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Location: Knoxville, TN, USA

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68 46% Terrifier 2 (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"It seemed for a little while like it might flesh out the backstory/mythos of Art, but really just provides more questions than answers. As someone who watches a lot of horror movies, there was still one death scene that had me going "dude, STOP already." Just goes a lot more gruesome than most filmmakers are willing to go, which I do have to respect in a way."
69 49% Terrifier (2016) - Nov 24, 2022
"Art makes for a kind of fascinating slasher villain because (for the most part) it's questionable whether he has any supernatural aspects. He doesn't appear super-strong or indestructible, and very well might be just some sadistic dude slipping through the cracks of society. For its low budget, this movie is disgustingly gory, and I'd be fascinated to see it develop into some long-running bizarre franchise like Halloween or Hellraiser."
67 43% Barbarian (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"I'm all for the rise of sketch-comedy-guys-turned-horror-guys"
43 14% Cube (2021) - Oct 23, 2022
"I've been saying for years that Cube is ripe for a remake/reboot/sequel, because it was a neat concept, imperfect first movie, with lots of untapped storytelling potential. But what we got here really was a flat remake, except now the actors are Japanese. It doesn't inspire the same mystique as the first movie, since it's already been done, and doesn't do anything to expound upon the concept until the absolute last minute. Just a little ending easter egg rather than anything satisfying."
71 58% The Villainess (2017) - Oct 19, 2022
"Some great action scenes sandwiching a surprisingly convoluted plot"
52 21% A Touch of Zen (1971) - Oct 19, 2022
72 61% Nope (2022) - Oct 19, 2022
39 11% Morbius (2022) - Oct 19, 2022
"I think everybody involved in the production had a unified vision of "Yeah, this'll probably pay a few bills.""
68 46% Hellraiser (2022) - Oct 19, 2022
"It's the best Hellraiser movie in over 30 years, but movies 3 through 10 have been setting the bar looooow."
71 58% Machete (2010) - Aug 31, 2022
"It helps knowing that this movie was born from a once-fake trailer, because every other shot or line of dialogue feels like it's made specifically for a trailer. I think my biggest complaint would be that random nameless goon characters are sometimes given more spectacular deaths than major villains. I assumed it's a rule that the bigger an asshole the villain is, the more over-the-top his death is supposed to be!"