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Celluloid Junkie - 3857 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Hello I'm a caveman who doesn't know anything about anything and I watch movies.

And I relate all those movies to Event Horizon on a podcast:
I have a blog where I work my way through a 373 film long To Watch list:
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83 82% My Name Is Nobody (1973) - Jun 02, 2015
"a great knowing selfparody. fonda and hill make for a legendary duo. hill's impish performance damn near carries most of the film, but wouldn't survive without fonda to bounce it off of. good direction which replaces lingering squinty-eyed face offs with lingering awkward comedic pieces somehow, in a brilliant way made funnier for the fact they're dragged out. everyone seems in on the joke, even morricone delivers an absurd over-the-top score to go along. so much fun"
68 52% Firestorm (2013) - Nov 01, 2014
"sounds like a chinese Heat, and it does borrow a few key elements such as armored car heists and street shootouts and a cop relentlessly going after the crooks...but this twists the premise in interesting ways. not the "cat and mouse" movie i thought it would be. i liked the twists, and the action was brutal as hell. overall the story and pacing aren't the best though."
77 71% Executioners from Shaolin (1977) - May 22, 2013
"pretty cool action movie about a guy and then his son taking twenty years to learn the exact right way to punch/kick an evil priest in the penis"
90 92% Kagemusha (1980) - Oct 02, 2015
"So much detail so much subtlety it felt as deep as reading a novel. The large theatrical acting works wonderfully with the stunningly beautiful cinematography. Kurosawa proves he's not just a master of framing a shot but also a master of every color put into that shot. Simply incredible and lingering"
94 96% Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - Aug 29, 2016
"Laughton demands your attention whenever he's on screen and also supplies perfectly timed comic relief. The story is exceptional and told in a way that keeps the film alive despite its confinement to a courtroom. Dietrich delivers her own hammering performance and scenes between her and Laughton leave a lasting impression."
75 68% After the Thin Man (1936) - Jan 08, 2016
"I really enjoy the fast banter chemistry between powell and loy and even separate they both have quick wit delivery that makes them the star on the screen...even with James stewart who doesn't do much but he does get a shining moment at the end. The humor is increased over the first one, however the mystery is decreased and is a bit hodgepodge. I didn't like the madcap gathering of characters at the end of the first its less confusion at least"
75 68% She (1982) - Apr 22, 2015
"i mean really this has got to be the ultimate, no-shame B-movie. it is relentless, and full of both talentless heart and precise, exacting schlock. gosh its just so ridiculous, and it's 90 minutes of our various heroes getting caught by various madmen, madgods, madbeasts, madfreaks, madnazis and escaping. i cannot say how deliciously well this hit the spot for a b-movie craving."
77 71% Plaga zombie (1997) - Sep 05, 2011
"Plucky young Aregentinians make a good zombie flick! it has no budget whatsover, but it has pacing, humor, and very impressive backyard gore effects. the characters might not have much depth, but they've at least got good individualism...and aren't like the poor, pathetic characters from other low or no budget zombie flicks. "
70 57% The Old Dark House (1932) - Jan 28, 2016
"Loved watching this rainy movie on an actual rainy day. The characters are good and the creepiness builds well. The shadow play in the dining room was a highlight. the final reveal of horrors at the end wasn't worthy of the build up...but that could just be bc Im watching after 80 years of horror films have pushed past this. In any case Wills makes Saul a convincingly disturbed individual and his laugh was truly haunting."
79 74% Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960) - Sep 18, 2014
"really liked it. the cast was great, kept the whole movie very, very gripping. a few strange camera experiments that didn't really work, but still had fun with them(the p.o.v. of the room basically spinning in the doc's office was much but i got a kick out of it). i liked the way the plot unfolded, even if the end was partially predictable i still didn't peg every detail. has some wonderfully dark moments. "