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Member Since: 10 Jan 2020

Bio: Just trying to keep track of the movies I am watching, starting January 8th 2020 since it would be too hard trying to go more retroactively than that.

My movie choice and their logical order are erratic and logical only to me :U If you see me review videogames, it's just me having watched a play-through as if it was a movie, not me having played them.

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78 T10 Payback (1999) - 09 Dec 2023
70 T8 Astérix et Cléopâtre (1968) - 09 Dec 2023
"The animation is kind of rough and cheap, but kids can like all the construction shenanigan, and the various visual gags and Egyptian themes. The songs can be catchy too."
70 T8 Les Douze travaux d'Astérix (1976) - 08 Dec 2023
"The animation is not really good for the most part, and it's full of blatant time waster filler scenes. But quebecers like me are mandated by law to watch at least one Asterix movie around the Holidays, else they get stripped of their citizenship. CinéCadeau 4ever"
66 T7 Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) - 07 Dec 2023
"That's a weird one. I was expecting some mystery period piece with maybe a tiny bit of supernatural. Not martial art fights, sexual intrigues, the bandits from Skyrim, and videogame weapons and traps. I can't say that I hated it, and there was way too much care put into this to be considered a silly B movie. It however felt longer than the runtime it has due to all the twists. The portrayal of the native character felt a bit yikes on many occasions"
64 T7 Silent Night (2023) - 06 Dec 2023
"What I find frustrating is that the action is fun and gritty, and the "training montage" can be something artsy in itself. But the emotional scenes, they're cheesier than French Camembert! The needless and countless slow motion flashbacks, over the top dramatic imagery, the early 2000s dream sequence filters... It would take me out of the story right away, it felt like parodies people make to mock melodramatic soaps. I know John Woo is who he is, but even by his standards that was excessive."
74 T9 Octopussy (1983) - 05 Dec 2023
"Hard to rate: kind of uneven. Bond sometimes seems lost and confused. His struggles in Germany are like a frat hazing, where he would wear increasingly silly costumes and be mocked. On the other hand, many of the scenes in India are great and while it has stereotypes, the action is fun. The characters were nice too: Vijay, Octopussy and her girls, Gobinda. The final assault was a riot. So one could go: why a clown, why a Tarzan yell? But consider instead all the crazy memorable moments instead."
63 T6 Drømmebyggerne (2020) - 05 Dec 2023
"I think kids could like it, in spite of the stiff animation and some of the horrifying designs/animation like the hamster or the liquid effects. It has some mechanical gigs with quasi-Minion robots, and interesting visuals in the dream world. The plot is sorta different and has a visually memorable last act. Adults might find a lot to find weird and creepy, like how psychotic the girls are, they're almost murdering each others. How oblivious the parents are..."
56 T3 Billion Dollar Brain (1967) - 01 Dec 2023
56 T3 Crossplot (1969) - 29 Nov 2023
"What's that, Bond try-outs? Sometimes the romance was cute, but other times it was getting lost in the madness. Felt longer than it was."
66 T7 The Deceivers (1988) - 28 Nov 2023