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68 T8 Lola (1961) - Oct 16, 2017
67 T8 Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue (2004) - Oct 02, 2017
"The interview clips that start the film are better than par for the course for this genre thanks to the diverse ways various figures view Miles' electric period. Thankfully, Lerner then presents the entire magnificent Isle of Wight set uninterrupted. The brief return to interview footage to end the film is a drag; the homages to Miles would have been better placed at the very beginning."
62 T7 War and Peace (2001) - Sep 30, 2017
61 T7 The Round-Up (1966) - Sep 26, 2017
24 T2 Nora-neko rokku: Onna banchô (1970) - Sep 21, 2017
62 T7 Cat People (1942) - Sep 20, 2017
34 T3 Sun Ra: The Brother from Another Planet (2005) - Sep 17, 2017
"It seems Sun Ra was a colourful individual. I really don't get how people can go to the trouble to make a movie about a subject they have nothing at all to say about. Still, it is Sun Ra so it can't help being somewhat good. I'd recommend "A Joyful Noise" and "Space is the Place" before this."
38 T4 Point Break (1991) - Sep 17, 2017
"Does the "cop & criminal fall in love" thing better than most, even if the plot mechanics are dumb. Every time I see one of these old Keanu movies I'm astonished anew at how bad he was."
53 T6 Nor Noise (2003) - Sep 17, 2017
"A large portion of noise music can end up sounding much the same. This is a good look into the wide spectrum of practical approaches to, and more abstract philosophies behind, noise music according to some of its well-established practitioners."