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58 T3 Dunkirk (2017) - Dec 11, 2017
"Has an element of minimalism, almost reminding me of a Malick production. Then there's the usual Nolan time theme, which is dropped in our laps with the realization the chronology is all scrambled throughout. At this moment, I was blinded by an image of Nolan smiling to himself, overjoyed with the idea that people will be forced rewatch the film to map out the plot correctly. A lot of the action scenes were nonsensical by the way, with the location & logic for events occurring heavily flawed."
86 T9 BoJack Horseman (2014) - Nov 26, 2017
"Bojack homes in on and highlights the uncomfortable truths about day to day life that would usually get rubbed out of a script after draft one for being too harrowing. But the thing is that these truths are relatable & not usually explored in the depth deserved in other shows. There is the confidence to get experimental with a few eps each season which usually results the stand outs eg - the drug hallucination, underwater ep, self-loathing/depression ep, New Mexico & the bender ep to name a few."
78 T7 Into the Inferno (2016) - Nov 11, 2017
"More from what you expect of Herzog - highlighting, enabling and diving into the various eccentricities of the human subjects, the timely utilisation of classical music, the attachment of a credible industry resource (Oppenheimer) & a multi-continental exploration into the subject matter. On that note, I felt like the DPRK sequence got a little side-tracked, as if Herzog couldn't help but leverage the whole volcano thing to justify being a fly on the wall within the rogue state."
58 T3 From Beyond (1986) - Nov 04, 2017
"Dripping prosthetics will be the resonating imagery from this one. Wasn't as tight or well woven as Re-Animator, with some glaring plot holes and some of the sequences don't make too much sense, but I'm a sucker for body horror and exploitation of the pineal gland is pretty much a bullseye in that genre."
82 T8 Lost Highway (1997) - Oct 24, 2017
"Lynch somehow conjures a new form of supernatural reality & lets it play out before us in Lost Highway leveraging nineties cool along the way. The film stock cinematography is worth noting as well as the stop start ST that utilizes Rammstein (remember Rammstein?) frequently. I think the true highlights are the intermittent moments of emotional dread captured in an obscure but deafeningly accurate form, using all available film techniques. We've met before haven't we?"
78 T7 Re-Animator (1985) - Oct 22, 2017
"This is a tight production, it felt like the script blew by with pitch perfect pacing. Glad to tap into another vein of body horror goodness, Gordon's approach leverages those classic 80's practical effects that really do make the violence feel that bit more realistic. Filled with one liners and smart visual jokes. Combs carries the film along with a confident & dry performance fitting of the character he played. Plagiarist!"
95 T10 Twin Peaks (2017) - Oct 20, 2017
"Lynch takes us down a forever self-generating labyrinth where somehow things are tied together that should never be. This season exists somewhere between brave, confident & experimental filmmaking which works given the expertise at the helm. I particularly enjoyed the Dougie subplot, as it's so relatable to the sometimes mindless feeling day to day grind, as well as the various reintroductions of the characters from the original. Lynch given carte blanche is a gift for us all. Encore pls."
41 T2 Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Oct 10, 2017
"An attempt has been made to flesh out the bones of the anorexic, unfollowable plot of the original. Unfortunately, not much was done on the char's, so we jump from set piece to set piece, roughly following the plot trajectory of the original, adding nothing notably new. At least in the original, they realised the aesthetic was the only thing going for the film, so they essentially paused the plot to spend a few minutes appreciating the art design & score, which turned out to be a rare highlight."
59 T3 Baby Driver (2017) - Sep 24, 2017
"It's hard to make a musical with legitimate tension and edge, Baby Driver gave it a good shot, but it came across as way to novel and camp to really pull it off. We've seen music paired with action before (GotG, Watchmen), this does it well, particularly in the shoot out sequences. Hamm gets the closest to leaving us with the aftertaste of grit, but it all leads to a climax we've seen a hundred times before. To be successful this needed to be syncopated from the standard film beats for starters."
63 T4 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - Sep 11, 2017
"Something happened in Dr. Strange that set off the kind of kaleidoscopic use of colour we see here, Maybe Marvel are going to go for the psychedelic market, like Disney did in the 70's with hidden hallucinations and single frames of dicks every now and then. Chris Pratt is boring & generally the film lacks some of the edge it had in the original. Let's skip the inevitable back story film about the green woman & cut straight to middle aged Groot negotiating a career in middle management."