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89 90% Mr. Arkadin Mr. Arkadin (1955) - Rated 15 Oct 2016
"Fast paced globe trotting thrille. Arden is a great antihero and of course welles is always magnetic. The mystery is a good one..both its actual idea and the frenetic pace as Ardens character unravels it all. It comes together in an apt payoff as well. The direction was interesting, particularly liked the scene of milly drunk in a ship buffeted by waves...it didn't exactly work but the low angles and mad movements have to be admired for how daring they were"
75 68% Angel Heart Angel Heart (1987) - Rated 14 Dec 2017
"if Jacobs Ladder(same producer)was more noir than surreal with a less cerebral ending but sharing the sense of paranoid psychological horror. very little horrific is happening (til the end)but a sense of "somethings not right" pervades the entire movie.music is used expertly, sometimes SCARY HORROR music sometimes more subdued but still adding to the tension.like any good noir its FULL of atmosphere an oppressive(in a good way)one.Excellent period recreation. Rourke is super likeable as the lead"
77 71% The Silent Stranger The Silent Stranger (1968) - Rated 11 Oct 2016
"Can't believe i didn't know of any samurai spaghetti westerns before this. Contains a very familiar plotline, but it has cool action and Anthony competently delivers a unique wry humor. I loved that the language barrier remained for the whole movie and the stranger had to make do as all these men shouted in japanese at him."
83 82% The City of the Dead The City of the Dead (1960) - Rated 11 Aug 2017
"Lovely spooky bmovie that shamelessly rips off Psycho among others. Nonetheless it feels darker than much of its era and at 1hr18mins it races along in a much faster pace than its contemporaries. I routinely give extra points for FOG and IMMOLATIONS and man its like this movie was made for me on those points..its so overladen with fog fog fog you'd think it was made in Italy and we see at least half a dozen unflinching immolations...no way i could give it less than an 80."
81 79% The Lure The Lure (2015) - Rated 21 Dec 2017
"Filled with timeless vibrancy, musical numbers that perfectly amplify the story and emotion and are downright fun, and that unique Polish cynicism towards life, The Lure is a one of a kind film that any cinephile should experience"
80 77% Shin Godzilla Shin Godzilla (2016) - Rated 19 Oct 2016
"Way to make godzilla nasty again!Like the original it focuses on what gojira does to people not what he does to property.Lots of films go for "realistic" and fail but the indepth look & satire of the political pandemonium a monster attack might bring was spot on believable. This is intense and moves at a breakneck pace...until the last act which either needed less drama or a couple mins of action. I felt exhausted in a good way as i left the theater. Gojira looks feral..atomic breath was awesome"
99 99% Babette\ Babette's Feast (1987) - Rated 26 Mar 2017
"I thoroughly enjoyed the casual pacing, felt it complimented well both the story, which satisfyingly weaves together past events to culminate in the titular feast, but also the quiet out of the way town where its set and the plain steadfast characters who populate it. The period was excellently brought to life by the set and costume design. The feast itself looked amazing and was peppered with such amazing quiet subtle dry humor i absolutely loved it. Nice touching ending"
80 77% The Wailing The Wailing (2016) - Rated 13 Dec 2016
"Dont want to say too much for fear of even mildly spoiling anything.Much like The Witch, the supernatural is treated as something "other" which cant be fully known or understood. The film builds slowly, with humor some might find odd but ib appreciated. It could have been tighter but i can't point to any one moment as something to def cut. It has the best exorcism scene i have ever seen. The end wraps up the "other" theme nicely by strongly pulling faith into the equation. Chilling final scenes."
65 46% Body Bags Body Bags (1993) - Rated 14 Nov 2016
"There are those of us who just have it in our blood to need a cameo filled horror anthology primarily directed by John carpenter as the man himself guides us through with funerary dad jokes. The hair segment is truly a must see bit for anyone still on board after my first sentence. The other two less so, but still...cameos."
68 52% Galaxy of Terror Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Rated 14 Sep 2016
"Certainly not one I'll soon forget. Fabulous ridiculous b movie. The plot involves some wacky space society run by a pseudo god and id love to see more b movies set in this universe. Loved seeing haig and englund of course and even boothby from star trek is here! I predicted every character death but 2 and obv no one can be prepared for the giant maggot worm's behavior."