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70 26% The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Entertaing. Fails the Bechdel test."
80 63% 3 Body Problem (2024) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
"Good adaptation. It sometime feels too centered on the main characters, failing to capture the global scale of the story, though."
80 63% Fallout (2024) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
75 42% Monkey Man (2024) - Rated 22 Jun 2024
65 18% Godzilla Minus One (2023) - Rated 10 Jun 2024
"I'm usually up for soapy story, but this was a tad too much for me. And it seems I'm not in the majority here, but I felt Godzilla's movements looked too mechanical and lumbering. I know big creatures are usually slow, but look at an elephant charging ; it looks nothing like this Godzilla's stop motion like movements. Still enjoyable."
80 63% Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (2024) - Rated 08 Jun 2024
45 7% Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"I recently watched Fall guy and it has an enlightening dialogue : - Movie Producer : "It's like the message in all my Movies" - Gosling : "Nihilism is a viable world view ?" - Movie Producer : "No, that's just the entertainment. That's like the sexy bacon." I think I was ok with Fury Road because Charlize Theron lights up the whole film, but also because there was some hope. Here it feels like we are being sold Nihilism as a viable world view ... and it's a self fulfilling prophecy."
75 42% Challengers (2024) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"Great acting, interesting plot twists with flashbacks that bring tension instead of confusion. It's a shame Zendaya's character is not more developed and her motivations better fleshed out, as she is the one driving all the film's tension. Loved the score."
80 63% The Fall Guy (2024) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"It's trying to mashup 3 films in one - Action, Rom-Com and Meta movie - and it looks like most people are bothered by at least 1 of those. I liked the last 2 but felt the action part dragged on too long. I mean, I'm not sure more than 2 hours of this was an absolute necessity ... but that's me, other people seems to have enjoyed this but not Blunt's (absolute stellar in my very objective point of view) performance. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, but the style mashup was a bit over ambitious."
75 42% Le règne animal (2023) - Rated 09 May 2024
"Le trait d'union tracé entre l'homme et l'animal via l'idée de mutation fait réflechir de même que les concequences que cela génère en terme de xenophobie. Pourtant je n'ai pas accroché. Le film semble se cantonner au point de vue humain sans essayer de décrire à quoi pourrait ressembler une société mutante. Sans doute est-ce volontaire mais cela me semble mettre une barrière au message d'ouverture que semble porter ce film."