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80 T8 Obyknovennoye chudo (1978) - May 29, 2014
"madness, imagination, and romance. based on a play, zakharov aimed for a large theatrical feel and achieved it. the story is quite interesting and plays with fascinating themes. made me wish i knew russian because i can tell terrible amounts of dialogue are lost in translation with subtitles."
80 T8 Shin Godzilla (2016) - Oct 18, 2016
"Way to make godzilla nasty again!Like the original it focuses on what gojira does to people not what he does to property.Lots of films go for "realistic" and fail but the indepth look & satire of the political pandemonium a monster attack might bring was spot on believable. This is intense and moves at a breakneck pace...until the last act which either needed less drama or a couple mins of action. I felt exhausted in a good way as i left the theater. Gojira looks feral..atomic breath was awesome"
91 T10 Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) - Aug 18, 2011
"the wildest, weirdest godzilla flick and probably one of my favorite for repeat viewings. comic book movie meets godzilla meets psychedelia. the dark environmentalist plot and grisly effects(melting humans!) must have been a shock in 71 after a string of safe, campy sci-fi Godzilla films. hedorah is one nasty monster, and my favorite godzilla villain. but it's certainly not all dark as banno doesn't settle down with a single tone for the whole film. it's madness and i love it."
90 T10 The Baytown Outlaws (2012) - Jan 29, 2013
"A lot of the movie is certainly written with camp in mind, but the direction keeps it far from just a parody of either higher budget action movies or older, low budget cult films. Baytown Outlaws comes out as its own beast, and a glorious beast at that."
81 T8 The Babadook (2014) - Mar 22, 2015
"the psychological aspect of this one is incredible. becomes a truly dark, unsettling horror film by the midway point and does not let down. satisfying ending. essie davis deserves to be a household name after her performance in this movie."
77 T8 The Silent Stranger (1968) - Oct 11, 2016
"Can't believe i didn't know of any samurai spaghetti westerns before this. Contains a very familiar plotline, but it has cool action and Anthony competently delivers a unique wry humor. I loved that the language barrier remained for the whole movie and the stranger had to make do as all these men shouted in japanese at him."
83 T9 All Is Lost (2013) - Oct 30, 2015
"Like going on a theme park ride. I just got so caught up in it and the creative, close direction gives a sense of being there on the boat. Redford captures so much in his expressions that the lack of speech is hardly missed( and his yelling FUCK was so perfectly appropriate i couldn't help but laugh). A very good soundscape as well which of course was a must to pulling this stunt off."
80 T8 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016) - Sep 25, 2016
"Barely remember the 1st one so i went into this fresh. The colors are gorgeous & i missed half of the opening fight just admiring the palette.story is very kungfu movie simple yet the characters get great back story and embellishments that make them larger than the story itself.Good pacing for the action as well as good setpieces.choreography was very good for a wuxia & offered balanced mix between actual movies and wild wire work...though I've never been against properly done wire fu myself."
81 T8 Richard III (1995) - Jan 29, 2016
"Above anything else the alternate Britain really makes this a must see. Its melded so perfectly into the story of richard iii. Fascinating just for that, but all of the cast delivers as well. Mckellen is probably too old but its easily overlooked as he is charismatic, conniving, dark, sly and witty performing as richard."
75 T7 She (1982) - Apr 22, 2015
"i mean really this has got to be the ultimate, no-shame B-movie. it is relentless, and full of both talentless heart and precise, exacting schlock. gosh its just so ridiculous, and it's 90 minutes of our various heroes getting caught by various madmen, madgods, madbeasts, madfreaks, madnazis and escaping. i cannot say how deliciously well this hit the spot for a b-movie craving."