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75 42% Heart of the Hunter (2024) - Rated 02 Jun 2024
"The characters are compelling enough, the action is solid and there is a lot of seriously compelling stuff to get you through to the end, but this movie does suffer from a real tonal issue. The villains are so inept half the time it comes across as comedic despite the seriousness of the rest of the film, and with what our main character goes through the whole Rebellion element of the story doesn't pay off as well as it should. Good movie, but very cliche."
68 27% La La Land (2016) - Rated 20 May 2024
"Stone delivers some great acting chops and I'll give her and Gosling credit that they manage to maintain good and interesting chemistry despite how often they play an on screen couple, but man this movie is paint by numbers when it comes to romcoms, musicals, and movies in general. The ending may have an effectively sad final note, but overall it's a predictable, boring story with music that's pretty forgettable."
88 88% The Fall Guy (2024) - Rated 06 May 2024
"There does need to be points taken away for an overuse of cliches, humor that draws on too long and loses its edge, and a story that is sadly more predictable than it needed to be. That said, no one can deny the love laced within this movie for the unsung heroes that are the stunt team, and for cinema in general! It's been a long time since we've seen such creative action and an appreciation for the choreography that make movies worth seeing, and this one definitely delivers on that front!"
93 96% Monkey Man (2024) - Rated 07 Apr 2024
88 88% Dune: Part Two (2024) - Rated 04 Mar 2024
73 37% The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker (2023) - Rated 20 Feb 2024
"A solid account of our willingness to provide anyone with a spotlight as long as we can find a way to condone their actions. Kai is not a person to be admired or emulated, but he's nonetheless fascinating and sympathetic."
84 76% Into the Deep (2020) - Rated 20 Feb 2024
"You have to admire the documentarians for rolling with the story as it took a sharp dive from being a puff piece on an engineering genius to an expose on a cruel, horrific murder. That the cameras had always been around Marsden is chilling to comprehend, as they proved vital in his conviction. It's a story that goes from compelling, to haunting, all from the direct POV of those who thought this man was a hero and had to learn what a monster he really was."
90 92% Lover, Stalker, Killer (2024) - Rated 20 Feb 2024
"Netflix really has become the kingpin of true crime documentaries! This is definitely up there among their best thanks to its creative editing style, the way it perfectly puts you in the shoes of this poor guy, and delivers its conclusion in an incredibly effective way. It's a story of depravity and obsession and cruelty and it definitely deserves to be seen, as it's the only way you might ever believe it."
75 42% Dave Chappelle: The Dreamer (2023) - Rated 28 Jan 2024
"Easily Chappelle's weakest special. Too few of his jokes come full circle like they have in the past, and while I understand his commitment to freedom of expression, it honestly just feels needlessly petty the way he continues to focus on the trans community. Credit to delivering another powerful message about perseverance and following ones dream both through earnest insight and comedy, but the cohesion between the jokes was a bit off and overall it just felt less impactful than past specials."
80 60% Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) - Rated 15 Jan 2024
"Somehow delivers a sense of hope despite the absolutely, brutally bleak tone. There's something to be said about the opening taking the time to really establish Bradley's character before he gets imprisoned; it had it's slow, boring moments, but it definitely pays off in the end. Of course the violence is what accentuates the story, and it's fittingly horrific in the best ways. Don't know if I'll ever watch it again but that one viewing will stick with me for a while!"