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81 T6 The International (2009) - Jun 23, 2017
"super super amazing dialogues, in the last 30% of the movie, good movie, because i very much like the "no way out" kind of movies"
96 T10 The Confirmation (2016) - Jun 22, 2017
"this movie highlights a very important understanding that whenever something goes wrong, which you can handle, you should probably not go to others, bec its only you who can plot the clues in the most right direction,any other person is just wasting your time and may even ask for money that he helped you although you are back to square one,with so much time wasted on top of it. Also it highlights the difficulty of finding something stolen bec no one will let you search it in their house."
62 T1 Paranoia (2013) - Jun 21, 2017
"its as childish as a bollywood movie "
50 T1 White Chicks (2004) - Jun 18, 2017
"extreme childish as much as Hot Shots movie, big waste, watched it at 4 x speed"
54 T1 Gosford Park (2001) - Jun 17, 2017
"so utterly useless, complete waste, i downloaded it to see Clive Owen, but his part is very small fill ins, so not worth it, also i'll not want to watch a movie no matter when it was released, set in early time. Damn 1930, wow for acting, but damn so much time , brain wasted."
95 T10 Bad Words (2014) - Jun 17, 2017
"i like the movies where there is non compliance between two people, towards exacting revenge turn by turn. This wallpaper is so bad, the wallpaper makes it seem the whole movie would be about horrible words, not true.And the wallpaper alone made me skip watching this movie so many time in those imdb lists, I also like movies where a guy takes whats being thrown at him, & still pulls through to win in his own way (legen-dary style), which this was."
94 T10 Disconnect (2013) - Jun 16, 2017
"great movie, this summary doesn't explain even a little bit of that greatness (doesn't do justice), only Wikipedia plot would tell about it, if one wants to know about the story of this movie."
71 T3 Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Jun 15, 2017
74 T4 Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) - Jun 15, 2017