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Celluloid Junkie - 3739 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Hello I'm a caveman who doesn't know anything about anything and I watch movies.

And I relate all those movies to Event Horizon on a podcast:
I have a blog where I work my way through a 373 film long To Watch list:
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71 61% Prince of Foxes (1949) - Apr 01, 2016
"Welles is always a great villain he's got the voice and the smarm for it. Power does well as the hero...his switch from sleaze to paragorn is written convincingly. An entertaining swashbuckler ( couple of cool swordfights in the end of aged well) that's helped by the location shooting...might not have liked it so much if it was an obvious studio affair."
74 66% Beyond Outrage (2012) - May 09, 2015
"the first one was high on violence, light on story, but still fascinating. this one switches the approach, gives us more story and less, but just as striking violence. kitano does well both behind and in front of the camera. the soundtrack was especially nice-- very different and off-putting in a good way. final scene is probably in my top ten favorite final movie scenes ever"
59 36% Rodan (1956) - May 08, 2014
"decent kaiju flick played straight and to the point. effects when the beasts run amok were fairly impressive considering the time it was made. could have even given this a score in the 70s except that the grand finale was 5 straight minutes of rockets blowing up dirt over and over and over and over again. "
75 68% She (1982) - Apr 22, 2015
"i mean really this has got to be the ultimate, no-shame B-movie. it is relentless, and full of both talentless heart and precise, exacting schlock. gosh its just so ridiculous, and it's 90 minutes of our various heroes getting caught by various madmen, madgods, madbeasts, madfreaks, madnazis and escaping. i cannot say how deliciously well this hit the spot for a b-movie craving."
80 76% Obyknovennoye chudo (1978) - May 29, 2014
"madness, imagination, and romance. based on a play, zakharov aimed for a large theatrical feel and achieved it. the story is quite interesting and plays with fascinating themes. made me wish i knew russian because i can tell terrible amounts of dialogue are lost in translation with subtitles."
71 61% Victor Frankenstein (2015) - Jun 04, 2016
"It felt like a higher energy hammer film so of course i liked it. The story's additions to the tradition of frankenstein are interesting, though certainly more of the monster himself was called for. The characters aren't great, igor in particular as a character is stale, however radcliffe adds much more to igor than the script provides, and mcavoy is relentless and electric as frankenstein. Its a flashy bmovie and i can enjoy it as such"
71 61% Blind Fury (1989) - Dec 19, 2015
"This was nuts! Hauer was a good casting choice. Laughed regularly...equally from intentional and unintentional humor. Action was surprisingly not bad. I view it less as a zatoichi remake and more of an 80s steeped parody."
88 89% Where Eagles Dare (1968) - Oct 27, 2014
"I could say a lot about this spy action escapade adventure movie. I'll keep it to this: There's a brief, wonderful moment where Clint Eastwood dual wields machine guns."
99 99% Babette's Feast (1987) - Mar 26, 2017
"I thoroughly enjoyed the casual pacing, felt it complimented well both the story, which satisfyingly weaves together past events to culminate in the titular feast, but also the quiet out of the way town where its set and the plain steadfast characters who populate it. The period was excellently brought to life by the set and costume design. The feast itself looked amazing and was peppered with such amazing quiet subtle dry humor i absolutely loved it. Nice touching ending "
88 89% Wrath of Daimajin (1966) - Sep 29, 2013
"with those majestic snowy landscapes it's the prettiest of the series. and it's darkly unpredictable. effects still top notch, glad the series ended before it got goofy, the "Evil warlord subjugates hapless villagers" routine might not have withstood another movie"