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70 73% Marriage Story (2019) - Feb 08, 2020
"For me this was a master class in acting. Both Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are phenomenal. They deliver long speeches and dialogues that lay bare all their character's emotions. To memorize all that, but make it seem so natural and easy is truly a testimony to their art and skill. I loved how surface level conversations teeming with tension could escalate into full-blown arguments any moment, but nevertheless the build up was smooth and realistic with the actors giving it their all."
50 35% The Princess Diaries (2001) - Feb 07, 2020
70 73% Parasite (2019) - Feb 07, 2020
80 89% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Feb 07, 2020
30 11% Yesterday (2019) - Jan 16, 2020
"Wasted the interesting premise. There were so many possibilities with the set up but it ends up being a very boring, unfocused love story without charm. The Beatles songs were woven in nicely and the covers actually a pleasure to listen to but the acting was very wooden in a lot of places and halfway through I felt as if I unintentionally put on a documentary about Ed Sheeran just being himself and wandering around aimlessly on a set. Great idea but executed very badly."
80 89% The Big Sick (2017) - Jan 11, 2020
"Going in I expected a typical rom-com, not knowing much about the true story this is based on. Instead, this movie is heartfelt and gentle, exploring love in two clashing cultures with subtlety and humour, that doesn't hit you like a sledgehammer. The cast is great and though you may not agree with all their character's viewpoints, every character has heart. Highly recommended."
40 22% Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Jan 10, 2020
40 22% What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Jan 10, 2020
"I genuinely love this concept and chuckled a few times but the plot moves along too aimlessly and mostly the humour felt lackluster. I have to admit that I didn't like Thor: Ragnarok, also by Waititi, but I thought it was because it retconned things too much for my liking. Now I realize I just don't really get Waititi's humour. It feels very immature and frankly just not that smart - as if a bunch of college students decided to make a funny movie. I wanted to like it but it's not my cup of tea."