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39 T4 Zatoichi in Desperation (1972) - Apr 15, 2017
"Another of the darker ones; Ichi is just plain out for blood in this one. Aside from the tone, there isn't much that stands out here. Oh, aside from that one cumshot to the face. I'm pretty sure that's a first for this series."
61 T7 Silence (2016) - Apr 07, 2017
"Sticks close to the book in terms of content, but diverges subtly, and disappointingly, in tone. While both Endo and Scorsese seem to be speaking through Rodrigues, for Scorsese his role as a missionary seems to take precedence over his role as a Christian. Similarly, Inoue in the film is a Lorre/Waltz/Ledger jolly-creepy villain, and the "reveal" of his true identity is meaningless. The reasonable and amoral Inoue of the book is a much more formidable enemy to faith."
68 T8 Frances Ha (2013) - Mar 31, 2017
89 T10 Arrival (2016) - Mar 29, 2017
40 T4 Katasumi (1998) - Mar 25, 2017
61 T7 4444444444 (1998) - Mar 20, 2017
72 T8 Moonlight (2016) - Mar 19, 2017
29 T3 Lucky Number Slevin (2006) - Mar 19, 2017
"Would have been more successful as a more lighthearted genre sendup, without the attempts at cool violence. "
44 T5 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) - Mar 14, 2017
"I like movies that change direction partway through, but this takes a bit long getting there and the segue between genres, which must be awesome on paper, comes off looking ridiculous due to horrible CGI. Having said that, the second half is tremendous fun."
16 T1 KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) - Mar 06, 2017
"So bad it's good? Unfortunately, merely so bad it's crappy & boring. Naturally, the story makes no sense, the special effects are insulting and the band members can't act. Ace and Peter seem way to strung out for the task, Paul perhaps not enough. You'd think at least the concert scenes would bring a bit of lift to the proceedings, but you'd be wrong. By the way, how is it possible that a professional hard-rock drummer has the floppy arms of a 90-year old grandmother?"