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Member Since: Oct 7, 2016

Location: Davis, California, USA

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50 12% Black Bear (2020) - Feb 20, 2021
80 76% How To with John Wilson (2020) - Feb 17, 2021
70 47% Some Kind of Heaven (2021) - Feb 17, 2021
"A movie preoccupied with the strains of living in a manufactured paradise. The film pointedly presents the disappointments and alienations that you might more commonly associate with a younger generation, as the white retirees seek fulfillment in consumer goods, drugs, and the company of callous fuckboys. The bright Florida scenes are presented in a dark, moody palette, set to music recalling 50s melodrama--but scenes feel choppy or overstuffed, despite their elaborate framing."
80 76% The Lady and the Dale (2021) - Feb 15, 2021
"An exciting approach to queer/trans storytelling, indulging and joying in the moral complexities of its heroine. The delightful animations are a standout feature, bringing to life a story more colorful and fantastic than the existing visual documents could show."
70 47% Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) - Feb 13, 2021
80 76% Galaxy Quest (1999) - Feb 07, 2021
80 76% Nomadland (2020) - Feb 06, 2021
70 47% The Castle in the Sky (1986) - Jan 31, 2021
80 76% Promising Young Woman (2020) - Jan 23, 2021
"The twists of a thriller plotline provide a perfect vehicle for considering the inversions and absurdities of rape culture in this colorful, sharp film. Mulligan gives a bold, snarling performance, and the casting of Hollywood's "nice guys" in the roles of the various men was a fun touch. "