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Celluloid Junkie - 3816 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 18, 2011

Location: USA

Bio: Hello I'm a caveman who doesn't know anything about anything and I watch movies.

And I relate all those movies to Event Horizon on a podcast:
I have a blog where I work my way through a 373 film long To Watch list:
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68 52% Pet Sematary (1989) - Sep 24, 2015
"If straight horror can be "feel good" then this is it. Gwynne is simply classic and i wish i had a neighbor like him and i aspire to be that neighbor when Im an old man. Good effects good pace a story that doesn't hold any surprises but in a comfort food kind of way. Plus plenty to enjoy laughing at such as midkiffs ATROCIOUS acting. Zombie toddler was nasty as hell"
88 89% Wrath of Daimajin (1966) - Sep 29, 2013
"with those majestic snowy landscapes it's the prettiest of the series. and it's darkly unpredictable. effects still top notch, glad the series ended before it got goofy, the "Evil warlord subjugates hapless villagers" routine might not have withstood another movie"
78 73% The Blood Brothers (1973) - Feb 19, 2014
"has much more story and emotion than most martial arts films coming at this time, or even since really. chiang and lung ti deliver great performances. the action is lighter than most in favor of story, but it pays off in the climactic battle. the framing of chiang's capture and trial makes it that much more interesting watching everything unfold and unravel to reach that point. cheh chang shows he can capture drama just as well as action."
68 52% Galaxy of Terror (1981) - Sep 14, 2016
"Certainly not one I'll soon forget. Fabulous ridiculous b movie. The plot involves some wacky space society run by a pseudo god and id love to see more b movies set in this universe. Loved seeing haig and englund of course and even boothby from star trek is here! I predicted every character death but 2 and obv no one can be prepared for the giant maggot worm's behavior. "
92 94% Shower (1999) - Jul 19, 2014
"Beautiful, quiet film. The story is amazing in its realness, hits all the right emotional notes without being cliche or manipulative. Has wonderful touches of humor throughout. Not being a fan of this type of film (and typically finding that the more filmfest awards a movie has the more trite it is) I took a chance and I loved it."
81 79% Richard III (1995) - Jan 29, 2016
"Above anything else the alternate Britain really makes this a must see. Its melded so perfectly into the story of richard iii. Fascinating just for that, but all of the cast delivers as well. Mckellen is probably too old but its easily overlooked as he is charismatic, conniving, dark, sly and witty performing as richard."
90 92% Enthiran (2010) - Sep 14, 2013
"zany and super theatrical. the car chase and the finale, despite some cheap cgi, were still marvelous and inventive. one of the most over-the-top movies you will ever see in your entire life. the last hour is just ballistic. and the songs weren't half-bad either!"
68 52% Firestorm (2013) - Nov 01, 2014
"sounds like a chinese Heat, and it does borrow a few key elements such as armored car heists and street shootouts and a cop relentlessly going after the crooks...but this twists the premise in interesting ways. not the "cat and mouse" movie i thought it would be. i liked the twists, and the action was brutal as hell. overall the story and pacing aren't the best though."
78 73% Faust (1926) - Jan 30, 2016
"Visually this film cant be criticized. Murnau had such an eye for striking images for representing darkness and evil. The opening scenes with the devil were wonderfully ominous. He performs many tricks that have aged extremely well. Its a visual masterpiece. For the rest, i feel when the story became about the romance it brought too much humor..which is jarringly introduced at the halfway point. The devil goes from dark to hammy. However it balances out again before ending."
74 66% Robot and Frank (2012) - Aug 21, 2014
"popcorn movie. i liked it, langella does a great job and the dialogue with the robot is definitely charming. by the end i realized i just watched a perfectly entertaining movie that didn't really have any depth whatsoever. "