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Member Since: Mar 20, 2009

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Age: 27

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60 61% Us (2019) - Mar 22, 2019
"What started as a very atmospheric tension fest filled with sharp, colourful and memorable imagery, descended into a blatant push of a message dealing with social issues in the American identity and social consciousness, although the message itself jumped hectically around lacking a firm foundation, and was definitely not aided by the sub-par pacing and some questionable choices in execution and plot progression, non the least its comedic undertones. Great Lupita Nyong'o. /c Cineworld Wood Green"
70 82% Altimir (2016) - Mar 21, 2019
"A brief snippet of what is potentially the penultimate victim of the war the globalist oligarchy is raging against the civilised world, an elite devouring nations and thus erasing peoples with their centuries-old traditions, customs and ethnicities via the means of consumerism, hedonism, liberalism, open border societies, and emancipation and glorification of instant gratification in the place of spirituality and virtue. First victim - more to follow soon if the right lessons are not learnt."
75 89% I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) - Mar 18, 2019
"All around a great piece of early Hollywood storytelling with a strong message of individual's unjust suffering when left at the hands of corrupt authorities. A story of love, honesty, integrity and duty played magnificently by the matured great Paul Muni, with superb artistic camera movements and zoom ins in ways that are unforgettable with the strong emotional punch that they give complemented by Muni's solid, raw and aching performance. Got goosebumps at the end. A great cinematic experience."
60 61% The X-Files (2016) - Mar 13, 2019
"S10 - However different from the atmosphere of the original, it is very refreshing to see a show giving a light-hearted take on the left/right forceful deepthroating of political drivel nowadays, and to even mock its severity. 'Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster' is hands-down THE highlight and should rank among the series' absolute best, presenting an ingenious and truly captivating laugh-out-loud hilarious story with a quirky eccentric and unforgettable character and great interactions. "
60 61% The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008) - Feb 11, 2019
"An episode - pardon, a film - that I enjoyed a lot. Truth be told not being part of the cannon works wonders in my book - the cannon was severely protracted, altered and evolved in 9 seasons in a way that didn't make too much sense any more, and frankly I didn't care much about anyway, while the monster of the week episodes were what the show was all about. And here we have a 2-hour long episode with a crazy good and memorable Billy Connolly, and once again great chemistry between the leads. "
20 5% Hannibal Rising (2007) - Feb 07, 2019
"Hannibal Rising shows the origins of evil by giving us a plot so horrid with its blatant disregard for the viewer's intelligence in presenting a world devoid of realism, lacking basic cause and effect liaisons and presenting a story supposedly part of the so far more or less consistent world of the other 3 films in the Hannibal saga, but in truth the only common ground being the word "Hannibal," that such an attack on the kindly expectant viewer becomes an abhorrent abomination. Truly evil."
70 82% Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) - Feb 01, 2019
""Remember my Forgotten Man" is one of the most beautiful songs and sequences I've ever seen in cinema. Berkeley creates splendor, with Blondell and Motten complementing magnificently. The cinematography and the choreography of all the music sequences - especially towards the end - are sublime, possessing visuals and imagery which many contemporary films should be jealous of. Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell are as charismatic as the best of Hollywood in that era. Some pacing problems, but great."
65 73% Red Dragon (2002) - Jan 27, 2019
"Another solid entry into a solid franchise. Needless to say miles away from Silence of the Lambs, but on par with Hannibal - albeit, again, very different. Hopkins is not quite as menacing as in the previous two films - although still great - but the spectacular remainder of the cast make up for it plenty: Emily Watson is very convincing, Keitel and Philip Seymour bring a firm side presence, with Fiennes and Norton doing their magic - above and beyond the expectations. Very entertaining."
55 49% Logan (2017) - Jan 02, 2019
"A palpable step sideways from the known atmosphere of the X-Men franchise into a grittier and more brutal one. Alas, the film suffers from the unfortunately popular nowadays trend of being marketed as "THE DIFFERENT superhero flick," only to disappoint all the more so because of it. But on the positive side, it doesn't fully and utterly disappoint like the atrocious Black Panther or Wonder Woman, for example, but only partially so, mainly due to weak character arcs and lackluster villains."
60 61% Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) - Dec 29, 2018
"Albeit the great production, cinematography and overall execution, the film is alas a product very much of its time: a time of artificially pronounced and encouraged victim hood, post-modernist and emotionally-centric glorification of strong but immature emotion, all with the not too subtle goal of using the so very modern politicised portrayal of "inherently oppressed" groups of people or individuals. Could have been great, and I guess it is - for the general target audience, unfortunately."