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40 9% The Devil\ The Devil's Advocate (1997) - Rated 09 Oct 2011
"What a piece of preachy scriptural shit. I am deeply concerned about the mental well-being of the writers. Al Pacino is the only light in the dark, though I can't think of a worse performance by him."
85 52% 31 minutos, la película 31 minutos, la película (2008) - Rated 21 Oct 2011
"Takes a while to get into, as the jokes seem very foreign and unsubtle, but once you do, it's great."
90 78% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - Rated 02 Mar 2016
"Great reboot, possibly enough to wash off the prequel stench. 1. Renewed emphasis on practical effects makes the world feel warm and tactile and not like a confused dream conceived by a manchild. 2. No one says "midichlorians". 3. Interiors still lack railings. 4. Duels look like duels rather than dancing. 5. Daisy Ridley achieves Sigourney Weaver levels of badass and makes it look easy. If you're a Star Wars fan and upset about the casting, do us all a favor."