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60% Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009) - Feb 14, 2010
"cool story and shit plus you can start guessing how the entire story works out (when the dude first walks into the pub and finds bearded him dead) which is cool."
82% Teens in the Universe (1974) - Jun 26, 2012
"A quite bizarre and upbeat movie about a bunch of soviet 14 year olds making first contact on a distant planet. The sets and costumes are like soviet replicas of 2001, there are dancing robots who communicate through whistling, and there's a collection of wacky sound effects that somehow adds to it. This movie is really just bizarre and awesome, there is so much random stuff in it to love that I wish it was far more well known than it is."
1% Post Grad (2009) - Feb 14, 2010
"i was pretty drunk when i watched some of it but it seemed really shitty plus saracen is in this and he's a p. good quarterback but so god damn useless at life"