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43 19% Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019) - May 12, 2019
"I had a big problems with the editing, we had some decisions that led to really choppy story-telling. Case in point, is the court house escape sequence where he seems to be on the lamb...and then cut to him in prison again. I guess this is a case of covering too much content and a lot of it hitting the cutting room floor. That said, Bundy stock seems to be going through a revival in 2019 for whatever reason, sell Avery buy Bundy."
80 71% Tuca & Bertie (2019) - May 12, 2019
"Lacks the bleak plot line that makes Bojack so phenomenal, but does double down on the art direction and visual gags. It's almost a case of freezing every frame to catch each pun and background character. That said there is a plot line which is unfolding, one that approaches the real challenges of being a woman in an urban environment and the anxieties that fall out from confrontations that are faced in daily life. Generic description, I know, but worth diving into to check out."
68 43% John Wick (2014) - May 12, 2019
"You know, this sets it's self up exactly like Gervais' 'Afterlife' until the dog scene and the plots start to diverge. In Afterlife, the main character dives into a introspective suicidal tailspin and inversely, Mr Wick decides to lash out at life, tackling his demons head on with a smorgasbord of weaponry in a fantastically choreographed and stunningly lit series of violent murders, 77 in total -"
66 39% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - May 12, 2019
"I got some Coen brother vibes from this, but the writing/ characters were just a bit too clean cut to really feel gritty. Hamm kept your attention oscillating between his showman sales guy persona and patches of era racism. After about half way things quiet/slow down into a lull where everything feels a bit too serious compared to where we came from. Hemsworth turned up and tries to belly dance (because the 60's right?) the film out of the immersion dip, but it didn't matter by that point."
69 45% Kusama: Infinity (2018) - Apr 25, 2019
"It was interesting to see the plagiarism undertaken by the larger names in the 60's of Kusama's work highlighted in the film as well as the honest retelling of her emotional state at the time. Wraps itself up seemingly nicely in a rare happy ending for a person who has gone through the rejection and troughs that she has. "
60 30% Vice (2018) - Apr 25, 2019
"Real choppy, one minute we've watched the Mission Accomplished speech and the next Rummy is getting axed for reasons we know but the film needed to pad out further. Bale sneers his way through his performance and Rockwell is bang on the money. I did enjoy the framing mechanism with the narrator but the film felt impeded by the director almost but not as much as a Lars von Trier film. There was a large left leaning slant to the portrayal generally if you're into that kind of thing."
58 28% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Mar 06, 2019
"Rami Malek's RuPaul's Drag Race audition tape which is 2 hours of him lipsyncing to just Queen tracks."
68 43% War Dogs (2016) - Mar 02, 2019
"Nicely put together tale of greed, something and something, here's another great arms dealer real life story - Could have lost the wife character all together and replaced her scene's with Jonah Hill practicing his laugh in a 2-way mirror. "
58 28% Hurricane Bianca (2016) - Oct 07, 2018
"This one is filled with more punch than the sequel with the script really adhering to Bianca's insult queen roots, letting her take aim at all characters she comes across. Dratch is perfectly insufferable & each other character arrives at a well rounded arch. "
71 51% Casting JonBenet (2017) - Oct 07, 2018
"It's an interesting concept to watch actors take on roles of real people and try and understand their motives as most actors would, the twist being, that these actors are focusing on their characters behaviours leading up to the death of 6 year old JonBenet. We see theories ranging from the outrageous (pedophile sex rings) to more balanced claims made by the amateur actors. Shades of Oppenheimer's work in Indonesia with continuation of this fresh new take on the documentary genre."