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Celluloid Junkie - 4056 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Hello I'm a caveman who doesn't know anything about anything and I watch movies.

And I relate all those movies to Event Horizon on a podcast:
I have a blog where I work my way through a 373 film long To Watch list:
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77 71% Murder by Death (1976) - Jun 08, 2016
"The cast is perfect! Particularly loved the parody of powell and loy (and if you thought you'd never get to see niven make a butthole joke you thought wrong!). But everyone just shines and shines and is hilarious. Sellers embraces another funny accent, Falk seems born to play a Bogart parody. Jokes run constantly and range from cheap laughs to witty jabs."
70 57% The Old Dark House (1932) - Jan 28, 2016
"Loved watching this rainy movie on an actual rainy day. The characters are good and the creepiness builds well. The shadow play in the dining room was a highlight. the final reveal of horrors at the end wasn't worthy of the build up...but that could just be bc Im watching after 80 years of horror films have pushed past this. In any case Wills makes Saul a convincingly disturbed individual and his laugh was truly haunting."
74 66% Robot and Frank (2012) - Aug 21, 2014
"popcorn movie. i liked it, langella does a great job and the dialogue with the robot is definitely charming. by the end i realized i just watched a perfectly entertaining movie that didn't really have any depth whatsoever. "
81 79% The Lure (2015) - Dec 21, 2017
"Filled with timeless vibrancy, musical numbers that perfectly amplify the story and emotion and are downright fun, and that unique Polish cynicism towards life, The Lure is a one of a kind film that any cinephile should experience"
72 63% Flatliners (1990) - Apr 13, 2016
"I miss the more cerebral horror of the 90s. This film is so full of wonder and strange surreal moments. Granted, the ending could never satisfy imagination and the bewildering ride that proceeds it. But i suspected that from the start and enjoyed the weirdness up until the high came hurtling back to earth in the conclusion. The cast is great...sutherland plays half madness very well. Enjoyed that the characters individual motivations were fleshed out as well"
91 94% Lady Snowblood (1973) - Jun 04, 2016
"How could i not love a 70s japanese splatterfest? Its gorgeous to look at, meiko kaji demands your attention as the lead, and it flows nicely with welldirected outlandish action. I particularly enjoyed how the "chapter" segments were used...then abandoned when the story twisted a bit. The choice of setting it at the end of the 19th century also subtley introduced themes of westernization and imminent warmongering that aren't present in traditional samurai type films."
79 74% Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960) - Sep 18, 2014
"really liked it. the cast was great, kept the whole movie very, very gripping. a few strange camera experiments that didn't really work, but still had fun with them(the p.o.v. of the room basically spinning in the doc's office was much but i got a kick out of it). i liked the way the plot unfolded, even if the end was partially predictable i still didn't peg every detail. has some wonderfully dark moments. "
86 87% Do pivnice (1983) - Feb 10, 2014
"those damn potatoes!!"
80 77% The Wailing (2016) - Dec 13, 2016
"Dont want to say too much for fear of even mildly spoiling anything.Much like The Witch, the supernatural is treated as something "other" which cant be fully known or understood. The film builds slowly, with humor some might find odd but ib appreciated. It could have been tighter but i can't point to any one moment as something to def cut. It has the best exorcism scene i have ever seen. The end wraps up the "other" theme nicely by strongly pulling faith into the equation. Chilling final scenes."
75 68% The Message (2009) - Feb 09, 2015
"it succeeds in maintaining the mystery identity of the spy through to the end which is the key factor in scoring a film like this. on top of that, there is actual appropriate foreshadowing and upon the reveal the flashback pieces all fit together beautifully. it avoids trying to be too twisty/turny so doesn't get overcomplicated and ruin the believability of the film. the cast is great fun to watch."