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55 57% Gen V (2023) - Rated 17 May 2024
"I’m noticing a trend in The Boys Streamematic Universe: just when it seems like the season-long plot is about to pay off in a meaningful way it just leads right back to the status quo and it was all for nothing. Gen V at least has interesting characters in a universe-expanding setting that tries to round-out The Boys hyper-focused narrative. I would watch more of these characters if we get another season."
25 21% Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008) - Rated 09 May 2024
"Marauder at least tries to recapture (and sometimes actually does) the satirical tone of the original. That's something hey? The commentary on religion never feels more than half-baked and the plot simply plods along. It might be sad, but seeing Johnny Rico again automatically makes it better than 2. It's otherwise another cheap direct-to-cash-grab aping off the name of a great movie."
50 52% Tenet (2020) - Rated 06 May 2024
"Imagine combining the original Godzilla, a mid-tier James Bond movie, and Inception with all three plots happening sequentially, simultaneously, and off-screen. Tenet! I feel like the action scenes are a microcosm of my thoughts on this movie: the time-bending setpieces are interesting at first but it soon becomes overdone and only serves to add artificial complication. I usually don't mention sound mixing but it was terrible for a blockbuster release."
16 10% Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004) - Rated 04 May 2024
"You know that dude who had his brain sucked out in the first Starship Troopers, the one who thought that he had a chance with Denise Richards? That character, not the actor, probably wrote and directed this because that's the only explanation I can come up with that makes any sense for Starship Troopers 2 to be this bad, devoid of anything redeeming, and without even the faintest whiff of satire."
68 71% Oppenheimer (2023) - Rated 13 Apr 2024
"Hats off to Christopher Nolan. As the number of true auteurs steadily declines, he is still able to move the Hollywood apparatus to make fantastical productions at scale. The cast is wide and talented, the sets are spectacular and accurate, and the multiple plots are deftly balanced. Oppenheimer, the character, is both fully realized yet curiously distant. While the totality of the work filled in some of the gaps I still feel an amount of emotional distance and I'm not sure this is intentional."
50 52% Defending Your Life (1991) - Rated 07 Apr 2024
"What starts as a pretty interesting concept for the afterlife eventually devolves into romcom nonsense. Albert Brooks always writes and portrays characters who are a little too smart and Defending Your Life is no exception. The movie is quite funny and I did enjoy the ride even though this concept is practically begging for more."
28 24% The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) - Rated 06 Apr 2024
"I was very impressed by the animation. It's a shame the animation accompanies The Super Mario Bros. Movie. That '93 live-action flick has it's own problems but this is just all sizzle and no steak. Like those fake mushrooms you get in The Lost Levels. You feel good for a second before you realize you've been tricked and you can't get that 90 minutes of your life back."
52 54% Easy A (2010) - Rated 04 Apr 2024
"Easy A is bolstered by a fantastic breakout performance by Emma Stone and the supporting cast is pretty good. It wears it's inspiration on it's chest (literally) and, despite being a more pulpy version of a classic novel, does The Scarlet Letter a certain degree of justice. If anything, my biggest complaint is that the film isn't allowed more time to breathe because I think there was meat left on the metaphorical bone."
49 50% Enemy of the State (1998) - Rated 23 Feb 2024
"Enemy of the State is at best the poor man's The Conversation and at worst is a ridiculous over-the-top thriller. Will Smith, Jon Voight, and Gene Hackman are all trying but I feel like a lot of the thematic depth is missing, botched, or otherwise bad; the fact that this didn't get reevaluated post 9/11 should be evidence enough."
42 42% Halo (2022) - Rated 17 Feb 2024
"It's impossible to expect a Halo-ass Halo show because you want the budget for real effects and that pitch would never get past a single producer. What's here is not nearly as bad as I thought and at no time did I ever outright hate the show. John Halo is a halfway decent character and some of the other minor ones I liked as well. Let me be an example for all who would break our fandom. I'll take the mark of shame for somewhat liking this show."