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97 99% Blade Runner Blade Runner (1982) - Rated 27 Mar 2007
"Blade Runner is more than Ridley, Vangelis, P.K. Dick, more than it's crew or material used in the work. From childhood the first time I saw the movie it's effect still dwells in my mind. The scenery is more melancholic than fourties America, or seventies France where hardboiled noir has it's own space. For me no special effect surpassed the beauty of Blade Running. Like a visual track for the lost causes. (ok managed to sound not like a scifi nerd, oh no movie geek is still at large)"
88 98% Rejected Rejected (2000) - Rated 09 Apr 2007
"Hertzfeldt is a connoisseur of the bizarre. This short looks like family information for some humanoid intelligent race that eats a lot of mushroom. It's weirdness is not forced in any way (the same can't be said for Burton nowadays)."
93 99% The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) - Rated 27 Mar 2007
"Duel with a trio, should be called a triel? No suspense movie will have such suspense and no comedy such irony. Twist and turn baby, there will never be a movie so jolly."
90 99% Black Narcissus Black Narcissus (1947) - Rated 20 Nov 2007
"As B.N. set sail I thought it was an isolated tale beautifully shot in technicolor. By the ending I find it no less controversial than Peeping Tom. Like many other movies that is set in fareast, orientalism quickly sets in. Then native culture slides to the background revealing a psychological thriller. Subscript that bends the characters is Freudian in nature, mostly carnal. Powell's eventual cold approach makes B.N. unique for its period."
81 95% Dancer in the Dark Dancer in the Dark (2000) - Rated 30 Mar 2007
"Von Trier our favorite super villain is into hypnosis again. The movie is so cathartic that it works like a vending machine spiting out emotions. Is there any say on life or a political stance, I don't know. Even if there is, we've heard it a thousand times over. But the humanization hangs above. Just for a twist blended into a musical naivity -not for the film, but for the character-. No one have seen it all, not even Trier."
95 99% Scenes from a Marriage Scenes from a Marriage (1973) - Rated 07 Apr 2007
"Every relationship is essentially the same. We are mountains for eachother desperately seeking meaning in our Sisyphusian existence. Once again Bergman playing god with his petty subjects."
91 99% Mind Game Mind Game (2004) - Rated 05 Apr 2007
"Mind Game is one of the top form milestone in animation. Nothing short or devoid of meaning, this movie is imagination and emotions constantly becoming it's self sub-reality. Every surealistic sequence effects the personas within, so the dramatic structure is complete, if not the usual way. Bear with the first half an hour, and try to get in, there lies the modern dragons."
90 99% Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands (1990) - Rated 27 Mar 2007
"Going to "Batman" as a teenager, that scissorhands poster on the hallway flickered in my mind without knowing the name "Burton". Everyone are caught in a cheerful Poe simulation, mad scientist, F.steined Depp and expressionist architecture. May seem extravagant, but I consider E.S. in line with Dogville. Both are talking about the same thing with totally different choices for their simulacra."