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68 52% At the Earth's Core (1976) - Aug 20, 2016
"Weird as hell. The soundtrack is spooky and sounds like a very extended psychedelic rock intro..but it really sells the film. Mcclure may not be the hero we want...but he's the hero we get anyway. Cushing is hilarious and way over the top. I didn't mind the dated effects and as i let myself get into the mindaltering soundtrack i actually found some of the psychic pterodactyl bits effective and tense(which has just convinced most anyone reading this to disregard all i say but whatever)"
74 66% Robot and Frank (2012) - Aug 21, 2014
"popcorn movie. i liked it, langella does a great job and the dialogue with the robot is definitely charming. by the end i realized i just watched a perfectly entertaining movie that didn't really have any depth whatsoever. "
91 94% Harakiri (1962) - Jan 08, 2016
"Tatsuya nakadai is unforgettable. He brings intensity and sincerity and even dark humor to his character. The scenes in the courtyard are the highlight of course, the backstory is predictable but a acted and paced so well that i remained hooked. The finale explodes in action and damns selfrighteous honor codes effectively. The score created good atmosphere and paired very well with the excellent period sets...i felt transported back in time"
91 94% Zatoichi's Revenge (1965) - Oct 14, 2015
"Watching these in a row this came as a surprise. Akira inoue decided to lay it on thick with style. Its got a great soundtrack and interesting direction. I won't say it all works but its still a pretty film. Its also more grim. Zatoichi still plays the affable oblivious man till he unleashes. Lots of thrilling anticipation in this one. His agreeing to the duel was one of my fav moments of the series so far. The side characters are more sympathetic than usual. Huge bodycount of badguys in the end"
0% Andròn: The Black Labyrinth (2015) - Aug 03, 2016
"I rarely utterly regret my movie choices, even when the films are stinkers. This is one I wish I could erase from my memory and get my time back. Baldwin is filmed in what i assume to be a self storage facility with a greenscreen and shares no actual physical screentime with any cast member, including the girl playing his own secretary in some hilariously poorly edited moments attempting to hide his isolation. Won't waste time probing the depths of this films garbage. It ends on a cliffhanger!"
83 82% All Is Lost (2013) - Oct 30, 2015
"Like going on a theme park ride. I just got so caught up in it and the creative, close direction gives a sense of being there on the boat. Redford captures so much in his expressions that the lack of speech is hardly missed( and his yelling FUCK was so perfectly appropriate i couldn't help but laugh). A very good soundscape as well which of course was a must to pulling this stunt off."
78 73% Faust (1926) - Jan 30, 2016
"Visually this film cant be criticized. Murnau had such an eye for striking images for representing darkness and evil. The opening scenes with the devil were wonderfully ominous. He performs many tricks that have aged extremely well. Its a visual masterpiece. For the rest, i feel when the story became about the romance it brought too much humor..which is jarringly introduced at the halfway point. The devil goes from dark to hammy. However it balances out again before ending."
88 89% I Was a Male War Bride (1949) - Feb 04, 2016
"The story is whatever but grant and sheridan have loads of chemistry. The fastpaced banter and jibes are some of grants very best. Lots of hilarious scenarios including of course cary grant in drag"
65 46% Body Bags (1993) - Nov 14, 2016
"There are those of us who just have it in our blood to need a cameo filled horror anthology primarily directed by John carpenter as the man himself guides us through with funerary dad jokes. The hair segment is truly a must see bit for anyone still on board after my first sentence. The other two less so, but still...cameos."
73 65% Fortress (1993) - Sep 05, 2011
"Saw this when I was 6. Still have never gone to jail. Very life-changing film."