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Member Since: Sep 7, 2018

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70 34% Black Mirror: Striking Vipers (2019) - Jan 19, 2020
"little less tight for a black mirror episode but a lot of smart decisions. for eg choosing the actors black so their accent is very different from the game characters. brings up a lot of interesting questions. shows us once again our neatly organized lives will shatter as technology advances and forces us to evolve."
85 63% I Wish (2011) - Jan 14, 2020
85 63% Stop Making Sense (1984) - Jan 13, 2020
"filming is made very well, performance was clever. i just don't "love" the music of talking heads. why did i watch it then? well i'm reading david byrne's book and wanted to see what he was talking about. "
68 27% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Jan 11, 2020
85 63% The Sound of Music (1965) - Jan 10, 2020
65 23% Deadpool (2016) - Jan 10, 2020
85 63% Hard Candy (2006) - Dec 09, 2019
"a necessary film. there must be a million movies in reverse roles. but stories like this in film, i'm guessing are very few. this is sad considering a Dexter-y 'fantasy' like this is a very primal response. the decision to make this subject into a film and the fantastic acting is enough for me to consider this a must-see. "
65 23% Fallen Angels (1995) - Dec 05, 2019
"beautiful movie for sure. just this 'cigarette smoker - attractive - lonely - weird - searching liberation in romantic relationships' kind of exaggerated model of human doesn't move me anymore. maybe it's more than this, a second watch in a different time could change things because people are saying this is better than chungking express and i like that."
59 11% Whiplash (2014) - Sep 30, 2019
"i already knew it was about an abusive music professor, i haven't learn anything else by watching the whole movie. it could've been more interesting if the professor had interesting ideas like some different angle that he could be right or justified in some way. but no. it was idiotic. all the cool 'jazz' shots was also pointless. for that to work the music should've been enjoyable. in this film's world music's not enjoyable. adam neely nailed it when he said: 'this is a sports movie.'"
94 96% Roma (2018) - Sep 21, 2019
"absolutely wrecked me. it's one of those movies that I'll show to the aliens I'll meet in future (if they're curious about us). they'll probably be horrified and go back. how do we live like this? how much strength do we have? why do we enjoy it? "