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Cinema Addict - 1817 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 20, 2009

Location: UK

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Status: Single

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40 23% The Shallows (2016) - Dec 14, 2018
30 11% Baywatch (2017) - Dec 14, 2018
0% The Greatest Showman (2017) - Dec 14, 2018
20 5% Conan the Barbarian (2011) - Dec 14, 2018
55 49% John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Dec 12, 2018
60 62% Hannibal (2001) - Dec 12, 2018
50 38% Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - Dec 10, 2018
"Not as nearly as bad as expected. The reboot of Jumanji is in fact a very enjoyable experience, mainly due to the excellent execution of the old body-switch gimmick. Jack Black is completely believable in his reprisal of a coquettish teenage girl, The Rock, Gillan and Kevin Hart not too shabby either. Great chemistry, a few decent jokes throughout, a decent nod to 90s and video games culture. I hate to be the one saying it, but as a throwaway comedy I'd recommend it."
40 23% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Dec 10, 2018
"I am frankly getting very tired of watching the same old formulaic Marvel film 10 years on. It's a dying genre becoming ever more tiresome due to the repetitiveness in terms of plot, tone, atmosphere - it's all very predictable - and the MCU genre seems to be going the way of the western of old: slowly but steadily dying... If only the above was true, but cinema audiences are still very strong, unfortunately, so we are bound to see more. As for A&TW - definitely a step down from the first film."
35 16% Venom (2018) - Dec 10, 2018
"Barring the blatant propaganda with the "resist" movement and the young black kid forcefully pushed to the forefront in the beginning of the film, this could have been decent. Tom Hardy is forever entertaining, even in cases where he seems miscast (or misdirected due to the early start of filming pre-script) playing a more insecure character than what we are used to, albeit he plays with the same energy and vigour as usual. Predictable plot and progression, as usual."
10 1% The Hitchhikers (1972) - Dec 08, 2018
"Not the worst B-movie out there to be honest, but definitely not the best either - as if it tries to look and feel like a normal film, but still having a B plot and super saturation of sexuality. The film is very safe and tries not to take too drastic turns neither in obscure B-movie territory, nor in conventional cinema, so it achieves neither. And the result is a pale and soulless blend with a few pretty women walking around with scarce clothing, at least."