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The Pirate

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Cinema Addict - 1713 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 6, 2012

Location: USA

Bio: I'm just a guy who loves movies. Even when I find one I don't necessarily like, if it's at least well made, I can still respect it. I tend to judge a movie primarily on it's story; whether or not I was drawn in and kept interested till the end.

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87 86% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) - May 08, 2023
"If this is to be the finale of Gunn's Guardians, then I can be happy with it. There's no denying the amount of heart and soul this movie has as it wraps up the journeys of these space knuckleheads. Obviously Rocket and Quill get the most focus but everyone else is given satisfying arcs as well. The humor doesn't deliver like Vol. 1 and the emotional catharsis isn't as potent as Vol. 2 but this story does give fans a very good farewell for this family of a-holes!"
80 60% Capturing the Killer Nurse (2022) - May 06, 2023
"Somehow more thrilling and compelling than the biopic."
82 67% Wrath of Man (2021) - May 04, 2023
"Cons: The dialogue is pretty terrible a lot of the time, the acting feels very forced from everyone but Statham, and it takes until the end of the first act to feel fully invested. Pros: Once they turn up the heat, the movie really does get cooking! Statham's performance is much more subtle than usual and the action scenes feel realistic but also stylized and frenetic. The story unfolds in very interesting ways, and there's no denying the sense of gravitas."
73 37% Hellraiser (2022) - May 02, 2023
"A damn good reimagining of the horror classic. I really found myself feeling drawn in and mesmerized by the stylism and art design, while also being as effectively creeped and grossed out as I was for these Cenobites as I was for the original. The CGI takes away from a lot of the scares, the pacing is rushed and most of the characters are flat or annoying, but there is a genuine heart to this story and a rather unexpected ending that I really found effective."
74 39% Ted K (2022) - Apr 27, 2023
"The movie smartly keeps you feeling Ted's own sense of isolation; his point of view is almost always maintained to the point we only know what he knows about the outside world. It really pays off in the end when he's captured and you feel the shock and awe of it the way he must have. Copley is perfectly cast, and I would argue this is his best performance. Still, the movie is very slow, over long, dull at times and even frustrating, which makes it a solid, but not stellar, thriller biopic."
88 88% American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing (2023) - Apr 25, 2023
"As someone who lives in the Boston area, I know people who were there when it happened, and so my own personal view on this moment out of history is fairly biased. That being said, this docuseries, in my humble opinion, does a fantastic job of covering every viewpoint of the police, the citizens and runners at the scene, the bystanders, and the Muslims who are able to speak against such a horrific act of terrorism."
60 16% The Snowman (2017) - Apr 20, 2023
"Not worthy of the hate it got in 2017, nor the praise it's getting on Netflix now. It could have worked better as a series, with more time to flesh out the characters and the story. You'd never know Schoonmaker was the legend she is based on this film's editing because the movie can never decide where its focus should be. There's no overall consistency in tone, music cues are off, too few arcs are concluded well or at all, and the bleakness of the movie wears on you over time."
78 51% I See You (2019) - Apr 08, 2023
"Not the most complicated mystery in the long run but the way they tell it was certainly unique and very compelling. Could have done with a bit more personality from most of our characters and a bit more build up before we start getting into the reveals, but for what it is, I definitely consider this an effective thriller."
73 37% Furies (2023) - Apr 08, 2023
"The action is pretty impressive at times and there is certainly a ton of emotion tying these characters together, but the effects are pretty inconsistent and the characters are a little too over the top. Still, a solid action revenge piece with an admittedly effective twist."
93 96% Pinocchio (2022) - Apr 07, 2023
"This must be how audiences felt when they first released Nightmare Before Christmas! The amount of love within this story is only matched by the love spent by those making it. Beautiful in every way, touching and mesmerizing. Sometimes too sappy and a few too many jokes interrupt touching moments, but there is no denying, this is a modern masterpiece of stop motion animation!"