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40 23% Arthur (2011) - Jun 14, 2011
"Another Hollywood A picture in which everybody in the cast is good except the star. This kind of picture desperately needs a star with a tenth of the wit and charm of Dudley Moore. Russell Brand has less than that. The players with talent struggle mightily to paper over the massive hole in the center of this movie. They lose. On top of that, this movie is just... well... as moronic as its title character. You're not supposed to find the "villains" more sympathetic than the "heroes""
80 68% Running Around San Francisco for an Education (1938) - Jun 14, 2011
"Well this is quite something. And I thought *my* college years were hard. (B.F. Skinner has me and this beat, however)"
8% Hell's Hinges (1916) - Jun 13, 2011
"First off: fuck Jehovah God. Second: all the handwringing about the rev being not hardy enough to do The LORD's work sounds especially lame now in light of all the kiddie-diddling activities that have surfaced about the priesthood. Third: the blatant racism puts a rather large hole in this movie's moralistic airs very soon. At about the time when the seen-it-all gunslinger is won over by the God Lady's smile (alone) (with a title card telling us how moving it is) I walked out. Plonk City, hombre"
50 33% Okie Noodling (2001) - Jun 13, 2011
"Well, *this* is truly bizarre. Unfortunately, neither this activity nor its practitioners are interesting enough to sustain an hour's run time. At about a quarter of the length, this might have worked"
50 33% The Confederate Ironclad (1912) - Jun 12, 2011
"An American Civil War movie that does its best to play to both sides -- Northern and Southern audiences -- which hence comes across as wishy-washy. Another reason that this isn't very exciting is that it's just too damn primitive, in terms of action and special effects -- after all, in these days they were still just learning how to make movies. It's kind of interesting to see an action movie this old in which the plot is driven primarily by two opposing females, but this just ain't there"
80 68% Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy (1909) - Jun 12, 2011
"I do believe this is the earliest special effects comedy I have ever witnessed that's not directed by Georges Melies. Pretty damn good FX for 1909, and chock full, for five minutes, of the sort of Olde Worlde beauty I always relish in these ancient motion pictures... and on top of that, it's pretty darn funny. (Still.) A good example of why I continue to find early cinema so interesting. As an IMDb commenter said, "Perhaps the gentleman was smoking something stronger than tobacco?""
90 86% Three American Beauties (1906) - Jun 11, 2011
"Sometimes the finest works of art are very simple"
40 23% The Gay Shoe Clerk (1903) - Jun 11, 2011
"Dumb. The funniest part of this movie is the title (unintentionally so, of course)"
80 68% Adam (1991) - Jun 11, 2011
"Cute -- and I mean that in a good way. Just goes to show that Nick Park is not the only good man at Aardman"
60 47% Wat's Pig (1996) - Jun 11, 2011