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90 T10 Enthiran (2010) - Sep 14, 2013
"zany and super theatrical. the car chase and the finale, despite some cheap cgi, were still marvelous and inventive. one of the most over-the-top movies you will ever see in your entire life. the last hour is just ballistic. and the songs weren't half-bad either!"
77 T8 Executioners from Shaolin (1977) - May 22, 2013
"pretty cool action movie about a guy and then his son taking twenty years to learn the exact right way to punch/kick an evil priest in the penis"
70 T6 Penny Serenade (1941) - Jan 28, 2016
"A touching story played out extremely well by grant and dunn. The use of music to move the narrative was interesting and worked well. The ending was an abrupt hollywood bow that was too popular in the 40s. I could have aceppted the ending if another 15 minutes was given to show the progression of grief for grant and dunns characters...rather than have them suddenly happy again, seemingly ignoring a major loss without having recovered from it correctly"
81 T8 Richard III (1995) - Jan 29, 2016
"Above anything else the alternate Britain really makes this a must see. Its melded so perfectly into the story of richard iii. Fascinating just for that, but all of the cast delivers as well. Mckellen is probably too old but its easily overlooked as he is charismatic, conniving, dark, sly and witty performing as richard."
80 T8 Shin Godzilla (2016) - Oct 18, 2016
"Way to make godzilla nasty again!Like the original it focuses on what gojira does to people not what he does to property.Lots of films go for "realistic" and fail but the indepth look & satire of the political pandemonium a monster attack might bring was spot on believable. This is intense and moves at a breakneck pace...until the last act which either needed less drama or a couple mins of action. I felt exhausted in a good way as i left the theater. Gojira looks feral..atomic breath was awesome"
72 T7 The Centenarian who climbed out the window and vanished (2013) - Oct 03, 2015
"Charming little flick. Less to it than the Gump it emulates although rather than an endearing innocent humor from the main character we have a gruff cynical eastern European humor which certainly kept the film interesting. Gustaffson was great and his presence and delivery wonderful"
80 T8 Obyknovennoye chudo (1978) - May 29, 2014
"madness, imagination, and romance. based on a play, zakharov aimed for a large theatrical feel and achieved it. the story is quite interesting and plays with fascinating themes. made me wish i knew russian because i can tell terrible amounts of dialogue are lost in translation with subtitles."
68 T6 Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Sep 14, 2016
"Certainly not one I'll soon forget. Fabulous ridiculous b movie. The plot involves some wacky space society run by a pseudo god and id love to see more b movies set in this universe. Loved seeing haig and englund of course and even boothby from star trek is here! I predicted every character death but 2 and obv no one can be prepared for the giant maggot worm's behavior. "
91 T10 Lady Snowblood (1973) - Jun 04, 2016
"How could i not love a 70s japanese splatterfest? Its gorgeous to look at, meiko kaji demands your attention as the lead, and it flows nicely with welldirected outlandish action. I particularly enjoyed how the "chapter" segments were used...then abandoned when the story twisted a bit. The choice of setting it at the end of the 19th century also subtley introduced themes of westernization and imminent warmongering that aren't present in traditional samurai type films."
86 T9 Sicario (2015) - Oct 03, 2015
"Some of the best acting put to film with some of the very best cinematography ( so much of the visuals will stay with me...particularly the dark scenes towards the end) make for an incredibly engaging film. Blunt may never top this one. Very tense story, very real honest characters and a very honest look at reality. "