. 2010s Paul Schrader has gotta be one of the more chaotic director arcs I've seen."
50 T3 tick, tick... BOOM! (2021) - 09 Jun 2022
"The editing is completely insane. Shit cuts every 5 seconds like it's the Taken fence jump."
95 T10 Revue Starlight the Movie (2021) - 07 Jun 2022
"Normally I don't rate things like this but Furukawa has talked specifically about going out of his way to make this a theatrical experience so it's the least I could do. Sometimes a film will have one definitive image that stays with you forever. Furukawa (and Koide) spend the entire 120-minute runtime cycling through shots like that. It's just not fair."
80 T9 Dog Eat Dog (2016) - 03 Jun 2022
"Schrader really makes B-movies that feel like blockbusters (and sometimes vice-versa). If the Nic Cage Bogart sequence isn't CINEMA to you I dunno what is. Also https://i.imgur.com/h4c0wzx.png"
60 T4 The Lost Daughter (2021) - 31 May 2022
"Yes, having kids is miserable, but it's nothing compared to being in a movie theater full of rowdy teens."
65 T5 The Square (2017) - 29 May 2022
"150 minute pretentious loser movie making fun of pretentious losers. Cannes at its finest"
70 T6 Night Moves (2014) - 27 May 2022
"Kind of a two-part film here. Loved the first part with its patient, methodical depiction of the handiwork behind a seemingly flawless heist. The first half gets away with hand-waving away the motive behind radicalization as an implicit assumption, but once the paranoia sets in, it starts to feel like a missing piece. Or maybe I can't relate because a dam isn't the first thing I'd want to blow up, I dunno."
80 T9 Pig (2021) - 26 May 2022
"I don't think I can quite articulate how the pieces of this film fit together, but much like a man's love for his pig, there must be some deep spiritual connection between the dead-end gentrification of the modern city, the Nicolas Cage mythos, and the long shadow cast by the people no longer with us."
75 T7 Le grand bain (2018) - 25 May 2022
"I'll always have a soft spot for stories about society's chronic losers, and I'll always have a soft spot for niche hobby stories. Wish this could have been a bit more than the sum of its parts, but I'll take dramatically lit fat guys dancing to 80s music."