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Celluloid Junkie - 3781 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Hello I'm a caveman who doesn't know anything about anything and I watch movies.

And I relate all those movies to Event Horizon on a podcast:
I have a blog where I work my way through a 373 film long To Watch list:
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80 77% The Wailing (2016) - Dec 12, 2016
"Dont want to say too much for fear of even mildly spoiling anything.Much like The Witch, the supernatural is treated as something "other" which cant be fully known or understood. The film builds slowly, with humor some might find odd but ib appreciated. It could have been tighter but i can't point to any one moment as something to def cut. It has the best exorcism scene i have ever seen. The end wraps up the "other" theme nicely by strongly pulling faith into the equation. Chilling final scenes."
91 94% Lady Snowblood (1973) - Jun 04, 2016
"How could i not love a 70s japanese splatterfest? Its gorgeous to look at, meiko kaji demands your attention as the lead, and it flows nicely with welldirected outlandish action. I particularly enjoyed how the "chapter" segments were used...then abandoned when the story twisted a bit. The choice of setting it at the end of the 19th century also subtley introduced themes of westernization and imminent warmongering that aren't present in traditional samurai type films."
82 80% Fright Night (1985) - Mar 27, 2016
"Feel good vampire...i don't want to call it camp bc its very self aware. The finale has the same vibe as those "peter Vincent" films it shows..which is wonderful. 5 extra points for the cartoonishly over the top and gooey fx..illicited several jaw drops and 2 disgusted/delighted snarls. 2 more points for all the FOG I LOVE FOG"
68 52% Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Sep 14, 2016
"Certainly not one I'll soon forget. Fabulous ridiculous b movie. The plot involves some wacky space society run by a pseudo god and id love to see more b movies set in this universe. Loved seeing haig and englund of course and even boothby from star trek is here! I predicted every character death but 2 and obv no one can be prepared for the giant maggot worm's behavior. "
75 68% The Message (2009) - Feb 08, 2015
"it succeeds in maintaining the mystery identity of the spy through to the end which is the key factor in scoring a film like this. on top of that, there is actual appropriate foreshadowing and upon the reveal the flashback pieces all fit together beautifully. it avoids trying to be too twisty/turny so doesn't get overcomplicated and ruin the believability of the film. the cast is great fun to watch."
83 82% Special Dead (2006) - Aug 28, 2011
"Fun offensive zombie camp for super low budget b-movie fans. actually has quite a few jokes that between all the adorably bad duds."
69 55% The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014) - Sep 15, 2015
"Since Detective Dee in 2010 tsui hark has established a new style of emulating Hollywood popcorn flicks with chinese style & it continues here...& i love it.Not as much momentum as his last few films and it does "borrow" from hollywood films heavier but still has lots of fun moments both during and in between the shooting.Hanyu zhang takes control of the film as yang, undercover in Lord hawk's gang.Tony Leung Ka Fais hawk is a straight comic book villain which is weird at first but grows on you"
70 57% The Magic Sword (1962) - Mar 17, 2015
"so objectively this is a 30. but it made me feel so warm inside with its cheese, its corniness, its bombast, its pure adventure, its cheap effects, and its basil rathbone dressed as a gypsy sorceror in eyeshadow hamming it up that dammit i want to rate it a 70."
83 82% Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010) - Apr 03, 2013
"Slightly better than an average popcorn movie. Has some really truly magical moments, great action choreography by Sammo Hung, and the mystery isn't entirely predictable."
78 73% The Blood Brothers (1973) - Feb 19, 2014
"has much more story and emotion than most martial arts films coming at this time, or even since really. chiang and lung ti deliver great performances. the action is lighter than most in favor of story, but it pays off in the climactic battle. the framing of chiang's capture and trial makes it that much more interesting watching everything unfold and unravel to reach that point. cheh chang shows he can capture drama just as well as action."