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70 T5 The Prisoner (1967) - May 19, 2017
"This screams 60's, it seems like a direct art direction influence for Austin Powers and other 60s' nostalgia derivatives. The concept itself is great, a half entrapped island of people who sporadically act in unison to gather a single piece of information, a completely inefficient way of uncovering what they are looking for, but hey. Finally, the 'enhanced interrogation techniques' on show could also be a major influence for Dick Cheney's playbook. Crying out for a modern reboot. Be seeing you."
76 T6 Billions (2016) - May 19, 2017
"Well researched & executed. Giamatti leans on his 'John Adams' portrayal a touch to manifest Rhoades & it's good to see Lewis back in a lead role. I hope the writing stands up against the test of time and doesn't fall off for longevity's sake. What I would like to see is the two circle each other all the way down the drain in some kind of dual 'scorched earth' play. To note: Costabile is having some good fun with his role, and why not."
68 T5 Get Me Roger Stone (2017) - May 19, 2017
"Solid insight into Stone & the people involved with him throughout his career as a political operative, who then are neatly tied into the Trump campaign. Trump himself is hinted at during the earlier depiction of Stone's career, then slowly erodes into the screen time, arguably receiving more than Stone in his own doco. Impressively the (left wing/communist) filmmakers didn't drag us through an irrelevant childhood sequence, as they knew what we are after is the Stone dirty trickster content."
59 T3 The Age of Shadows (2016) - May 09, 2017
"Takes its time in setting up the plot and half establishing the characters. With that sort of complete, tAoS moves on to the meatier end of the film, which begins close to the hour mark and comes with smoother pacing/ heightened immersion - the train sequence being the highlight by far. Compare this to the depiction of the revolutionaries in 'The Baader Meinhof Complex' and you can see a kind of vulgar (or simple) grandioseness in tAoS."
53 T3 Split (2017) - Apr 23, 2017
"Here we have a claustrophobic, small setting film, akin to '10 Cloverfield Lane', 'Room', 'Hidden' or a plethora of others. However, the films I've named conjure a far more believable exposition for the theme's touched on in 'Split'. Those being; female abduction in 'Room', captor psychosis in '10 Cloverfield Lane' and the supernatural element in 'Hidden', which coincidentally, has a decent twist to finish up with. Something I was expecting here given MNS's reputation, but did not transpire."
69 T5 Once Upon a Time in America (1984) - Apr 18, 2017
"Huge film, I did actually think it might jump-cut from one scene to the next where a phone never stops ringing the whole time. Well, the last Leone film. I've just watched each of his career's work, with length seeming to be the single thing they have in common and OUaTiA is no different, in fact it's above and beyond any previous offering by far. What it makes up for in sheer screen time, it lacks in the grandeur it was chasing. Plain, is what I would call the plot & very literal presentation. "
11 T1 My Name Is Nobody (1973) - Apr 16, 2017
"Again with the hats. Leone & Valerii are like the 'I didn't do it' kid, after what was achieved in the Dollars trilogy. Aside from that, we get some nothing characters crumble under the weight of a film two hours in length. "
43 T2 Duck, You Sucker (1971) - Apr 15, 2017
"Strange mesh of lead characters, who endure one of the least verbalised bonding arcs I've seen. It's almost like they've spent enough time on screen together that it's assumed that some kind of sympathy for each other exists. As for the beginning, I thought Leone had watched something like El Topo & thought he'd take a left turn into surreal/ experimental genres. The film straightens out shortly after, almost like a new director took the reigns & a tale of stammered or lacking exposition ensues"
89 T10 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) - Apr 10, 2017
"What a turn for the trilogy, we move from the impressionistic, stylised depiction of a Western in the first two, through to this, which builds on more of the same but is meshed with a period piece epic. The confidence Leone has by this film is clear with freeze frames and bright text smeared across the screen, the development of the score to become almost a character itself (the call back to the FaFDM chimes before the final gunfight), Eastwood even conjures a gritty performance in the desert. "
76 T6 For a Few Dollars More (1965) - Apr 06, 2017
"Eastwood has loosened into the role this time around & can claim an established back story, leading to a credible performance. Another observation; rarely do you see a lead actor return for a sequel as a different character, albeit the lead protagonist, as Volente does here. Highlights are the hat(s) sequence & the finale. Good to see Kinski out of nowhere too, as a blonde hunchback of all things."