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95 88% Barbie (2023) - Rated 04 Apr 2024
"Manages to be cute without being cloying, and tells an old story with a flair perfectly suited for 2023. I can't think of anything really wrong with it. It's just great."
90 66% Jury Duty (2023) - Rated 06 Mar 2024
"Deserves to be watched in full right from the outset based on the sheer amount of work, but really earns it, too. Genuinely lovely and sweet."
80 44% Bottoms (2023) - Rated 06 Mar 2024
"Clearly inspired by the perfection that is Wet Hot American Summer, in a mostly positive way. The script is solid, and everything comes together very well with some genuine heart. The haphazard combination of everything isn't for me, but it's admirable."
90 66% Maestro (2023) - Rated 06 Mar 2024
"Hard to discern a point, which works for the material—Bernstein leeches, his family grits their teeth, and he ultimately triumphs, but what's the cost? Cooper and Mulligan are both phenomenal, and like A Star Is Born, the text elevates the central female by virtue of Cooper's galactically committed performance."
90 66% Killers of the Flower Moon (2023) - Rated 06 Mar 2024
"Extremely well made, with extraordinary nuance and care at every level. I would have preferred it were shorter, because the runtime is hard to justify."
80 44% American Fiction (2023) - Rated 06 Mar 2024
"Extremely compelling and ultimately very sad."
70 28% The Holdovers (2023) - Rated 10 Jan 2024
"A nice little movie that should've worked better than The Descendants, but didn't. It wasn't for lack of trying, but didn't do what it could have, with the talent available."
70 28% The Killer (2023) - Rated 10 Jan 2024
"An excellent script made too quickly to matter as much as it could. It has interesting things to say—about labor, capitalism, and loneliness—but says them in a way that didn't work for me. I keep forgetting I even saw this movie."
90 66% Saltburn (2023) - Rated 07 Jan 2024
"I enjoyed it greatly, though I wonder if Fennell had to make some concessions for the last act to shake out the way it did. Still, it's simultaneously hard to look away and hard to watch, and that's a real achievement."
70 28% Hijack (2023) - Rated 07 Dec 2023
"Decently exciting popcorn thriller series with a few instances of sincerely interesting ethical questions."