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75 74% Firefly (2002) - Jun 23, 2019
"It's such a shame this ended as soon as it did. This isn't quite a fully realized show but what little of it there was showed loads of promise that would never be realized."
38 37% The X-Files (2016) - Jun 22, 2019
"This feels like the inverse of the original show in one key way. For the original show, the bad episode is an outlier and the overarching story is good. In the reboot the good episode is the outlier and the mythology episodes are just boring rehashes of now very dated conspiracy theories. Duchovny and Anderson still seem invested so I can't hate it, I just think it kinda stinks and doesn't need to exist."
44 44% The X Files: Fight the Future (1998) - Jun 22, 2019
"It's certainly not a great movie but it is a close approximation of a longer X-Files episode with a much higher budget. That's alright for me but might not be good enough for everyone."
77 76% Planet of the Apes (1968) - Jun 22, 2019
"It is more than a bit cheesy by modern standards and it doesn't always get the political commentary right. However, it is a very fascinating sci-fi concept which is evidenced by it's many sequels and imitators. This fact makes it something everyone should watch and a more than serviceable film. "
81 82% Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969) - Jun 22, 2019
"Sometimes, when the right group of people get together they do something that has never been done before and will never be done after. Monty Python is such a show."
31 29% Million Dollar Arm (2014) - Jun 15, 2019
"Once you know the premise, this is exactly what you think it is, nothing more, nothing less."
64 62% Finding Dory (2016) - Jun 12, 2019
"The shame of Finding Dory is that, despite being a direct sequel, I feel like it actually had a higher ceiling than the original in terms of what it was trying to say. It does fall pretty far short of original, which isn't by itself disappointing but is still a missed opportunity. It is another solid film from a diminished but still good Pixar."
83 85% The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) - Jun 11, 2019
"There is something very sobering about The Best Years of Our Lives. Especially given the fact that the general idea that WWII is the last "great" war that was morally righteous. Without any violence, this is one of the best anti-war films ever made."
3% The Hot Chick (2002) - Jun 09, 2019
"Please, make it end, make it stop... I can't do this. This is horrendous."
34 33% The Quick and the Dead (1995) - Jun 09, 2019
"I get what Raimi was trying to do, I really do. This just doesn't work as it's craziness isn't as grounded as it needs to be."