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42 T2 Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Mar 27, 2017
"82 minutes is too short for a film like this, it easily could have added another 40 to pad out the rushed exposition & introduce the setting and characters properly instead of focusing on their nipples & long, baseless philosophical monologues. What they did get right was stopping to take the time to bathe us in the brilliant cyberpunk, dystopian art direction."
56 T3 Headhunter (2009) - Mar 26, 2017
"Talk about a money shot."
78 T7 Wake in Fright (1971) - Mar 24, 2017
"The Australianization of John. I can tell you right now, you don't even have to leave Sydney to find the type of people in this film, and I'm talking about in 2017. The only thing missing is the homophobic jabs the lead would have had muttered at him from across the bar & two-up games always descend into violence."
64 T4 Doctor Strange (2016) - Mar 23, 2017
"Marvel tries one on for the psychedelic/Buddhist/Third eye crowd, allowing for some brilliant visual effects expanding on what was achieved in 'Inception' as well as some hard mode parkour sequences, all this is embedded in your formulaic superhero plot line. BC's Dr Strange was equally experimental, with a demeanor that would test an audiences sympathy. "
67 T5 Swiss Army Man (2016) - Mar 20, 2017
"Well shot, well produced, with colorful, creative sets, costume, concept even. The ST is a highlight actually, reminding me of the kaleidoscopic works of Dan Deacon. Completely puerile content, which matches the boiled down 'one true love' storyline, & some pseudo self analysis to boot. I did think the final sequence detached itself into something needlessly abstract, even switching from the established tone to something more 'post-car crash'."
71 T6 This Must Be the Place (2011) - Mar 17, 2017
"Penn lurches his way through Sorrentino's script, coming to life arbitrarily to punctuate a nothing point. Additionally, we get a lead on the plot line about 50 minutes in, the first 50 sets up the characters and the light allegorical finale. Feels like a less violent Coen brothers film, or one mixed with the middle-American abstraction dreamt up or influenced by Byrne"
84 T9 The Young Pope (2016) - Mar 13, 2017
"Sorrentino is creating 'must watch' content now. His direction offers far more than the plot itself, it's brimming with deep tissue character reactions, allegorical shots, inspired (& modern) music choices & comedy somewhere between dark & doomed. The political dialogue was equally careful & in turn, accurate (Orlando & Camara were standouts). Yet the political plot lines felt less dramatic, in fact most scenes had a lightness about them, with the effect feeling less damning than the cause."
67 T5 Sophie's Choice (1982) - Mar 12, 2017
"Kline lit up the scene's undulating between charming eccentricities and foul, unquenchable jealousy. He was particularly immersive when brooding about, sweat covered, spewing some of the ugliest on screen vitriol I've heard in a while. Streep impresses with her take on the Polish accent & make-up free, concentration camp depiction, in fact the acting & dialogue overall is the highlight here."
70 T5 Réalité (2015) - Mar 12, 2017
"This film feels like the plot follows a family tree, which then starts to repeat itself, getting tangled in it's own branches & roots after a while, not knowing where it starts or ends or who is where they are supposed to be. I doubt untangling the newly sprouted plot lines would have any benefit, but it is a return to form for Dupieux. The production was crisp & the style unique. I wish the Wareheim cameo was limited just to the original army jeep scene."
79 T7 Show Me a Hero (2015) - Mar 04, 2017
"Nice moral declining/inclining crossroads with the Wasicsko/Dorman character arcs. The show as a whole would come across as a poignant allegory had it come out in January 2017. I was kind of hoping Ryder's character wouldn't make a reappearance after the 3rd episode, and this would have made for a perfect origin story for her character in 'Stranger Things'."