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16 T10 The Road (2009) - Jan 23, 2010
"Shot in an overpowering palette of muted greys and browns, 'The Road' is oddly beautiful in its gloominess: in tandem with a fairly faithful screenplay adaptation of the best novel of the last decade, it makes for an engrossing experience. Though the film skirts close to over-sentimentality at points, particularly the oddly protracted ending, ultimately little is lost in the transformation from page to screen; in terms of atmosphere, it's utterly, achingly, perfect."
14 T8 Louis and the Brothel (2003) - Jan 04, 2010
"A pretty troubling film. One the one hand, it seems obvious that legalising prostitution is the correct approach from the perspective of safety and public health; on the other, it seems wrong to condone an activity whose participants---on both sides---are so often abused and in need of help. There's an incredibly delicate balance, and I'm not sure the Wild Horse is it."
16 T10 Up (2009) - Mar 11, 2010
"I wondered at first where the dogs element was going, and whether the film would transition after a beautiful opening to pure, disjointed slapstick, sacrificing the adults in its audience for the kids. I needn't have worried: "Up" treads perfectly, as seemingly only Pixar can, the delicate balance between its two audiences--and between pathos and hilarity. Muntz as the corrupted idol is a fantastic, and fantastical, villain, and Carl's final closure and redemption is beautiful beyond words."
T5 Big River Man (2009) - Mar 11, 2010
"How can a film about such an interesting and insane subject be so average? Borut Strel's narration seems more concerned with creating a myth out of his father than telling an involving or truthful story, and the film itself is artless and clumsy--how it won a cinematography award at Sundance I don't know. A real let-down: this story had great potential, but it's squandered by filmmakers more intent on creating Herzogian drama than compelling documentary."
T1 Sex and the City (2008) - Oct 04, 2008
"I'm not sure what I expected, but what I got was a badly-written, badly-executed, over-long piece of shit."
17 T10 Amadeus (1984) - Aug 24, 2007
"Salieri's struggle to reconcile divine predestination with the appearance of the precocious, detestable Mozart is wonderful, and the creeping, growing warmth of Salieri towards Mozart--or perhaps the changing of Mozart--is shared beautifully with the audience. "