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71 T7 Blind Fury (1989) - Dec 19, 2015
"This was nuts! Hauer was a good casting choice. Laughed regularly...equally from intentional and unintentional humor. Action was surprisingly not bad. I view it less as a zatoichi remake and more of an 80s steeped parody."
80 T8 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016) - Sep 25, 2016
"Barely remember the 1st one so i went into this fresh. The colors are gorgeous & i missed half of the opening fight just admiring the palette.story is very kungfu movie simple yet the characters get great back story and embellishments that make them larger than the story itself.Good pacing for the action as well as good setpieces.choreography was very good for a wuxia & offered balanced mix between actual movies and wild wire work...though I've never been against properly done wire fu myself."
94 T10 13 Assassins (2010) - Sep 26, 2015
"Beautiful tribute to classic samurai. Expertly paced as it builds to its main event...which for its scale and runtime the word "climax" doesn't do it justice. Great cinematography, a must for any good samurai film. Nearly every character gets one badass moment of both drama and violence. Not normally a fan of miike but this is an incontestable classic"
88 T9 Where Eagles Dare (1968) - Oct 27, 2014
"I could say a lot about this spy action escapade adventure movie. I'll keep it to this: There's a brief, wonderful moment where Clint Eastwood dual wields machine guns."
78 T8 Faust (1926) - Jan 30, 2016
"Visually this film cant be criticized. Murnau had such an eye for striking images for representing darkness and evil. The opening scenes with the devil were wonderfully ominous. He performs many tricks that have aged extremely well. Its a visual masterpiece. For the rest, i feel when the story became about the romance it brought too much humor..which is jarringly introduced at the halfway point. The devil goes from dark to hammy. However it balances out again before ending."
80 T8 Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013) - Oct 10, 2014
"the first detective dee was a chinese version of an american blockbuster. this one IS an american blockbuster. the story is streamlined (which is ok since hark tsui tends to wander a bit confusingly in his plots and there's barely a hint of that in this film), the "mystery" really is not a mystery. however, it's loud, it's fun, and it's action packed delivering a popcorn film just as satisfying as the first movie. of course, andy lau is missed but mark chao does just fine."
78 T8 The Berlin File (2013) - Oct 16, 2014
"i only briefly looked at the plot before watching this so i was surprised it was actually an action film, and not a spy thriller with lackluster action scenes forced into it. the story is decent enough, it stops short of becoming complicated although i did have to really focus to understand everything...which prob means repeat viewings will be more fun. im a sucker for 25 minute action finales...but wow that was some great direction for the final shootout...and a pistol-whip fight scene!"
70 T6 The Old Dark House (1932) - Jan 28, 2016
"Loved watching this rainy movie on an actual rainy day. The characters are good and the creepiness builds well. The shadow play in the dining room was a highlight. the final reveal of horrors at the end wasn't worthy of the build up...but that could just be bc Im watching after 80 years of horror films have pushed past this. In any case Wills makes Saul a convincingly disturbed individual and his laugh was truly haunting."
86 T9 Sicario (2015) - Oct 03, 2015
"Some of the best acting put to film with some of the very best cinematography ( so much of the visuals will stay with me...particularly the dark scenes towards the end) make for an incredibly engaging film. Blunt may never top this one. Very tense story, very real honest characters and a very honest look at reality. "
90 T10 The Baytown Outlaws (2012) - Jan 29, 2013
"A lot of the movie is certainly written with camp in mind, but the direction keeps it far from just a parody of either higher budget action movies or older, low budget cult films. Baytown Outlaws comes out as its own beast, and a glorious beast at that."