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Cinema Addict - 1552 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 6, 2006

Location: USA

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Status: Single

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81 90% Dexter (2006) - May 19, 2020
52 27% Dennis the Menace (1993) - May 19, 2020
68 63% Her (2013) - May 19, 2020
33 9% High Life (2018) - Apr 22, 2020
"I get the burden of being alone with a baby in space, but astronauts are mentally stronger than the best soldiers/spies we have ever produced. I do not have the suspension of disbelief needed to enjoy this story, even as a movie fanatic because is too dramatical and not scientifically based in anything. The astronauts here were trained at a young age and yet 1960s astronauts eclipse them. I thought because of the title, Pattison would be a stoner in space, but he's just a pussy with highlights."
47 21% Fantasy Island (2020) - Apr 17, 2020
"The story is not awful, but it would be 20 points better without the valley girl actresses reminiscent of the acting in Sharknado. Impatient and intelligent people will be a little annoyed by it."
63 50% Bad Boys For Life (2020) - Apr 17, 2020
"Exactly what you would expect: A shoot-em' up comedy/action with middle aged brothas. There are a few shocking moments and the movie gets better as it nears the end."
55 32% The Call of the Wild (2020) - Apr 10, 2020
"Good story driven by real actors and decent CGI dogs. I just strongly dislike all the animal cruelty moments, of which there are quite a few. You can tell a good children's story without also teaching children about evil. Also, a dog murders a human in this film."
27 6% Vivarium (2019) - Apr 09, 2020
"Just plain creepy (and boring). Aliens mimicking & observing humans in order to live among them and wait for them to literally & metaphorically dig their own graves. The end result was a replacement of one dying alien with another in order to perpetuate an endless real estate trap. I hated that there was no additional explanation or meaning. Poor execution. Will not rewatch or recommend and I love Sci-Fi."
41 15% Bloodshot (2020) - Apr 09, 2020
"If you're going to create a feel-good kick-ass action film with a hero who can't die, there are so many opportunities for better action sequences & retribution kills. Pull the augmented soldiers down from the broken elevator to their death while saying, "Let's go for a ride". Shove the grenade round in the villain's mouth and say, "You talk too much". A little humor would have went a long way rather than 5/10 revenge kills and one joke about how 6 inches isn't big. The plot was just silly."