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99 T10 Babette's Feast (1987) - Mar 26, 2017
"I thoroughly enjoyed the casual pacing, felt it complimented well both the story, which satisfyingly weaves together past events to culminate in the titular feast, but also the quiet out of the way town where its set and the plain steadfast characters who populate it. The period was excellently brought to life by the set and costume design. The feast itself looked amazing and was peppered with such amazing quiet subtle dry humor i absolutely loved it. Nice touching ending "
80 T8 Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013) - Oct 10, 2014
"the first detective dee was a chinese version of an american blockbuster. this one IS an american blockbuster. the story is streamlined (which is ok since hark tsui tends to wander a bit confusingly in his plots and there's barely a hint of that in this film), the "mystery" really is not a mystery. however, it's loud, it's fun, and it's action packed delivering a popcorn film just as satisfying as the first movie. of course, andy lau is missed but mark chao does just fine."
88 T9 Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (1954) - Jan 11, 2016
"Its like batman begins only with an angry young samurai turning to a righteous quest. Also its way better. Also toshiro mifune. Great origin, Im excited to continue the trilogy. "
73 T7 Fortress (1993) - Sep 05, 2011
"Saw this when I was 6. Still have never gone to jail. Very life-changing film."
89 T10 Mr. Arkadin (1955) - Oct 15, 2016
"Fast paced globe trotting thrille. Arden is a great antihero and of course welles is always magnetic. The mystery is a good one..both its actual idea and the frenetic pace as Ardens character unravels it all. It comes together in an apt payoff as well. The direction was interesting, particularly liked the scene of milly drunk in a ship buffeted by waves...it didn't exactly work but the low angles and mad movements have to be admired for how daring they were"
75 T7 After the Thin Man (1936) - Jan 08, 2016
"I really enjoy the fast banter chemistry between powell and loy and even separate they both have quick wit delivery that makes them the star on the screen...even with James stewart who doesn't do much but he does get a shining moment at the end. The humor is increased over the first one, however the mystery is decreased and is a bit hodgepodge. I didn't like the madcap gathering of characters at the end of the first film...here its less confusion at least"
79 T8 Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960) - Sep 18, 2014
"really liked it. the cast was great, kept the whole movie very, very gripping. a few strange camera experiments that didn't really work, but still had fun with them(the p.o.v. of the room basically spinning in the doc's office was much but i got a kick out of it). i liked the way the plot unfolded, even if the end was partially predictable i still didn't peg every detail. has some wonderfully dark moments. "
70 T6 Penny Serenade (1941) - Jan 28, 2016
"A touching story played out extremely well by grant and dunn. The use of music to move the narrative was interesting and worked well. The ending was an abrupt hollywood bow that was too popular in the 40s. I could have aceppted the ending if another 15 minutes was given to show the progression of grief for grant and dunns characters...rather than have them suddenly happy again, seemingly ignoring a major loss without having recovered from it correctly"
75 T7 The Message (2009) - Feb 08, 2015
"it succeeds in maintaining the mystery identity of the spy through to the end which is the key factor in scoring a film like this. on top of that, there is actual appropriate foreshadowing and upon the reveal the flashback pieces all fit together beautifully. it avoids trying to be too twisty/turny so doesn't get overcomplicated and ruin the believability of the film. the cast is great fun to watch."
75 T7 The Thief of Bagdad (1940) - Dec 21, 2015
"Its as goofy and madcap as a 40s fantasy can be, but that just makes it charming to me rather than stupid and childish. The effects are good for the time. I sought this out as a fan of old fantasy like sinbad and that one with basil rathbone dressed as a gypsy woman ( the magic sword) and was well pleased. Its also a bit of a history piece where you can see the days when color was the newest gimmick...and wow can this film get painfully colourful at times."