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85 87% The Zone of Interest (2023) - Rated 07 Apr 2024
"Glazer, once again, shows his master work with audio and visual aspects of a story. This time, he shows how banal evil can be. The juxtaposition here is pretty stunning. A difficult watch but masterfully crafted."
50 14% Freddy Got Fingered (2001) - Rated 18 Mar 2024
"I watched this on the Criterion Channel. We've come a long way."
70 46% Unlawful Entry (1992) - Rated 09 Feb 2024
"This all rests on Liotta's performance. It is unhinged and delightfully evil. Stowe is great in the scenes she gets with him, which are quite intense and unsettle. A solid entry into the suburban-couple-gets-stalked-and-ruined genre of the early 90s."
62 28% El Conde (2023) - Rated 31 Jan 2024
"Beautifully shot and with a great premise, Larrin's comment on Chilean politics of the 70s and 80s is a bit ethereal. Often both funny and brutal, the idea probably doesn't have enough juice to sustain a feature length film in a totally satisfying way. Still, I applaud the uniqueness of this."
62 28% Joe Kidd (1972) - Rated 21 Jan 2024
"While neither the best work from Eastwood or Sturges, there is a tight script from Elmore Leonard and a fun performance from a young Robert Duvall (though he still looks 55). John Saxon plays a Mexican, which is something, and then not a lot actually happens. It is all fine, if not a bit forgettable."
74 56% Little Odessa (1994) - Rated 17 Jan 2024
"James Gray's entry into the gritty NYC is great and made even greater by the cast. The older legends ground the out of control Roth in his silent menace. This is harsh and doesn't bring a catharsis that one may desire."
75 59% ...And Justice for All (1979) - Rated 15 Jan 2024
"Jewison's courtroom dramedy is an odd mix of silliness and some very heavy stuff. Pacino gets absolutely clobbered from every direction and he does a fantastic job of snapping at just the right moments. The actual central case takes up very little screen time and, instead, we see all the chaos that surrounds it. A must watch for Pacino's performance though the meat of this leaves an odd taste."
72 51% Eureka (1983) - Rated 11 Jan 2024
"Like any Roeg film, this has moments of a fever dream/nightmare mixed with characters in extreme turmoil. Great stuff. Unfortunately, the middle and much of the Pesci stuff feels poorly written and stuffed in without enough care. Still, Hackman is fantastic and this is delightfully ambitious."
65 35% Yentl (1983) - Rated 10 Jan 2024
"I found the premise of Yentl pretty silly. 40-year-old Barbra playing a teenage woman passing as a scholarly boy who sings her monologues takes a bit of imagination. The love stories are solid but everything around it might not be my jam. Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving are both snacks in this."
63 30% Mob Land (2023) - Rated 04 Jan 2024
"Though Travolta is on the poster, this really is a showcase for Stephen Dorff. He gives a strong performance in a film that isn't very well written but allows for him to flourish when possible. Down-on-his-luck guy-reluctantly-steals-from-the-wrong-guys isn't anything new but there are enough interesting characters that this does tend to work."