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Member Since: Jan 8, 2018

Location: CA, USA

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Bio: local communist watches movies
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70 55% The Killers (1946) - Sep 25, 2020
"Dialogue isn't as spicy as a lot of other noir from this era, but the plot unraveling is pretty slick. And the femme fatale is as nasty as they come."
20 6% August: Osage County (2013) - Sep 24, 2020
"Maybe Southern people don't deserve rights after all."
80 80% Le Samoura├» (1967) - Sep 21, 2020
"So ahead of its time. Even today you'd be hard-pressed to find a film that makes the seedy underbelly of the crime world look as sleek as it does here."
65 42% Buta to gunkan (1961) - Sep 20, 2020
"A bit more melodrama than I bargained for. A solid addition to the canon of 60s anti-imperialist new wave."
70 55% Sea Fog (2014) - Sep 19, 2020
"You can see the inversion of the Memories of Murder writer-director team at work here. Shim's human drama takes a more prominent role than Bong's social commentary, before they both extrapolate the circumstances to the extreme as in Memories of Murder."
50 22% Battle Royale (2000) - Sep 15, 2020
"It definitely achieves what it sets out to depict, but I honestly don't find it exciting or insightful to watch at all. Katsumi Yanagijima's cinematography is the clear standout."
75 68% Bedevilled (2010) - Sep 14, 2020
"With a little script tightening, it could have some interesting things to say about how rural and urban settings lead to individualism and heartlessness in their own ways, but I don't mind a straight revenge story with fucked up shit against picturesque backdrops. And it more than delivers on the fucked up shit and the picturesque backdrops."
65 42% Suicide Club (2002) - Sep 13, 2020
"In a filmography full of IDEAS, this is maybe one of his most IDEAS-packed films. Takes aim at essentially all of materialism and individualism, but doesn't put the pieces together as nicely as some other films with similar themes."
80 80% The Friends (1994) - Sep 12, 2020
"The most beautiful film about child labor ever. Somai plays with the scale of the eponymous garden beautifully, as it transitions slowly from a claustrophobic jungle of weeds, to an open patch, and finally to a vast field of flowers."
60 32% The Land of Hope (2012) - Sep 10, 2020
"An interesting companion piece to Himizu. While Himizu depicts the general Japanese psyche post-2011, here Sono dives into the more specific anxieties related to nuclear disasters."