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Cinema Addict - 1944 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 20, 2009

Location: UK

Age: 29

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70 81% Fort Apache (1948) - May 11, 2021
70 81% Sledvay me (2003) - May 05, 2021
"Great. But what the fuck was that ending all about."
60 61% Zabriskie Point (1970) - May 04, 2021
"Great imagery and solid, real characters - one wouldn't expect less from Antonioni, of course. The score by Floyd is great too, smoothly complementing the scenic shots and the melancholy adventures of the free-spirited youth of the 60s. The self-righteous cultural revolutionaries of the era with their complete refusal to take responsibility of their own lives, blaming everybody else for perceived issues is painful for a 2020 viewer, seeing the societal results of this now widespread ideology. "
50 37% The Committee (1968) - May 03, 2021
"Bizarre and overly-stylised. A typical ambitious endeavour of a young filmmaker, one might say. Some clever story writing, but it feels lost among the pretentious dialogue filled with obscure symbolism and prolonged philosophising that frankly went way above my head. The experimental Pink Floyd soundtrack is there for die hard fans to tick a box saying they've seen the film/listened to the score and has no other significant merits. Arthur Brown's cameo is thoroughly entertaining and mesmerising."
70 81% The Expanse (2015) - Apr 08, 2021
"S5. Grand space opera done right. A very mature show with more or less consistent quality throughout its five seasons. Even the nowadays standard diversity and inclusivity casting doesn't feel forced down our throats as in almost every contemporary show and film, but is elegantly executed and feels natural. Great characters (Thomas Jane is spectacular), intricate but simple to follow plot (i.e. graciously unfolded) and a thoroughly entertaining and well-written story. Highest recommendation."
60 61% The Boys (2019) - Mar 23, 2021
"S2. Karl Urban and Antony Starr steal the fucking show, the latter is phenomenal. The show is laugh-out-loud hilarious, packed with energy and most importantly not afraid to step out of the all-so-boring Zeitgeist and pop culture norm these days. The Boys is strongest when it has no censor and mocks even polit-correctness and woke culture. It's a shame that the show, although still entertaining, went downhill with a poorly written chaotic Season 2; some very cringe scenes (the "girls" fight). "
65 72% New World Order Bible Versions (2014) - Mar 18, 2021
"The target audience is naturally born-again Christians. You need to have at least a basic understanding of Christian apologetics and the Bible (+ faith in God, of course) in order for the film to be relevant to you. If those prerequisites are met, then the film - albeit its low production value and obvious budgetary problems - is essential. In it's form it's a montage of two sermons by to different pastors + commentary and a few interviews, but nonetheless well structured and important."
35 16% The Goonies (1985) - Mar 03, 2021
"It certainly was intriguing to see a young Sean Astin and especially a young Josh Brolin. But other than the odd slapstick or pseudo-humouristic hit, the rest was mostly a miss. I can certainly relate to why this has become a cult film, as it contains a lot 80s memorabilia and several characters worthy of becoming cult-classics (definitely Sloth with his memorable "Hey, you guys!" alongside Chunk and his unfiltered charm), but other than that the rest was all over the place and there ain't much."
50 37% The Stranger (1946) - Feb 22, 2021
"Very predictable. Poor plot progressions and cheap writing tricks employed. Otherwise solid performances of the two main leads (Welles and Robinson), poor supporting actors, some dubious expressionistic camera angles and lightning. Pretty much watchable because of Welles' magnetic screen presence and Robinson's solid juxtaposition. "
60 61% Alternative Math (2017) - Feb 16, 2021
"Ah, the brave new post-factual post-modern world and it's joys. Cancel culture before it became mainstream (how time flies) and an excellent example of the power of comedy. Probably a great intro to Idiocracy, a.k.a. "contemporary society." Then again I'll have popcorn and watch modern progressive lefties dabble in the never-ending spiral of identity politics, eat themselves from the inside out and make a hell of a show any day. It's great entertainment."