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90 T10 Enthiran (2010) - Sep 14, 2013
"zany and super theatrical. the car chase and the finale, despite some cheap cgi, were still marvelous and inventive. one of the most over-the-top movies you will ever see in your entire life. the last hour is just ballistic. and the songs weren't half-bad either!"
73 T7 Legendary Assassin (2008) - Aug 16, 2014
"wu and jade make this movie seem like much more than it is and actually had chemistry together. it started to feel more personal than your average low budget action movie. even the action scenes were simple but effective and didn't break the focus of the film. the ending was abrupt and was more "we're out of ideas now let's have the big final brawl" than a natural conclusion to what had gone before. "
99 T10 Babette's Feast (1987) - Mar 26, 2017
"I thoroughly enjoyed the casual pacing, felt it complimented well both the story, which satisfyingly weaves together past events to culminate in the titular feast, but also the quiet out of the way town where its set and the plain steadfast characters who populate it. The period was excellently brought to life by the set and costume design. The feast itself looked amazing and was peppered with such amazing quiet subtle dry humor i absolutely loved it. Nice touching ending "
68 T6 At the Earth's Core (1976) - Aug 20, 2016
"Weird as hell. The soundtrack is spooky and sounds like a very extended psychedelic rock intro..but it really sells the film. Mcclure may not be the hero we want...but he's the hero we get anyway. Cushing is hilarious and way over the top. I didn't mind the dated effects and as i let myself get into the mindaltering soundtrack i actually found some of the psychic pterodactyl bits effective and tense(which has just convinced most anyone reading this to disregard all i say but whatever)"
88 T9 Where Eagles Dare (1968) - Oct 27, 2014
"I could say a lot about this spy action escapade adventure movie. I'll keep it to this: There's a brief, wonderful moment where Clint Eastwood dual wields machine guns."
90 T10 Kagemusha (1980) - Oct 02, 2015
"So much detail so much subtlety it felt as deep as reading a novel. The large theatrical acting works wonderfully with the stunningly beautiful cinematography. Kurosawa proves he's not just a master of framing a shot but also a master of every color put into that shot. Simply incredible and lingering"
91 T10 Lady Snowblood (1973) - Jun 04, 2016
"How could i not love a 70s japanese splatterfest? Its gorgeous to look at, meiko kaji demands your attention as the lead, and it flows nicely with welldirected outlandish action. I particularly enjoyed how the "chapter" segments were used...then abandoned when the story twisted a bit. The choice of setting it at the end of the 19th century also subtley introduced themes of westernization and imminent warmongering that aren't present in traditional samurai type films."
81 T8 The War of the Worlds (1953) - Feb 18, 2016
"Nice little scifi classic. Awesome effects have aged well. Aliens remain mysterious, unhuman, and devastating. Sound effects will rightfully sound familiar as they were so perfect as to be reused or ripped off for decades. Human element works better than many similar films."
70 T6 The Magic Sword (1962) - Mar 17, 2015
"so objectively this is a 30. but it made me feel so warm inside with its cheese, its corniness, its bombast, its pure adventure, its cheap effects, and its basil rathbone dressed as a gypsy sorceror in eyeshadow hamming it up that dammit i want to rate it a 70."
86 T9 Sicario (2015) - Oct 03, 2015
"Some of the best acting put to film with some of the very best cinematography ( so much of the visuals will stay with me...particularly the dark scenes towards the end) make for an incredibly engaging film. Blunt may never top this one. Very tense story, very real honest characters and a very honest look at reality. "