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Cinema Addict - 1087 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 8, 2018

Location: CA, USA

Age: 21

Bio: i don't watch movies (he/him)
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60 32% Screwed (2000) - Sep 15, 2021
"I've never even considered the possibility of a world without Norm Macdonald but here we are. Nobody else could speak to a crowd and still make it feel like he was talking directly to you. The best to ever do it. The movie's fine too I guess."
50 21% Saint Jack (1979) - Sep 13, 2021
"There are a few brief glimpses of Robby Muller excellence - nighttime Singapore with splashes of color, crisp shadows and silhouettes - but for the most part you can hardly tell he shot it."
60 32% Man on Fire (2004) - Sep 09, 2021
"The melodramatic moments with the kid are too much for me. Especially when you put a grimy filter all over it."
60 32% Gone Baby Gone (2007) - Sep 07, 2021
"My biggest issue isn't actually the twist ending, but the way the underbelly of society is filmed with disdain and viewed as more of a plot device than people to be empathized with. Even the ending wants you to believe that the drug addict mother has cleaned up her act."
55 25% Michael Clayton (2007) - Sep 07, 2021
"This is so slick and calculated that any potential pathos slips right through the sleek cold cinematography."
35 13% Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) - Sep 03, 2021
"I really can't deal with these non-functional plots anymore. You zone out almost instantly."
60 32% Training Day (2001) - Sep 01, 2021
"Sometimes you just gotta watch two A-list actors duke it out. Fun fact: I was interrupted watching this because Donda dropped at 5am."
65 42% My Own Private Idaho (1991) - Aug 29, 2021
"Some of the scenes here rank among the best in van Sant's filmography so far. Bit of a mixed bag overall, but I respect the vision."
70 56% Carlito's Way (1993) - Aug 26, 2021
"It can't be a slick Hollywood crime movie without the overly dramatic central love story. Got some Michael Mann vibes with the deep blues and that final shootout."
70 56% Drugstore Cowboy (1989) - Aug 25, 2021
"A rare junkie character with his own agency and whose addiction isn't treated purely as a disease. A very classy portrayal of sensitive issues. I liked the use of extreme close-ups on everyday objects."