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15 10% My Favorite Martian (1999) - Nov 23, 2020
"I think this film was made for children based on it being a Disney movie and the general level of the production. It's hard for me to imagine how children could find this enjoyable though because it is confused in tone, lacks humor, and includes a lot of confusing, convoluted crap that probably made more sense in the TV show than it does here."
32 31% Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) - Nov 22, 2020
"There are some absolutely legendary songs but the length is oppressive, especially for a story that is otherwise underdeveloped. But Dick Van Dyke is nothing less than a national treasure and you can't convince me otherwise."
25 22% The Boy (2016) - Nov 20, 2020
"The Boy is extremely dull but it isn't ever painful to sit through. It seems like it was made to be the most generic horror possible, minus the terrible twist end. As bad as this is, Lauren Cohan is still doing better than if she decided to stay on The Walking Dead."
14 8% Sucker Punch (2011) - Nov 08, 2020
"There is something creepy about Sucker Punch that defies ordinary explanation. Either Zack Snyder made something he thought would appeal to overweight neckbeards or he made something that he himself wanted to see. I'm not sure which one he went with but the over-done action, stylized visuals, video game feel, and pho-empowerment attitudes towards the idea of a badass action chick, not a real one, makes it feel like it was the former. "
16 11% Nothing But Trouble (1991) - Nov 06, 2020
"There is something truly audacious about this film. It almost deliberately shoves your face in it's awfulness. Nothing But Trouble, by sheer force of nightmarish will, manages to become some bizarre, perverted art piece but it never becomes, not for a single second, a good film."
29 27% Space Cop (2016) - Nov 06, 2020
"I don't believe that the RedLetterMedia crew set out to make a bad movie, it's too bad that's what this is. The in-jokes and the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek mentality drag down something that I should enjoy based on those involved."
35 36% Cabin Fever (2002) - Nov 06, 2020
"There are moments where Cabin Fever has the feel of a do-it-yourself low-budget horror film (like the many this references). It ends up being an amateurish, in-joke filled, and slightly annoying horror film that showed the world for better, but mostly worse, Eli Roth as a director."
20 16% Hostel (2005) - Nov 06, 2020
"This is a disgusting, terrible, and talent-less waste of time. But enough about Eli Roth."
25 22% Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Nov 06, 2020
"Notable for not having Michael Meyers in it but just about nothing else. Compared to the rest of the Halloween sequels, I'll take crap like this over all the other crap that makes up the Halloween franchise."
50 52% Roger & Me (1989) - Nov 06, 2020
"Entertaining and sad to be sure but there is so much left out of the story that it's hard to say it's anything more than filtered anger. If I had seen this in 1989 and without the knowledge of the complicated realities of running a business the size of General Motors, I probably would have been extremely disheartened."