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Cinema Addict - 1031 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 29, 2006

Bio: A movie only gets a bad score (less than 50) from me if it breaks the number one rule in filmmaking: Bores the audience. If at any point in watching a movie I think I want to be somewhere else, the movie fails.

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70 28% V/H/S/94 (2021) - Oct 15, 2021
"It's better than Viral (which probably shouldn't count), and the shorts themselves are OK, but it's missing perspective. There was a radical ideology that (probably accidentally) weaved within the respective collections of V/H/S and V/H/S 2. It didn't work this time, and it's tough to shake the feeling that it's because the producers didn't try to make it work. The Subject and Terror are excellent horror shorts, but I don't know if they make the whole thing worth it."
80 45% Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal (2021) - Oct 15, 2021
"Actually very good, and makes the conflict as clear as possible without giving away who the real victims in everything are. Modine is a fun watch in the reenactments, too. There was probably a way to lean a little bit more into the Coen brothers farce of the whole thing, but it's probably better to keep that to a minimum, since this is a really sad story."
90 66% The Sparks Brothers (2021) - Oct 15, 2021
"Exactly what it means to be, and a great introduction to an absurd pair of artists. Wright doesn't do bad work, and brings an overabundance of heart to this, which is not a bad thing."
95 88% Totally Under Control (2020) - Aug 01, 2021
"Fantastic dissection of the Trump Administration's deeply incompetent (mis)handling of the pandemic. There's not much they could've done to make things worse."
95 88% Athlete A (2020) - Aug 01, 2021
"It really should not have taken reporters to work this story, but it did, and they did good work. The documentary also helps to illuminate the Karolyis' role in perpetuating a horrifically, multifacetedly abusive system."
95 88% Devs (2020) - Aug 01, 2021
"Probably one of the better miniseries released in the last few years. Tautly scripted and reflexive, with things wrapped up nicely by the end."
90 66% One Night in Miami (2020) - Aug 01, 2021
"King does excellent work here, and put together a fascinating dramatic exploration of the perspectives within '60s social movements without white studio heads stepping in to change it."
95 88% Bo Burnham: Inside (2021) - Aug 01, 2021
"A flawless, heartfelt piece that captures the pandemic psyche probably better than anything else could. Burnham doesn't do anything less than phenomenal work, and has now fully established himself as one of the more thrilling young artists working today."
90 66% City Hall (2020) - May 14, 2021
"Four hours of being a fly on the wall in local government organizations and events, but it's mostly really good, actually"
80 45% Irresistible (2020) - May 14, 2021
"Hits you over the head with its message, but I still liked it a lot. I guess I'm the only one?"