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20 2% Inspector Gadget (1999) - May 26, 2020
"I guess a movie about Inspector Gadget probably shouldn't be expected to be Oscar material, but this movie is really, really dumb. Even a lot of the gadgets and gizmos from the cartoon feel clunkily executed here with cartoonish special effects and lots of bad puns. Also Rupert Everett as the villainous Claw hams it up and I remember the animated (usually unseen) Claw being way scarier."
88 63% Matchstick Men (2003) - May 26, 2020
"I really enjoyed this hidden gem from Ridley Scott, a distinct departure from his usually more blockbuster films. Nicolas Cage gives about as subtle a performance as Nicolas Cage does these days as an OCD-ridden con man and the film doesn't lose the chemistry between its characters amid its twisting and turning plot. It's funny, intriguing, and the twist endings are well executed."
86 42% Men in Black (1997) - May 26, 2020
"There's nothing super deep to be found here, but this is a fun take on an alien invasion film, bolstered by the chemistry between the Fresh Prince at his heyday and the stern Tommy Lee Jones. The film also features a fun turn by Vincent D'Onofrio as the rubber-faced (secretly a cockroach) alien invader villain. It's silly, but there are some great sight gags and action sequences that make it completely entertaining and never dull."
88 63% Inglourious Basterds (2009) - May 26, 2020
"Inglourious Basterds further demonstrates Tarantino's - love him or hate him - position as an auteur at the top of his game. The film is masterfully constructed and executed with an all-star cast, an enveloping plot, and well-written tense scenes that play out over pages of cat-and-mouse dialogue. There can be some debate over whether Tarantino's complete reimagining of history is in some way sacrilegious to the real sacrifices of WWII, but on sheer entertainment value, the film delivers."
90 83% 28 Days Later (2002) - May 24, 2020
"Is there a film genre that Danny Boyle cannot make his own? Here, he reinvents the zombie genre (which was then aped by many, many films afterwards), imagining newer, faster zombies who operate on a sort of herd-minded bloodlust that makes them like piranhas with legs. The whole thing is terrifying and the tension feels very real and immediate. Boyle's scenes of a deserted London set the stage for a zombie film that is actually scary and not cartoony."
89 73% Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) - May 24, 2020
"This is weirdly my favorite of the franchise and it's actually maybe the least original. Spielberg rehashes old jokes and set pieces from the previous films, but he does so in bigger and flashier fashion, which makes for an adrenaline-packed ride. Also, Sean Connery is perfect as the elder Jones and the gruff chemistry between him and Junior makes the whole film worthwhile. If not for the perfect casting, it probably wouldn't be as good."
80 23% The Evil Dead (1981) - May 24, 2020
"I don't think it really rises to its own legend, but The Evil Dead is still surprisingly effective at times, given its super small budget and sparse plot. Raimi knows how to exact the maximum amount of tension out of his scenes, and the film's creepy setting and ghoulish special effects really do make for some scary (at the very least, unsettling) moments. "
70 15% Tarzan (1999) - May 23, 2020
"A pretty forgettable film, dropped right on the edge of the darker days of Disney animation, after the classics of the early 90's, and before the studio would find its footing again. It's OK, I guess, but the action is stilted, the music not nearly to the memorable level of past classics, and the film's plot feels like a Cliff's Note version of the Tarzan story, significantly watered down."
86 42% The Fly (1986) - May 23, 2020
"This remake of the 1950's film is much darker and disturbing than the original. As with most Cronenberg films, there is an emphasis on body horror and the practical effects achieve a new level of twisted. I really feel, though, that Goldblum carries the film with his calculated performance of a descent into madness that makes the film's more outlandish moments hit harder because of the character behind them."
85 35% Ocean's Eleven (2001) - May 23, 2020
"Don't expect a lot of substance here; the fun of the film, as with the first one, is watching an ensemble of big name stars playing robber amongst the glitz and glamour of Vegas. I think the original is slightly better and more charismatic, but this new version still is a fun and breezy watch. Basically, the film spends the majority of the time detailing the planning of the heist and then the characters carry it out. That's it - that's the film. Nothing deep, but serves its purpose."