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73 32% The Rum Diary The Rum Diary (2011) - 31 Oct 2011
"THE RUM DIARY, for significant stretches of its running time, achieves a loose, semi-surreal tone that feels liberated from the shackles of a traditional narrative. But at other times, it tries for a plot involving a shady developer (Aaron Eckhart), which doesn't really catch fire, and it ends on a decidedly weak note. The performances help a great deal; Johnny Depp is good, but Giovanni Ribisi, as the indescribable Moberg, steals the show (and deserves awards); points also for the local flavor."
84 68% Profound Desires of the Gods Profound Desires of the Gods (1968) - 19 Feb 2012
87 81% The Angel Levine The Angel Levine (1970) - 21 Jul 2011
63 17% Journey to the Far Side of the Sun Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969) - 20 Jul 2011
"Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, best known for the Thunderbirds, also wrote and produced this piece of hard science fiction, dealing with the discovery of a perfect mirror of Earth on the opposite side of the sun. An interesting idea, but one that doesn't really work as a film; the results are fairly dull and sterile, despite competent acting. The confusing climax doesn't help, although the intriguing final scene and some cool touches throughout, like the fake-eyeball spycam, do."
0% Black Devil Doll from Hell Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984) - 17 Dec 2012
"It's hard to call this the worst film ever made, because it isn't really a film; shot on shitteo, with virtually no plot, writing, acting or directing on display, it serves more as a subterranean fragment, a fascinatingly inept (and outrageously padded, even at 74 minutes--the credits go on forfuckingever) pseudo-horror/pseduo-porno artifact that manages to be hugely sexist into the bargain. But let's be honest, could anyone ever take this seriously enough to be offended by it? Or at all? (No.)"
23 4% What to Expect When You\ What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012) - 20 May 2012
"Painful on pretty much every level--the humor isn't funny, the drama isn't poignant, it's boring, overlong, offensive, it's shallow, it panders...the large cast ranges from the likable (Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Quaid) to the boring (most of the cast), to the depressing (Chris Rock), to the intolerable (Ben Falcone). The script is lazy, the attitudes cliched, the characters shrill as all hell...the golf cart race was fun, though. Pregnant mothers should not watch this, or anyone who has been born."
1% The Wicker Tree The Wicker Tree (2010) - 29 May 2012
"Often, watching a film I find lacking, I ask, "Where's the good?" The good, however, is not to be found in THE WICKER TREE. It's a film best watched with a dropped jaw and raised eyebrows. Robin Hardy's clumsy, lifeless direction further dooms his monumentally asinine script (Anthony Shaffer is MUCH missed); the acting is uniformly awful, with the worst Texan accents on record; the cinematography is mediocre; it's boring; it somehow messes up gratuitous nudity. It is an undiluted disaster."
90 92% Wake in Fright Wake in Fright (1971) - 05 Feb 2013
"An Outback schoolteacher (Gary Bond) finds himself stranded in "the Yabba", an isolated town where the pastimes range from gambling at two-up (a glorified coin toss), to binge drinking, to kangaroo hunts as brutal as they are chaotic. The teacher goes through all of this...and a good deal more. The atmosphere is personified by the bestial fallen intellectual, Doc (Donald Pleasance, who's brilliant). A fascinating, horrifying road to ruin, this; Ted Kotcheff's direction is unflinchingly surreal."
94 98% Melancholia Melancholia (2011) - 26 Nov 2011
"I've enjoyed all of von Trier's work, but MELANCHOLIA THRILLED me--and may it thrill you, dealing as it does with the end of our world. Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Kiefer Sutherland are all brilliant. von Trier's script is beautifully constructed: tragic, funny, and highly quotable. His direction is grave and graceful, creating (with Manuel Claro) an endless feast of beautiful images, finally blending Wagner and apocalypse in one of the most spellbinding endings in film history."
70 26% Looper Looper (2012) - 01 Oct 2012
"There's a great film lurking within LOOPER, and there are definitely places where it becomes one: the hedonism of the Loopers out on the town, a montage of 30 years of dissolution, violence, and redemption, crackling action scenes, a tense breakfast between a man and his older self--and then there are the clunky lines, the underdeveloped ideas, the wobbly ending, Paul fucking Dano--it adds up to an uneven experience with good performances (though Emily Blunt is miscast) and solid handling."