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Member Since: Sep 7, 2018

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59 13% Whiplash (2014) - Sep 30, 2019
"i already knew it was about an abusive music professor, i haven't learn anything else by watching the whole movie. it could've been more interesting if the professor had interesting ideas like some different angle that he could be right or justified in some way. but no. it was idiotic. all the cool 'jazz' shots was also pointless. for that to work the music should've been enjoyable. in this film's world music's not enjoyable. adam neely nailed it when he said: 'this is a sports movie.'"
94 96% Roma (2018) - Sep 21, 2019
"absolutely wrecked me. it's one of those movies that I'll show to the aliens I'll meet in future (if they're curious about us). they'll probably be horrified and go back. how do we live like this? how much strength do we have? why do we enjoy it? "
90 78% Spirited Away (2001) - Sep 21, 2019
"my second watch. so human, well-crafted. normally i don't pay attention to soundtracks but this has amazing music. i like the themes (DON'T READ IF YOU DIDN'T SEE IT YET): greed, the importance of working in the sense that we need to contribute to something, and all the living things can be evil and good, kindness yields kindness. "
69 28% Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Sep 15, 2019
"SPOILERS AHEAD! it's heartbreaking. i feel a bit tricked, but it's a beautiful idea. To tell a could've-been-real story like this. Did he first come up with the story and then fill in the blanks with magic? I also like the 'man without confidence uses violence to feel in power' type."
80 47% Ex Machina (2015) - Sep 07, 2019
87 68% Louder Than Bombs (2015) - Aug 15, 2019
"i realized how much my perspective changed watching this second time. there are a lot of pieces to a story and this film subtly, gracefully brings them together. but i appriciate it even more that it's a western perspective of war on middle east but it doesn't pretend to know or understand the war. it's just very sincere and multifaceted. it's really good and deserves more than one watch."
81 54% La La Land (2016) - Aug 11, 2019
"could've been my favourite film in another life. really well made but doesn't say anything about my life. so I came to realization that however great the work of art, if it's not relatable, I just can't connect to it. "
82 57% A Separation (2011) - Aug 09, 2019
"I tried to summarize this to a friend (they requested) and felt like it's an impossible task because there's so much going on. But somehow it succeeds to tell its story in a calm manner, not overwhelming at all. It's a good movie. Just didn't *love* it because I have no sympathy for any of the characters or the *way of things* because I am familiar to it."
60 17% Interstellar (2014) - Jul 28, 2019
90 78% Children of Men (2006) - Jul 28, 2019
"I just loved this. It got all the nice things about the world and the tragic ones. Everything fits together well. Not sure how else to describe but it's very cinematic (magical). As a person who doesn't usually pick films based on director, this motivates me to watch cuaron's other films."