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Member Since: Sep 7, 2018

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55 10% Joker (2019) - Aug 05, 2020
"this film did not offer me anything maybe because i'm not into comics? the story isn't convincing or coherent to me. the only redeeming quality is that it's aesthetically pleasing *not the violence but the joker's clothing and make up for example*"
65 24% Limitless (2011) - Aug 05, 2020
"nice fantasy. too long but enjoyable to some point. the ending was very dissatisfying. and i don't like the idea that sex, good cloths, haircut, nice apartment makes the epitome of a good life. also it has one big plot hole that bothered me so much: [[[[SPOILERS ahead!!!!!!! stop reading if you haven't watched it]]]] how couldn't he think of producing the drug himself? especially so obvious since when he were talking about a sick person using medical terms just in the beginning. it's so stupid."
40 3% The Lighthouse (2019) - Jul 29, 2020
"didn't do anything for me. maybe because i don't get the references and metaphors in it. what does it say? two men away from civilization, alright but.. why? i don't get the aspect ratio. i mean, i can guess why but i'm not convinced. i'm not convinced with any part of this at all."
75 42% Manchester by the Sea (2016) - Jul 28, 2020
"Whatever was the aim here, it does it perfectly. Just not my cup of tea. Has both fun moments and tragic ones. If you like "tv show feelings" which ironically tv fails to deliver, this does seemingly sincere way. I cried a little bit but my life and thought process is the same as before seeing it."
80 52% The Master (2012) - Jul 28, 2020
"Nerdwriter's video on this film made me expect a film more about brainwashing. This was a nice surprise, fragile and human. I find the main character oddly lovable. Comparing to There Will Be Blood and Phantom Thread, this lets the viewer more free to interpret. Leaves a nice taste after. IMHO."
75 42% The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Jul 28, 2020
"No surprises. It's what you expect what a degenerate's life would be. Last scene was cool though, the meaning it brought to the film I mean."
80 52% Queen Lear (2019) - Jun 15, 2020
100 98% Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) - May 14, 2020
65 24% Dune (1984) - Apr 18, 2020
"contrary to most, i liked hearing inner dialogs. it was poetic. but it seems to me that the aim of the story was just to make you feel things, using this very narrow emotion palette, through cliche. probably after a week nothing will remain. "
83 63% Tell It to the Bees (2018) - Mar 29, 2020