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85 76% Gemini (2017) - Sep 16, 2019
"Some people are gonna knock the film because the movie ends up being pretty surface level, but you know what. Sometimes that's ok. The cinematography and art direction are both extremely beautiful and help give the film an amazing vibe. The acting is great. I absolutely love Lola Kirke, and as someone who mostly acts in sitcoms this has to be one of Nelson Franklin's best performances. The last 10-15 percent did leave me wanting (in a bad way), but otherwise its actually a great movie."
75 49% I Think We're Alone Now (2018) - Sep 02, 2019
"It's a mostly good movie. The cinematography is great, as well as the atmosphere. Dinklage and Fanning do an amazing job with what material they're given. I really liked the two of them together. That said, I think they could have definitely explored the premise more as well as the characters. Because of this the plotting is rather lacking, and while I was never bored per se there were certain stretches of the film where I found myself wondering if they could have done more with the screen time."
95 96% The Jerk (1979) - Aug 17, 2019
"Brilliantly stupid. Very modern humor for 1979. Much like Blazing Saddles you can instantly see its influence on later comedic works. Don't make the same mistake I did and watch this immediately. "
90 89% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 10, 2019
"Sure this movie has its flaws. It can be overly indulgent and the pacing is a bit uneven, but what exactly do those things matter when every other aspect is nearly perfect. The acting from DiCaprio and Pitt is some of the best you'll ever get out of any QT film. I loved that scene with DiCaprio and the little girl. The art direction is impeccable. The film completely nails all of the period details, with the soundtrack being especially great. I hope this isn't forgotten come Oscar season."
95 96% Columbus (2017) - Jul 27, 2019
"This film sets a new standard for Cinematography. Really, just...staggeringly impressive. Every moment of every scene is framed perfectly. Haley Lu Richardson is spectacular. Her and John Cho have such amazing chemistry. Yes it has a slow deliberate pace, but it's so realistic in a very accessible way. Kogonada's sense of character is completely and unequivocally realized. I know I'm probably already sounding hyperbolic, but the fact that this is his first film is nothing short of astonishing."
85 76% The Greasy Strangler (2016) - Jul 21, 2019
"WTF?!?! I thought I was starting to figure out this movie, but then the ending made no sense. One of the most unique movies I've ever seen. The world building is simply fantastic, and that's in spite of how disgusting certain parts are. Other than the wonderfully idiosyncratic universe, Elizabeth De Razzo was the highlight. Her character and performance were a fantastic sort of bright counter balance in a love triangle consisting of her, the domineering father, and his ineffectual son."
90 89% The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010) - Jul 17, 2019
"This is a total vibes movie. On one hand Mitchell presents a fantasy world with no parents or cops, but on the other hand he presents earnest characters and situations. The whole thing plays out like an Indie more artistic John Hughes movie. In a way it was sort of nostalgic. High School me would have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with this movie."
75 49% Queen of Earth (2015) - Jul 15, 2019
"This is a movie bogged down by its lack of exposition. Why should I care? Ok, so I know that's not exactly the point. The film is more about the atmosphere, cinematography, score, and brilliant acting, but IMO a little bit of exposition would have gone a long way into making it a less tedious, and more complete film."
75 49% Happiness (1998) - Jul 13, 2019
"This is a hard movie to grapple with. Parts of it are very well done, but its wrapped up in such uncomfortable subject matter that I'm not sure if I could say it was an enjoyable viewing experience. Solondz does a masterful job with the hyperlink elements and the acting is excellent across the board. "
75 49% Minority Report (2002) - Jul 10, 2019
"Minority Report is definitely well made, but at the same time I felt disconnected from it. The movie focuses so much on premise and plot that the characters and their motivations feel underdeveloped. The movie feels a little long as it does drag in a few places, but despite all that Cruise and company give solid performances and the action sequences are good enough that the ride is mostly entertaining."