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61 T10 The Post (2017) - Jan 22, 2018
"Intricate set decoration. I could smell every room I was in."
30 T1 12 Strong (2018) - Jan 21, 2018
"Everything is underdeveloped. Maybe the dullest war movie I've seen. Hemsworth's accent was very good though, and there’s a funny finger joke."
56 T8 The Commuter (2018) - Jan 15, 2018
"True story: Liam Neeson came to his agent with a script that he “fell in love with”. It turned out just to be the word EXPENSIVE written on a piece of hotel stationary, but some calls were made and the rest is cinema history. So don’t give up on your dreams."
60 T9 I, Tonya (2017) - Jan 11, 2018
"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this movie breaks the fourth wall too much. P.S. There's a close-up shot of Tonya putting out a cigarette with her ice skates, and it isn't even the poster. P.P.S. Drop the "i" in the title. This isn't an apple product or nickelodeon show."
T1 Thor (2011) - Jan 10, 2018
"They spent a fortune making it, and I can’t even PAY attention. Ba-dump-bump-tsh. So yeah, I think Natalie Portman played a scary demon or something. They were pretty subtle about it. Or maybe the coloring was off. One of those two things."
51 T5 Iron Man 2 (2010) - Jan 07, 2018
"Sam Rockwell is wasting his talents here; but not quite as wasteful as Scarlet Johansson’s character needing to reset her curls before she can start helping out with an emergency. +RDJ was less of a penis, but they’re still trying to sell you the impression that this is badass. Maybe if you sprinkle a little more AC/DC sauce on your baked potato, Favreau."
52 T5 Lady Bird (2017) - Jan 06, 2018
"Writing a character that speaks in your own thoughts is unrealistically direct and aimless. This isn’t even writing to me. It’s child’s play. Also, Lady Bird is desperate to be a victim, though her life is about as tragic as a Full House Christmas special. Other things can be sad, but Greta forgot to include any of those things."
46 T2 Iron Man (2008) - Jan 04, 2018
"Wow, you’re too cool for school, Iron Man! Too cool for school. "
50 T3 The Greatest Showman (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
"♪ Get ready. Get get READY! ♪ Are you ready? Roll end credits."
52 T5 All the Money in the World (2017) - Jan 01, 2018
"Michelle Williams plays a mother that would do anything to get her son back, short of creasing her pant suit."