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75 T7 The Message (2009) - Feb 08, 2015
"it succeeds in maintaining the mystery identity of the spy through to the end which is the key factor in scoring a film like this. on top of that, there is actual appropriate foreshadowing and upon the reveal the flashback pieces all fit together beautifully. it avoids trying to be too twisty/turny so doesn't get overcomplicated and ruin the believability of the film. the cast is great fun to watch."
81 T8 The Babadook (2014) - Mar 22, 2015
"the psychological aspect of this one is incredible. becomes a truly dark, unsettling horror film by the midway point and does not let down. satisfying ending. essie davis deserves to be a household name after her performance in this movie."
78 T8 The Blood Brothers (1973) - Feb 19, 2014
"has much more story and emotion than most martial arts films coming at this time, or even since really. chiang and lung ti deliver great performances. the action is lighter than most in favor of story, but it pays off in the climactic battle. the framing of chiang's capture and trial makes it that much more interesting watching everything unfold and unravel to reach that point. cheh chang shows he can capture drama just as well as action."
59 T4 Rodan (1956) - May 08, 2014
"decent kaiju flick played straight and to the point. effects when the beasts run amok were fairly impressive considering the time it was made. could have even given this a score in the 70s except that the grand finale was 5 straight minutes of rockets blowing up dirt over and over and over and over again. "
75 T7 Kung Fu Killer (2014) - Jan 28, 2016
"Feels like an updated version of an old school kung fu flick and you can clearly see that was the goal of the crew. It might not have the overblown crazy action of more modern films ( until the last fight in traffic) but it has tons and tons of energy. Fans of yen may be disappointed as he doesn't feature in much of the action ( and it concerns me that he may be pulling a jet li by gradually doing less actual fighting himself in his starring roles but well see)."
77 T8 The Silent Stranger (1968) - Oct 11, 2016
"Can't believe i didn't know of any samurai spaghetti westerns before this. Contains a very familiar plotline, but it has cool action and Anthony competently delivers a unique wry humor. I loved that the language barrier remained for the whole movie and the stranger had to make do as all these men shouted in japanese at him."
89 T10 Mr. Arkadin (1955) - Oct 15, 2016
"Fast paced globe trotting thrille. Arden is a great antihero and of course welles is always magnetic. The mystery is a good one..both its actual idea and the frenetic pace as Ardens character unravels it all. It comes together in an apt payoff as well. The direction was interesting, particularly liked the scene of milly drunk in a ship buffeted by waves...it didn't exactly work but the low angles and mad movements have to be admired for how daring they were"
81 T8 Richard III (1995) - Jan 29, 2016
"Above anything else the alternate Britain really makes this a must see. Its melded so perfectly into the story of richard iii. Fascinating just for that, but all of the cast delivers as well. Mckellen is probably too old but its easily overlooked as he is charismatic, conniving, dark, sly and witty performing as richard."
77 T8 Executioners from Shaolin (1977) - May 22, 2013
"pretty cool action movie about a guy and then his son taking twenty years to learn the exact right way to punch/kick an evil priest in the penis"
80 T8 Obyknovennoye chudo (1978) - May 29, 2014
"madness, imagination, and romance. based on a play, zakharov aimed for a large theatrical feel and achieved it. the story is quite interesting and plays with fascinating themes. made me wish i knew russian because i can tell terrible amounts of dialogue are lost in translation with subtitles."