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68 T6 Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Sep 14, 2016
"Certainly not one I'll soon forget. Fabulous ridiculous b movie. The plot involves some wacky space society run by a pseudo god and id love to see more b movies set in this universe. Loved seeing haig and englund of course and even boothby from star trek is here! I predicted every character death but 2 and obv no one can be prepared for the giant maggot worm's behavior. "
84 T9 The Call of Cthulhu (2005) - Jun 27, 2014
"watched it as a fan of silent film, never having read any lovecraft. with few unavoidable lapses, it captures the essence of those old horror films. builds its mystery well and is a solidly engrossing 45 minutes. the set design is amazing, both in strictly how it looks but also in how it looks like films from the twenties. flashbacks ontop of flashbacks were slightly clumsily done at first, but as i got into it i forgot all about that gripe."
81 T8 The Babadook (2014) - Mar 22, 2015
"the psychological aspect of this one is incredible. becomes a truly dark, unsettling horror film by the midway point and does not let down. satisfying ending. essie davis deserves to be a household name after her performance in this movie."
72 T7 Flatliners (1990) - Apr 13, 2016
"I miss the more cerebral horror of the 90s. This film is so full of wonder and strange surreal moments. Granted, the ending could never satisfy imagination and the bewildering ride that proceeds it. But i suspected that from the start and enjoyed the weirdness up until the high came hurtling back to earth in the conclusion. The cast is great...sutherland plays half madness very well. Enjoyed that the characters individual motivations were fleshed out as well"
76 T7 Planet of the Vampires (1965) - Apr 17, 2016
"This movie was already gonna get a lot of points for its quintessential creepy and wonky 60s scifi aesthetic( and FOG im a sucker for FOG). But despite a straight forward story and bad acting there is alot of imagination breaking through the cracks. The sets may be dated yet it retains an other-worldly feel, certainly helped by the fact that it moves slowly and quietly - not a staple of the genre by any means back then. Excellent atmosphere!"
72 T7 The Centenarian who climbed out the window and vanished (2013) - Oct 03, 2015
"Charming little flick. Less to it than the Gump it emulates although rather than an endearing innocent humor from the main character we have a gruff cynical eastern European humor which certainly kept the film interesting. Gustaffson was great and his presence and delivery wonderful"
73 T7 Legendary Assassin (2008) - Aug 16, 2014
"wu and jade make this movie seem like much more than it is and actually had chemistry together. it started to feel more personal than your average low budget action movie. even the action scenes were simple but effective and didn't break the focus of the film. the ending was abrupt and was more "we're out of ideas now let's have the big final brawl" than a natural conclusion to what had gone before. "
88 T9 Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto (1954) - Jan 11, 2016
"Its like batman begins only with an angry young samurai turning to a righteous quest. Also its way better. Also toshiro mifune. Great origin, Im excited to continue the trilogy. "
82 T8 Fright Night (1985) - Mar 27, 2016
"Feel good vampire...i don't want to call it camp bc its very self aware. The finale has the same vibe as those "peter Vincent" films it shows..which is wonderful. 5 extra points for the cartoonishly over the top and gooey fx..illicited several jaw drops and 2 disgusted/delighted snarls. 2 more points for all the FOG I LOVE FOG"
68 T6 Firestorm (2013) - Nov 01, 2014
"sounds like a chinese Heat, and it does borrow a few key elements such as armored car heists and street shootouts and a cop relentlessly going after the crooks...but this twists the premise in interesting ways. not the "cat and mouse" movie i thought it would be. i liked the twists, and the action was brutal as hell. overall the story and pacing aren't the best though."